A Republic, If You Can Keep It: The Fate of American Democracy (Part 1-Covid Installment)

How is this even possible? How do I find myself writing about whether America, the “bastion of democracy,” can even remain a democracy much longer? 

This actually is not merely a rhetorical question, and in this article, I’m going to explain exactly how I think we have arrived at this profound historic crossroads, in which American democracy may not survive the die-out of truth and integrity that is sweeping the nation.

I’m sorry, but it really is that serious. America is obliviously speeding past the point of no return right now, so this is no time to mince words. Unfortunately, the “gentle” part of this compass needs to firm up a bit, given where we are now.

What we need now is to understand the truth, as best we can. This article is intended as a sober step in that direction. I will share a perspective that can help make sense of many social environments, including the current social environment, even though this perspective seems rare. Much of what I wish to share will be in Part 2 of this article, however, which I’ll hopefully post soon.

It’s been well over a year since I last posted, and I have so much to cover that I’m breaking this article into 2 posts (at least). Because I’ve been much less active on Facebook since last summer, my posts there don’t reach many people anymore. Yet, I haven’t taken the time to post here at all since then, so I feel the need to bring some of my posted Facebook content to this blog in a quick first installment of this article, particularly to relay what I’ve said about coronavirus on FB. I also want to quickly spit out some predictions about 2021 and beyond.

I’ll be dipping into politics more extensively in Part 2 of this article, not just to astrologically explain the political chaos that currently imperils the country, but also to more deeply explain the psychological mechanics behind why individuals are making the misguided decisions that are plunging us further down the rabbit hole. I’m going to use some very basic spirituality to explain this rampant misguided decision-making, but that will also be in the next installment of this article.

For now, I think it’s clear that covid has been used as a way to plunge the US into a chaotic tribal standoff between Democrats and Republicans. What’s not that clear is just how far we’ve plummetted, because once covid is over, the intense tribal tension will still remain.

Review of My Last Article’s Predictions
Now for the customary review of the predictions from my August 2020 post, along with a look at some subsequent Facebook posts as well…(this review is quite lengthy, because of how much time has passed)


1. In my August 10,, 2020 Facebook post about Trump, I projected, “especially in the second half of September [i.e. last Sept., 2020], he’ll severely and rashly push the limits of what’s acceptable… But I think this will quickly backfire…”

In the September 29, 2020 debate with Biden, Trump interrupted Joe Biden and the moderator, Chris Wallace 128 times—an average of more than once for every 24 seconds that they were speaking. Many Americans saw this behavior as disturbingly off-the-rails and completely “crossing the line” and developed an unfavorable view of Trump (see below charts from the week after the debate).

Trump may also have severely crossed the line by attending that debate when he knew or suspected that he was already positive for covid (his spokespeople were oddly evasive in fielding this question after his covid diagnosis became public later, and 2 of his doctors had to roll back statements that had pinned Trump’s covid case as starting before the debate). Trump announced that he had covid on Oct 2, but he had a severe case by then–necessitating oxygen and hospitalization that same day–suggesting that he may have been symptomatic around the time of the debate, less than 72 hours earlier. We may never know.

In my August 3, 2020 blog article, I also projected that Trump would “be faring much more poorly in the public eye in late Sept/early Oct. than he currently is” (i.e. faring worse than he was in Aug 2020). Then, in my August 10th Facebook post, I also forecasted, “by early/mid October, his public image and public trust will reach the lowest they’ve ever been.” 

As we saw, Trump contracted covid in very late September and was admitted into the hospital on October 2. Combined with his shocking lack of self-restraint in the September debate, this brought Trump in early October to his lowest polling numbers ever (see this additional clip from the same Oct 5th 2020 MSNBC broadcast)

Trump Polling at Historic Low in Early Oct 2020

(I also wrote on Facebook that Trump’s condition was probably much more dire than was being reported, and a recent publication just comprehensively confirmed this).

2. In my Aug 2020 blog post, I also mentioned that some astrological “ambiguity” in comparing Trump and Biden’s charts, would likely “be reflected as an ambiguity in the election results, either because the election is postponed, or because absentee ballots make the tallying very slow and controversial. This may even suggest that the courts would be involved in settling election disputes.”

We all saw how the 2020 presidential election was engulfed in controversy, and how news media outlets therefore delayed proclaiming the election outcome for an unusually long time. Over the subsequent couple months, Trump and his supporters filed over 60 lawsuits challenging the election results in various ways. The courts overwhelmingly sided against Trump’s supporters in every one of those cases, legally settling the election dispute at that time, and paving a path to Biden’s inauguration. In a lone exceptional court case, some minor provisions around voting rules were adjusted by the court, as the Trump-plaintiffs has requested, but this did nothing to advance Trump’s overall claim that the election had been “rigged” or was “fraught with fraud” as he alleged (more on this in my next post).

