The Deep Dive

Unlike my most recent articles, this post will be pretty brief. In essence, I want to sketch a projected outline for the stock market dive that I think is imminent. For lack of time, I will just post a simple timeline, but that should be enough to convey the important points. I also want to cover Robert Mueller’s imminent big move and how it relates to the deep dive into the Trump case that Mueller will be making throughout this year.

Comment added Feb. 27:

For any who might wonder, in light of Michael Cohen’s testimony today, this article is meant to supplement my January article, not supersede it. That is, I published “The Deep Dive” just to contextualize Robert Mueller’s next move and to give ample warning about the stock market perils this spring. I’m just not sure if I’ll have any time in March to publish another piece, so I wanted to get one out last night while I had the chance. This new article is not meant to imply that I no longer think Trump will be facing heavy accountability this March, as I said he would in my last article. So, my reference to Trump having “the winds in his favor”  below doesn’t mean that he won’t be facing any headwinds at the same time; it just means that, on balance, he has sufficient protection from those headwinds for a couple months. 

In comparing the upcoming astrology to the astrology of the stock market plunges of 2008, 2000, and 1929, I developed the following projection:

Late March:
In late March, when Ketu joins Saturn in late Sagittarius, I think more and more people will start to sense foreboding environmental rumblings and a building emotional uneasiness in the air.

Mid/Late-April to Early-May:
By mid/late-April, or at least by early May, those foreshadowings will turn into a large-scale stock sell off. This is partly because Mercury and Venus will both be in Pisces starting mid-April. Pisces is the most fluid sign, and Venus is the planet of cash liquidity, while Mercury is the planet of quick financial transactions. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, but Venus is exalted in Pisces. This creates a slightly destabilizing push-pull imbalance that I believe will be the critica nudge that activates the negative effects of the Saturn-Ketu conjunction (note: in some stock crashes, Mercury and Venus have been in Virgo, where Venus is debilitated and Mercury is exalted, creating a similarly destabilizing imbalance).

Saturn and Ketu are exactly conjunct on April 30, within 24 hours of when Saturn goes retrograde (April 29) and within 24 hours of when Mars exactly aspects that Saturn-Ketu conjunction from Taurus (May 1), so it looks like most of the damage to the market will be done by the beginning of May. Any subsequent sell-off after that juncture will probably just be driven by desperate people who by then realize that the market won’t be rebounding anytime soon.

As I have noted countless times since 2017, the Saturn-Ketu conjunction occurs in Sagittarius, which is America’s ascendant, so this conjunction represents a particularly strong challenge for America. Such conjunctions (even in other signs besides Sagittarius) have caused financial downturns and “panics” many times in world history since at least the year 1800, most likely because one of the biggest astrological effects of Saturn and Ketu is to promote fear—and fear causes people to liquidate things like stocks and speculative real estate. These conjunctions have also been correlated with military conflict and aggression (the most likely times for such aggression this year, even if it’s within a single country like the US, is around April 30/May 1 and mid-June, followed by July 4 and late-Sept/Oct).

As I’ve said a few times recently, this June is a terrible month for Trump. It is also just a rough month in general, astrologically speaking. This astrology won’t help the market recover from its April/May dive—and may even drive the market lower (in other words, it may not be the right timing to buy stocks in late May or June just because the stock market tanks in April and May—there still may be more tanking yet to come after May).

It’s even likely that the markets will struggle all the way into this coming fall. Saturn and Ketu will be conjunct for the final time in late September (they’re also conjunct on July 4th), and they will still remain problematically close to each other through October. Mars squares both Saturn and Ketu in the second half of October, so the markets could well be depressed by this year’s negative astrology until about Halloween (October 31). Elsewhere I’ve said that I think Trump will be leaving office between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it is possible that the brewing Trump ordeal itself will adversely affect the markets this fall. But, it’s also possible that the negative astrology will manifest in a way that doesn’t involve the market at that point. But at the very least, the negative astrology this fall won’t be helping the market recover from the plunge that I think is coming this spring, even if this fall’s astrology isn’t driving the markets further down then.

One way for investors to handle the above predictions is obviously just to sell stocks now and wait until November or so before buying any stocks again. The other way, if one wishes to play the risk game a little more, would be to divide one’s stock portfolio into thirds, investing 1/3 in mid to late May, another third in mid-July, and the last third around Thanksgiving. This way, one would have a chance of catching the absolute bottom of the market with at least one third of their stock portfolio. The risk, however, is that one could invest up to two-thirds of their portfolio prematurely, before stocks have reached their absolute lowest point. In any case, being out of the market this April and May is likely to save one from major losses. I’m not a financial advisor, so I’m just pointing out some possible approaches here, and I’ll leave the actual financial planning advice to the experts.

