The Crash Course of 2019

Not just with the stock market, but in other ways as well, society as a whole is on a direct course for a crash this year. However, the impending crash(es) that I’m foreseeing can also serve as a “crash course” on the importance of morality and the steep consequences of its absence. For this reason, I think we can envision the difficulties that are immediately in store for the US (and for the whole world, by extension) in a positive light.

Even more importantly, the best response to the crash(es) in question is our positivity and optimism, both before and after the fact. So, in this post I’ll describe how to transform the remaining tough stars of 2019 into deep spiritual growth and service to others.

It has been quite a while since my last article, so we have a lot of catching up to do! In this post, I’ll be covering how to use the remainder of this year’s negative astrology for positive results, but I’ll also address the stock market, Robert Mueller, Kim Jong-un, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and of course, Trump. It’s high time for me to return to writing on this blog. Thanks for your patience, to those of you who have been waiting!
Review of my Last Article’s Predictions
In my last post, I focused primarily on the benefits and importance of selflessness—or what I termed, “separatelessness.” However, I did also make some predictions, so I will review those now, before returning to the theme of optimizing this year’s astrology.


In that last post, from May 6, I mentioned that Mueller would finally be drawn into the political fray in June, and even as early as late May. I also said:

“As May rolls into June, Mueller, Trump, and probably even Atty. Gen. Bill Barr (who I now think is late Sagittarius rising), all have very challenging astrology—which probably means that they are all deeply ensnared in the spin cycle of political dirty laundry that will be awhirl at that time.”

It turned out that, on May 29th, Mueller gave his very first public statement since his investigation began more than two years earlier (video here). This started a political firestorm throughout June that culminated on June 26th, with the announcement that Mueller would testify to Congress in July. That announcement coincided precisely with Trump’s second window of accountability for 2019, which I described in my last post.

Mueller’s public testimony finally took place on July 24. What the general public did not know was that Mueller was extremely stressed during those June negotiations over his testimony. Now that I have nailed down Mueller’s ascendant to within one degree of 24 degrees Sagittarius, we know that both Saturn and Ketu were transiting over Mueller’s ascendant degree in June. That must have been emotionally excruciating and extremely frightening for him. This, in turn, indicates that he must have felt very threatened by the prospect of speaking publicly about his investigation. This also must mean that Bill Barr and others were rattling Mueller with threats and psychological bullying. By late July, those planetary transits were just beginning to dissipate, but they were still strongly influencing Mueller’s chart. I believe this is why Mueller still sounded rattled when he testified.

When Mueller did finally testify, he gave Congress plenty to chew on for its pursuit of impeachment, and they have been chewing ever since.

My main predictions about Trump centered around the idea that June would be a particularly difficult and unhinged month for him, as would this summer in general. I also suggested that we should divert our eyes and pray, especially in mid-June, as the astrology was particularly dangerous then, not just for Trump but geopolitically as well, overall. This turned out to be when Trump reportedly ordered a military attack on Iran and then rescinded his own order to attack, just hours before the attack was to commence. It seems that we narrowly avoided a major war in June!

That’s the kind of critical moment on the world stage that makes me suspect that prayer has a far more critical role in world events than most people realize.

So, please keep praying and visualizing world peace!

I also suggested that this summer would be when Congress began impeachment proceedings against Trump. When I first proposed this, I wasn’t aware of how long such proceedings would take, so I even suggested that the House of Representatives might impeach Trump this summer. I now know that the process of impeachment itself spans many months. Nevertheless, it does appear that the House of Representatives has shifted into an impeachment mode. In June, they actually invoked their interest in impeachment proceedings as their justification for requesting relief from the courts to obtain the documents and cooperation that the White House had been denying to Congress.

I also made other predictions about Trump for some dates still in the future, and I will address these below, as I lay out this article’s predictions.


Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

Mueller’s July testimony was merely Part 2 of a three-part role that he is playing this year in the political theater. Part 1 was his release of Mueller Report last March, but Part 3 will happen in November and December. Because Ketu hovered within one degree or so of Mueller’s ascendant from early June through late July, Mueller’s testimony from July will eventually look very timid, subdued and restrained compared to what he will deliver at the end of this year. I think it is also safe to assume that his psychological state will be better then as well, so he will not be so easily cowed by the DOJ and not sound so quite nervous to speak openly then either.

