At the Crossroads: 2020 on the Horizon

As Americans increasingly polarize now around Trump’s impeachment, it’s no coincidence that, since the eve of the Civil War, we’ve only seen astrology a few times like the astrology that’s coming up next week. At this very moment, America is at an enormously important crossroads—the likes of which this country hasn’t faced since the Civil War Restoration Era. In the next few days, we will see the conjunction of almost every major planet in a very tight arc of less than 30° — which has only happened a few times since 1859. In addition, Saturn and Ketu’s 9-month-long conjunction in Sagittarius will be finishing up in the next month as well (and, as I’ve also said before, this Saturn-Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius hasn’t happened since just after the Civil War). This means that America is being pushed right now to face its own internal discord. Continue reading “At the Crossroads: 2020 on the Horizon”