About Us

Gentle Compass is about demystifying astrology for the average person. It’s about making astrology feel simpler and more people-friendly. After all, everyone has an astrological chart, even though we never asked for our charts to affect our lives so deeply (kind of like a credit report, or a bothersome family member). We may as well make peace with our charts, or at least try. Gentle Compass is my attempt to offer that kind of peace to the general public.

My background as a Vedic astrologer is fairly multi-faceted.  I spent many years as a monastic – meditating, studying Hinduism and other religions, and traveling between the US and India. This helped me develop both a love for, and a proficiency with, Vedic astrology. I also studied religion and philosophy at Stanford University, where I received both my masters and bachelors degrees. Those years of study sharpened and refined my understanding and insights around how to present astrology as a teacher. I started learning Vedic astrology (“Jyotish”) myself in the early 90s, and was in the first cohort of David Frawley’s jyotish correspondence course. I have been giving readings since 1995.

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