That November-December timing corresponds exactly to the timing I’ve been highlighting since early 2018 for Trump’s final round of accountability (November 2019- February 2020). When Saturn transits over Mueller’s ascendant, it also will be squaring Trump’s Jupiter (his planetary period lord). In several articles, I’ve pointed to that moment as a likely time for Trump to leave office. I’ve also noted in at least one article that Trump has Saturn oppositions to his natal Saturn and Venus in January and February of 2020 as well, which I said could serve as the bookend for 2019’s final period of accountability. In other words, if Trump is going to leave office outside of the election process, it would be by then. I will address that possibility in the section on Trump below.

Stock Market

This brings us to the stock market. In my second to last article, “Stock Market Supplement,” from April 20th, I reported that there were three windows this year in which a stock market crash was a strong possibility. While I felt strongly at that time that the late-April/early-May window would probably produce a crash—and that was wrong (although there was some major market volatility in early May)—I nevertheless made it clear then that at least one of this year’s three astrological windows would almost certainly sink the stock market.

The second window was mid-June, and we again briefly saw another big market dip at that time. But, the third and last window–this September and October–is the one that will almost certainly bring a huge stock plunge, from which the market will not rebound for many years.

I wrote last April, “The tight Saturn-Ketu conjunction from now through early May generates fear and nervousness, which often has triggered market plunges.” But this applies to all such conjunctions, including the tight Saturn-Ketu conjunction of this September and October as well. What I also realized more recently is that during this September-October window, Pluto will be exactly opposite where it was during the 1929 stock market crash, which also happens to be almost exactly where Pluto was last December when the market tanked. This is also the point in the zodiac where Saturn and Ketu conjuncted for the first time this year in Sagittarius on April 30.

Pluto’s orbit is about 248 years, so Pluto hasn’t strongly aspected 26 degrees of Sagittarius since the 1929 Stock Market Crash (when Pluto was at 26 degrees of Gemini, exactly opposite 26 degrees of Sagittarius). Combined with the final conjunction of Saturn and Ketu this fall, and with Mars squaring those 2 planets and Pluto from Virgo then as well, Pluto’s return to 26 degrees of Sagittarius may serve like an acupuncture needle to trigger another major stock crash.

At the end of July, and again just last Friday, the stock market dropped precipitously. These are probably just rumblings ahead of the market’s impending tectonic shifts.

I don’t think we will see the complete decline of the market until at least mid/late September, and more probably late October. While continued instability is still potential for the rest of August and early September, I believe that the negative astrology of mid/late-September, and especially October, will be what does the most damage to stocks.

As I’ve said many times already, if you are still in the market, please deeply consider getting out (this is not meant to be financial advice; rather, I’m urging stock investors to seek financial advice). If you are selling real estate, you may have a few extra months to complete your sale (as real estate prices are driven by comparable sales over the prior 3 to 6 months, and it will take some time for those comps to drag the real estate market down). But, as with other recessions, real estate is likely to follow the stock market. Obviously, this means that if you are buying, you might want to wait and see what the market does this fall, before making any purchases.

This year’s astrology is very similar to that of 2008, and it’s even somewhat worse. The only caveat is that I think we’ve already seen an incredible amount of what I will call “Grace” this year, propitiating the negative effects of the malefic planets. We should all take a moment to be thankful for any such divine intervention.

Kim Jong-un

Kim has had difficult astrology over the last several months, as I mentioned he would in the last few posts. He fired off new test rockets recently, seemingly to signal his impatience about stagnated negotiations with the US. Overall, it hasn’t been as bad as it could have been with North Korea, given Kim’s recent astrology, perhaps thanks to the prayers of people like you readers. But, as both Saturn and Ketu were aspecting Kim’s Sun this whole summer, and their influence is largely internalizing, it’s likely that Kim made some shady moves out of public view in June and July. If that is the case, then we will probably know more about what those shady moves were this coming November, when Saturn conjuncts Kim’s Sun again (without Ketu then).

Brett Kavanaugh

I posted at the beginning of the year that this fall could be very challenging for Brett Kavanaugh, especially if his ascendant is around 17 to 20 degrees of Sagittarius. Since I’m not sure about his ascendant degree, I can’t say with certainty what we should expect to see with him. But, if I’m right that he is mid-late Sagittarius Rising, this fall still is likely to be very challenging for Kavanaugh. If Congress starts to focus on him this month or next, expect it to be powerful and ugly.

One possibility is that, as a Supreme Court Justice, Kavanaugh will make a controversial Supreme Court decision this fall, perhaps on a highly volatile issue like abortion, and the receive incredible heat in the process.

