Historic 2019: What More Lies Ahead and How to Be Your Best This Year

2019 is going to be really historic.

So, what more lies ahead in 2019?

Well, I can start answering the question by first just saying that, compared to 2019, the political chaos of 2018 will look like the “calm before the storm,” even though this year will also be full of wondrous technological breakthroughs (the full effects of which may take many years to surface in our daily lives).

Overall, this article’s aim is twofold:

1) To address the double entendre in its title, “What More Lies Ahead…?” and

2) To suggest how each of us can be at our best, regardless of what 2019 has to offer.

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The Veiled Consequences of the US Midterm Elections

Buckle your seatbelts, everybody, because we’re in for a pretty wild ride over the next month, and even over the next year!

We’ll be zigging and zagging and rising and plunging with Whitaker & Mueller, Cohen & Manafort, Trump and his children, and even Judge Kavanaugh! If you’ve ever ridden Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, then I think you’ve had a pretty good preview of what next year could feel like. Continue reading “The Veiled Consequences of the US Midterm Elections”


What Lies Ahead this Autumn: How Will Trump’s Fall Play Out?

I am turning a corner in this post, in that I’m going to take a firm position on the truth concerning some of the Trump controversies—and will write accordingly. I won’t be doing this for politically partisan reasons, but having settled for myself the truth behind certain controversies surrounding Trump, I now feel ready to make some astrological predictions for the rest of this year and 2019…

I have a lot to cover, as usual, so I will begin by just listing the key predictions in bullet form:

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How Astrology Could Trigger the Biggest Renaissance Yet (Part 2)

This article covers one of my favorite topics: the amazing insights that humanity could make about ourselves and the universe if we were to accept that astrology was legitimate. That is, I’m attempting to take you on an astounding mental journey, beginning with some basic assumptions about astrology and arriving at some major hidden insights that those assumptions (if true) reveal. These insights concern important information about who we are and about life in the universe.

About a month ago, I posted Part 1 of this article, so this second post will be the article’s conclusion. Last month, I promise that this current post would enumerate a fourth reason why astrology could trigger the biggest Renaissance the world has ever seen, but I have decided to include a fifth reason in this post as well. After completing this article, I will return to posting more political updates about Trump, etc., as many of you have requested. Continue reading “How Astrology Could Trigger the Biggest Renaissance Yet (Part 2)”


How Astrology Could Trigger the Biggest Renaissance Yet

Most of my readers are already convinced that astrology is valid, and they don’t mind that science generally sees astrology as nothing more than wild superstition. Yet, even astrology’s most ardent advocates rarely, if ever, take the time to consider how deeply it would impact our understanding of the universe if science ever did conclude that astrology had a legitimate basis. So, this article will fill that void, by exploring the revolutionary ways that human knowledge would be impacted if astrology ever were scientifically validated.

Although I am obviously an astrologer, I will write this article so that even those who are skeptical about astrology can agree with me on what the implications would be, if astrology did in fact prove to be legitimate. That is, even if you believe that astrology is total nonsense, you should be able to follow my line of reasoning in this article and concur with me about how our understanding of the universe would change if astrology were ever found to be driven by some kind of natural phenomenon.

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Defogging the Windshield, and More Astrological Evidence that Trump Is on His Way Out

In this article, I’m going to give further reasons for why it makes sense to believe that Trump is on his way out of the Oval Office. I’ll be drawing on the astrological charts of Mike Pence, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen and Melania Trump to justify that prediction (for my coverage of Trump’s chart and Mueller’s, see this earlier article). Continue reading “Defogging the Windshield, and More Astrological Evidence that Trump Is on His Way Out”


Checkmate! Why Trump Cannot Beat Mueller Now

As I’ve covered in my last two posts, the end of this month and beginning of April marks the aggravating, fiery and conflict-laden pinnacle of Trump’s latest round of hard astrology, so the next two weeks or so of the Trump saga are going to be pretty historic… (as will the remainder of this spring, therefore, by extension). In this article I’ll explain why I think that, no matter what move Trump makes this spring, he cannot win the conflict with Mueller. Continue reading “Checkmate! Why Trump Cannot Beat Mueller Now”


Mueller & Trump: Showdown on the Horizon

Since my last post, 4 significant things have happened that made me feel some urgency about posting this article right away: (1) news came out that Trump tried to fire Mueller last June; (2) the Nunes Memo was released, rekindling suspicions that Trump aims to fire Mueller; (3) I looked at Mueller’s astrology; and, (4) I noticed an important aspect from Mars that is happening this week. Continue reading “Mueller & Trump: Showdown on the Horizon”


Trump in Nixon’s Footsteps

I wish I had done my research comparing the astrology of Nixon’s Watergate scandal to Trump’s current astrology a year ago, when I first started writing about Trump’s difficult stars. In finally conducting some of this research just this week, I have learned things that greatly modified my view on the prospects for Trump’s presidency. Those of you who were disappointed that I only gave Trump a 35% chance of leaving office during his current term may be delighted to know that I now believe this figure is more like 70%. However, I believe the most likely window for his departure is more than a year away, as I will explain below. Continue reading “Trump in Nixon’s Footsteps”