If you want to play it safe, then just avoid stocks until at least December this year.

As I posted recently on Facebook and in my last article, Robert Mueller has three big astrological peaks left this year. The first one happens in the next week or two, but the other two peaks happen in late-June/early-July and October/November. So whatever Robert Mueller does in the next two weeks is not the end of his work, even though it will be big. In fact, I think it may turn out to be some kind of a beginning, since Mueller’s three astrological peaks are represented by a single kind of astrology (Saturn over the ascendant), which suggests that these three peaks are building upon each other.

I said in my last article that I wouldn’t be surprised if Mueller gave “some kind of a final report” soon, but I also said that any such report wouldn’t reach its “finality” until late this fall, during Mueller’s third astrological window. So, if Mueller does make a report that looks like his finished work within the next couple weeks, he will nevertheless be dragged back into the ensuing process of unraveling that report over the rest of the year, and particularly in June/July and October/November.

Obviously, the other possibility is that his big move over the next couple weeks is not his final move, and that he still has much work to finish on his probe by this fall. Either way, Mueller will still be busy with the Trump case until nearly the end of 2019.

I think that we are likely to see some kind of combination of the above two scenarios. It may look something like this:

Over the next two weeks, Mueller makes a very big move that is meant to appear conclusive. Then, Mueller is subjected in March to a major campaign to discredit, invalidate and marginalize that move by Trump supporters (Mueller has an intense few days around March 9, which is either hard work to make his next big move then, or some heavy backlash from that big move dropping just before March 9). Because of Trump’s boosting and protective Jupiter-Moon conjunction right now, it will initially look like the winds are in Trump’s favor. Thus, his summit this week with Kim Jung-un will likely be touted widely as a success (Trump is likely to be deceptive and deluded about the results of his summit with Kim, and we won’t really be able to determine its success or failure until at least mid-May). More to the present point, AG Bill Barr is less likely to divulge all the dirt on Trump this spring, if Barr were to receive the Mueller report in the next week or two. Regardless, Trump has the astrology of major grandstanding, lying and fighting/aggression for virtually all of March.

But June will be a different story.

I’m convinced now that Mueller finishes his Ketu subperiod this spring. Since Mueller hasn’t made his big move yet, this indicates that his ascendant degree is more like 24 degrees of Sagittarius, which means that his stifling Ketu subperiod probably ends by May, and maybe even as soon as early-April (we’ve been watching for Mueller’s next big move, the timing of which will enable us to deduce his ascendant degree, which we already knew must fall within the range of 20-24 degrees of Sagittarius). So, Mueller will regain his power just as Trump’s tough June astrology begins to drag Trump down, and Mueller will be potently involved this summer in ways that are very dangerous for Trump (regardless of whether Mueller is still conducting his investigation then or has issued his final report already). Jupiter won’t be protecting or promoting Trump so much then.

It’s also worth noting here that if the economy crashes this spring, then Trump will face opposition on a whole other front as well by then (of course, many people will say that the investigation of Trump was to blame for the economic hardships).
Whatever Mueller is working on in late June and early July, it will essentially amount to collecting steam for his final push on the Trump case this fall. That final push, and not whatever Mueller is about to do now, is what I think will eventually force Trump out of the presidency by Christmas (although Mueller’s move in the next week or two will definitely send damaging shock waves in Trump’s direction, regardless, which will move Trump towards his eventual exit).

That’s all I have time to write for now, but please review my last two articles for supplemental details.

I don’t know when my next full article will be finished, but I’m committed to covering the more uplifting topic of compassion in that post. It will be nice to look into such a beautiful aspect of life at that time.


May you rise high above the illusory ego-drama until we reconnect…!


Comment added Feb. 27:

For any who might wonder, this article is meant to supplement my January article, not supersede it. That is, I published “The Deep Dive” in order to contextualize Robert Mueller’s next move and to give ample warning about the stock market perils this spring. This new article is not meant to imply that I no longer think Trump will be facing heavy accountability this March, as I said he would in my last article. So, my reference to Trump having “the winds in his favor” doesn’t mean that he won’t be facing any headwinds at the same time; it just means that he has sufficient protection from those headwinds for a couple months, on balance. I’m just not sure when I’ll have time to publish another piece, so I wanted to get one out last night while I had the chance.


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