Another possibility is that the investigations into Jeffrey Epstein’s affairs will turn up a link to Kavanaugh. If Kavanaugh’s ascendant is indeed between 17 and 20 degrees of Sagittarius, then this latter possibility is more at the level of the kind of troubles Kavanaugh would face in September and October.

Again, I’m not certain about his chart, so I won’t make any firm predictions about Kavanaugh here. Just keep your eyes open; Kavanaugh may be in for some really trying times.

Bill Barr

I’m pretty convinced that Barr is also about 24 degrees of Sagittarius rising. This would explain his deceptive behavior after the release of the Mueller report in late March, and his continued stifling of Mueller in June and July regarding Mueller’s Congressional testimony. If I’m right about Barr’s ascendant, this would mean that Barr has indeed been deceptive in his dealings since being installed as Attorney General. But that also would mean that Barr will face another moment of accountability at the end of the year, during which it will be more difficult to avoid accounting for his actions.

Barr’s latest controversial move was to insert himself and the DOJ into the court proceedings through which Congress is seeking Trump’s taxes and financial records from an accounting firm. This was an unprecedented move, because it positioned Bar and the Justice Department as defenders of Trump, rather than as an arm of the government. At the end of the year, Barr is likely to reach the end of his leash on such behavior.


This leads us to Trump. As I’ve said many times already, Trump will begin another period of accountability toward the end of the year, spanning about 4 months, right as Robert Mueller begins to feel compelled to push past the threat from the Justice Department for openly discussing his investigation. I’m not sure what is going to change for Mueller to make him less fearful to participate; I just know he’s going to feel duty-bound to speak out again at the end of the year, and he’ll be much less afraid to do so then than he was in June and July. Again, this is right when Trump’s next big round of accountability kicks in at the end of this year. If Trump is to leave office before his term is up, as I’ve often predicted he would, this period of accountability would be what triggers his departure.

As I wrote in my last article, I mistakenly thought the stock market was going to tank in late April or early May, in the first of the three windows I gave for this year’s stock market plunge. As it turned out, the market only briefly faltered at that point. My thinking back in April had been that the stock market would soon tank, thus explaining Trump’s difficult astrology in June and thus also prompting Republicans to start jumping ship.

Now I think that this same scenario will instead play out in September and October, in the third window I gave for the stock market plunge. That is, I believe that a stock market crash this fall will push Republicans into jumping ship in greater numbers by the end of this year. The stock market obviously hasn’t crashed yet, but Republicans have slowly started to jump ship in recent weeks, nonetheless.

The big question this raises is whether a stock crash this fall will be enough to drive Trump out of office. I’ll probably just address that question in November.

To be clear, I made my predictions about Trump leaving office based on an analysis and comparison of Richard Nixon’s astrology and that of Trump (see “Trump in Nixon’s Footsteps” from January 2018). As I’ve said several times in the last few months on Facebook and elsewhere, the comparison between Nixon and Trump will only hold if Republicans in Congress begin to peel away from Trump, as they did with Nixon. If the stock market drops and Republicans don’t defect from Trump, then the comparison with Nixon won’t hold, and Trump will probably finish his term.

What didn’t dawn on me during my comparison of those two charts in January 2018 was that Trump’s likely exit window was occurring at a time when Saturn and Ketu would be conjunct in Sagittarius. That conjunction, spanning most of 2019, is eroding the basic ethical commitments that might otherwise compel senators to part with Trump. As I discussed extensively in my last article, this year’s Saturn-Ketu conjunction is essentially splitting the population into two irreconcilable camps: the camps of selfishness and selflessness. This polarized sifting process is causing the selfish camp to fully embrace selfishness and to discard the ethical principles that would otherwise guide their behavior. So, it remains to be seen if Republican senators will split with Trump in sufficient numbers this fall to raise the specter of impeachment.


The Resignation-o-Meter: Fox News’ Role in Trump’s Fate
There are 2 ways I can imagine Trump leaving office by year’s end (or by February 2020):
(1) if his impeachment begins to look inescapable, or
(2) if Trump’s criminal exposure grows to menacing proportions, and his chances of re-election also look bleak at year’s end. In this latter case, Trump could conceivably try to strike a deal with Pence and potential prosecutors (in states like New York, where Trump has criminal exposure) to leave office in exchange for pardons and non-prosecution agreements. The bargaining chip Trump retains while he’s president is that he can give up the presidency and not seek re-election. This might mean that he will feel inclined to use that bargaining chip before the next election. If he loses the election, he loses his bargaining chip. So, if the threat grows large enough (through evidence that might be uncovered by all the investigations of Trump), Trump could feel compelled to strike a bargain, while he still can.

