True Love, Our Only Hope


It’s odd that something so central to the health and success of human life could be so widely misunderstood. If I had to guess, I would say that more than half of the world’s population associates the thought of love with at least partly negative experiences and feelings. I think it is for this reason that people don’t behave with more commitment and determination to love in their day-to-day life. People see happiness as their goal, rather than love itself. So, many people just think of love as a potential tool for achieving happiness.

This approach is based on a misunderstanding, though, because happiness is nothing more than our love of the present moment. So long as you love the present moment, you are happy. It’s that simple. But love plays other central roles in our upliftment. So long as you love your idea of the future, you’re optimistic. So long as you love peace, you are patient. So long as you love truly ethical principles, you will naturally be ethical. So long as you love friendship, you are friendly. So long as you love learning, you are curious. The list goes on…

Love fuels everything that is important to us in life, in other words. Continue reading “True Love, Our Only Hope”