3. In that Aug 2020 post, I also wrote that between Thanksgiving 2020 and late February 2021, we would see the worst ravages from coronavirus, which ultimately would reveal how costly it can be to abandon truth and “sideline reality.” This online graph shows how cases started spiking in late Oct 2020, resulting in a surge from late Nov through roughly mid-February (notice the steep rise in cases in November and sharp fall in cases by the end of February):

Nov 2020-Feb 2021 Covid Case Spike

Here’s the summarizing clip from what I had to say about coronavirus in the August 2020 article:

“… it’s going to get much worse before it gets better, and we will probably be wrestling with it very heavily through next spring… Astrologically speaking, it doesn’t look like we will even enact a plan that could bring it under control until late November or early December. Moreover, whatever plan gets enacted in November/December will not be fully effective until the spring of 2021…I believe we are still going to be severely overwhelmed by [coronavirus] for about another 7-10 months [i.e until somewhere between March and June 2021]… our progress against the virus will likely come while Jupiter and Saturn are together in Capricorn (from late Nov 2020 to April 2021). I think this is when we can expect to see a vaccine and/or some other method for arresting the virus’ progress…probably slowly starting to make progress this Dec. and increasingly so all the way into May of next year.”

You can see from the same online graph and the image below that, from March to June, the case rates began to look like they were coming under control:

Covid Cases Plateau by June 2021

Interestingly, although I did not bother to mention that November 20th 2020 was the precise day when Jupiter would be entering Capricorn (the precise day when Jupiter and Saturn would begin transiting through Capricorn together), this was nevertheless the same day that Pfizer applied for emergency FDA use authorization for its vaccine. I see this as astrological evidence that the Pfizer vaccine is indeed a solution to the covid pandemic, and not the insidious medical trojan horse that so many believe it to be.

Pfizer received that emergency use authorization on December 11, and the vaccination campaigns began immediately thereafter. From then onward, it was a desperate race to see how quickly the vaccination campaign could start to bend down the spiking covid case rates.

In my experience, around the end of May, it really started to feel like we were hitting our stride with the vaccinations. American children as young as 16 years old were even made eligible for the vaccine in May, and 12-to-16-year-olds became eligible on June 1. To date, over two-thirds of the country has received at least one vaccination shot, so we are approaching herd immunity. New coronavirus case rates in June hovered around 11,000-15,000, a dramatic drop from the high of over 300,000 cases on January 8, 2021 (But, as this clip shows, the case rates have risen since June, due to the new “Delta” variant (which I will discuss in the predictions section below):

Final Covid Predictions

I didn’t focus past June 2021 in my August 2020 prediction, so I didn’t actually predict the end of the pandemic in my last article. I intended to post my final covid predictions much earlier than now, but I didn’t, unfortunately (I have been telling clients these predictions in readings over the last year, so they may have spread a bit by word of mouth).

My final predictions are that we’ll feel like the coronavirus is in the rearview mirror sometime around Christmas of this year or January 2022. At that point, I don’t think we’ll be dealing with any serious further variants. As I posted on Facebook back on April 11 of this year:

“The worldwide efforts to get covid under control have been very successful due to Saturn’s and Jupiter’s transit together through Capricorn (since Nov 20, 2020), which should get us to a pretty comfortable plateau in May (as discussed in the last articles on But there will be one more noteworthy push needed against covid this summer and fall (esp. Sept-Nov) as those 2 planets transit Capricorn together again one last time (Jupiter and Saturn won’t be in the same sign again until 2039). So, get vaccinated if you’re willing, but in any case, keep your kids well protected this spring and summer! We’re hitting a note of relief over the next month or so, but we’ve still got another 7-8 months left before we can really feel clear of the pandemic. I’m guessing that the ‘2nd push’ against covid will center around the new variants and children”

This seems to be pretty much where we are, and I still believe what I said above.

We now also know how incredibly transmissible the Delta variant is, so the science is telling us that it’s important even for vaccinated people to wear masks in public, because asymptomatic breakthrough cases among the vaccinated will actually shed viral loads that are 1000 times the viral loads shed in breakthrough cases of the original coronavirus variant (i.e. vaccinated people will spread the variant 1000 times as much as they will spread ordinary covid). Remember, typical masks primarily protect other people from you, even more than they protect you from others!

I apologize for never posting the article that I had also said I’d write before the 2020 election, specifically forecasting the election results. In the last year, it has been difficult even to write anything at all. If I had posted an election-prediction article before last November, however, I would not have felt very solid about predicting either candidate, largely because of the above-mentioned “ambiguous astrology” that seemed to indicate a messy post-election period. In other words, I wouldn’t have gotten much farther than I did in the August 2020 article, wherein I just mentioned some peripheral factors that might have been suggesting a win for Biden.

Another reason why I didn’t try harder to publish a pre-election article was that I didn’t want to publicize my concerns for just how far things might go out of hand right after the election. I’m relieved that things didn’t get more violent and tumultuous, (although I’m not sure this isn’t the relative calm before the storm, as my next post will make clear). With the recent reports about how Jeffrey Clark nearly convinced the US Justice Department to tell the Georgia State Legislature to consider giving its electoral votes to Trump rather than Biden (and how Clark had similar plans for decertifying the five other key swing states in the election), we are only just now beginning to learn how close America came to severely unraveling right after the Nov 2020 election. We narrowly averted potentially serious mayhem.

Please be your most noble selves, and pray that we continue to avoid the pitfalls that America is now clumsily tightroping across. In my next post, I’ll explain why I think we currently need those prayers so much…

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