So, possibilty (2) above does not depend on Republican senators jumping ship.

Meanwhile, possibly (1) above would only arise if Republicans began to defect from Trump. This, in turn, would only occur if the Republican constituency began to turn on Trump. The three ways I can imagine Trump’s base turning on him are: a) Fox News turns on Trump, b) details of Trump’s history emerge that Trump’s base cannot tolerate, and c) the economy crashes, and this causes enough economic pain to Republican voters that a large percentage turns against Trump.

On deeper inspection, it seems to me that the above three scenarios are really just one potential scenario. No matter what part of Trump’s history emerges, or how far the economy sinks, the Republican base won’t turn on Trump as long as Fox News keeps casting Trump in a positive and blameless light. As long as Fox is painting Trump in a good light, Trump’s base will remain steadfast. But Fox News seems to paint Trump in a mostly positive light no matter what Trump does or is reported to have done in the past. So, the only way Fox would be likely to alter its portrayal of Trump is if Trump’s actions hurt Fox. The only way Trump’s actions could directly injure Fox would be in terms of a financial loss (or the serious threat of one).

So if, and only if, Trump does something that seriously disrupts Fox financially, will Fox turn on Trump. In my opinion, that kind of disruption would only come from a major economic nosedive of the US economy.

Again, as long as Fox is painting Trump in a good light, Trump’s base will remain steadfast. While this base only represents around 35% of the American population, it is still around 80% of the Republican constituency, and that’s enough to vote Congress people in or out of office. So, if Fox News turns Republican voters against Trump, then Trump’s reduced base could lose its ability to swing Congressional elections. This could free up a sufficient number of senators to break ranks and make impeachment a real possibility.

But, I don’t think that Fox News would turn on Trump for immoral or even illegal behavior this year. Instead, I think the only way Fox News would turn on Trump is if Trump’s actions conflicted with Fox’s profitability and/or with the self-interest of Trimp’s supporters. I think this means that the only way Fox News and Trump’s base will be shaken is if the economy fails, leaving Fox and republican Americans with less money to pursue their interests. When people don’t get what they want, they get angry. When they get angry, they lash out at whomever they are holding to blame. It’s that simple.

It’s easy for Fox to deny facts and obscure the truth when their profitability is not impacted by so doing. But if Fox analysts know that Trump is at least partly responsible for the next economic recession, and if Fox News suffers financially as a result of that recession, then we might see a much more sober and frank type of reporting from Fox at that point. So, if the economy tanks, then Fox News is likely to hold Trump accountable, and a key portion of Trump’s base is likely to follow suit.

That would be the point at which Trump’s political fate changes. But, whether America ever reaches that point remains to be seen.

The Two Prevalent Interpretations of Anger

For selfish and unethical people, expressing anger is like urinating. The world doesn’t always give them what they want, so anger continually builds up inside of them. Since selfish people rarely possess the self-discipline to diffuse their own anger, they must instead eject it repeatedly into the world to feel relief. To such unethical people, this venting process seems as normal and excusable as going to the bathroom.

Thus, the first prevalent meaning of anger is: “The angry person reached the peak of their anger cycle again.” This is how unethical people view anger, both of their own and of others.

On the other hand, within circles of ethical people, expressions of anger are generally reserved for important problems for which someone has a high degree of guilt or culpability. Because ethical people tend to be patient and tolerant and take responsibility for their own negative emotions, the problems that seem to merit anger are relatively rare. Thus, ethical people tend to associate anger exclusively with really big problems. Thus, when ethical people become the target of another’s anger, they will by default assume that the situation in question is extremely problematic, and that it is their responsibility to remedy that situation somehow. This is how ethical people are conditioned.

So, the second prevalent interpretation of anger is: “I’m to blame for an extremely important problem.” This is how ethical people reflexively view someone else’s anger toward them.

Notice how this creates a problem for ethical people when they are dealing with unethical people. When unethical people get angry at ethical people, those ethical people will, by default, tend to reflexively feel guilty for some huge problem.

Moreover, ethical people tend to have a clear conscience, so they tend to live in, and generally expect, harmony. As a result, ethical people will often compromise in the face of anger, just to de-escalate a situation and find the quickest route back to harmony. Meanwhile, since unethical people rank anger as equivalent in importance to the flush of a toilet, no amount of anger or emotional escalation is likely to make an impact on them. In addition, unethical people are no strangers to disharmony, so they are in no rush to de-escalate arguments and restore the peace.

Thus, unethical people can, and do, use their anger to drive ethical people into compromise and submission. So, if you’re dealing with an angry unethical person, just treat their anger like another trip to the bathroom. Understand that your inner peace is the result of your commitment to ethical behavior, while an unethical person’s lack of inner peace is the result of their lack of such a commitment. In other words, you aren’t responsible for an unethical person’s anger, and their anger does not mean that you are guilty of something and should forfeit your peace of mind.


A Third New Interpretation of Anger

I’ve focused so much on anger here because I want to offer another interpretation of anger—a third interpretation that I believe will be highly applicable over the next few years. In my predictions about Trump above, I referred to the “polarized sifting process” that I wrote about in detail in my last article. This is the process through which people are being increasingly forced into the opposing poles of selfishness and selflessness. In other words, more and more people are being forced further and further toward either selfishness or selflessness. As an ever-greater portion of the population becomes increasingly selfish, more anger is inevitable. So, the new interpretation of anger that I am proposing is simply: “This person is reacting to being pushed into their selfishness.”

I hope that this third interpretation of anger will enable us all to see angry people with compassion in these times of trying astrology.

This brings us to the main point of this article.


How to Turn Bad Stars into Friendly Skies

Nothing in astrology is inherently bad. What is usually considered negative in astrology is merely the kind of astrological influences that humans find hard to accept. The most common reason for that lack of acceptance is that we are attached to something else happening, or we are not sufficiently inwardly dialed-in to fully embrace what is happening.

Unhappiness is essentially just wanting things to be different. If you don’t want to be unhappy, don’t want things to be different.

It’s that simple. But below, I will address the common misunderstanding that, when things are really bad, we have a duty to want things to be different.

The current Saturn-Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius is a great opportunity to focus inwardly and to accept things as they are. The trick to accepting things as they are is simply to not want them to be different. This advisement may seem absurd to some people, while others may deem it too obvious to merit mentioning, but the advice is nevertheless a powerful key to lasting happiness.

Desire, yearning, and wishing for change are what make us dissatisfied with our present conditions, including how present conditions are making us envision the future. Much suffering can be avoided, therefore, simply by refusing to want things to be different. It’s okay to pursue a path that would change the world (in both big and small ways), but do so out of a feeling of duty, not out of a feeling of needing things to be different.

Visualize what would be better, and then take it as your duty to work toward that state of affairs. Say, “yes!” to a better future, but only let yourself desire to work dutifully towards that future.

If you act out of duty, you will not want things to be different, because you will always be getting what you want, namely, that your every action is properly guided. Acting out of duty does not mean achieving every objective you have. Rather, it means dutifully pursuing those objectives because it is right to pursue them.

It’s okay to want to act out of duty, because you can always so act. In fact, even when you fail to act out of duty, your wanting to do so will bring you back to dutiful actions. Moreover, wanting to act out of duty in no way obligates you to regret your past failures of duty. In other words, this kind of wanting needn’t make us lament our past errors.

Saturn is the planet of duty, and of the detachment required to perform one’s duty, while Ketu is a planet of transcendence and internalized awareness. As I said in the last article, Sagittarius is the sign of ethics, and appropriate/dutiful behavior. Thus, while Saturn and Ketu are conjunct in Sagittarius this year, we all have a great opportunity to detach from our desires and pursue our duty through a transcendent internal commitment to ethics and lofty guiding principles.

So, this is the way to turn 2019’s “bad” stars into friendly skies: selflessly wish to do your duty as much as you can.

So, if you want to be deeply happy in 2019 and beyond, no matter what the world and other people throw at you, just strive to do your duty. Our highest duty is to be selfless and serve others, and this year can catapult is forward in pursuing that aim!

May you be selflessly led by duty, and may you thus be truly happy!!


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  1. Your writings coincide with our own sense of purpose. We have additional teachings which are in agreement and alignment with your conclusions and observations. We see what is happening as a great cosmic centrifuge in which that which is light (selflessness) is rising and that which is dark (selfishness) is sinking, this creating a polarity in humanity, but as you have stated, this allows for a great healing thstvthe world so desperately needs. Thank you for your service!🙏❤️

    1. And thank YOU for yours!
      It’s always reinforcing and reassuring when diverse teachings all point to the same conclusion 🙂 🙏

  2. Thank you, your guidance helps me evolve into a more patient & compassionate person, you make sense out of the madness.

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