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With this article’s stock market prediction for next week, I may be going further out on a limb than I have ever gone with an astrological forecast — because, as of now (Friday night), there seems to be little if any indication that this prediction will be right. But, I think it would be disingenuous and cowardly to alter a prediction just because there was scant indication that the prediction would be correct immediately beforehand. So instead, I’m going to reiterate my prediction and explain its basis in this supplemental post.

For over two full years now, I’ve thought that there would probably be a stock market crash this year, and most probably this spring, and we’re finally now just a few days away from what I’ve seen as the most likely flashpoint for that crash. If the astrology I’m about to outline doesn’t foretell a crash, it still warrants mentioning in detail, because it is unusual and will indeed be impactful one way or another. Also, if there’s no crash this month or in early May, then there’s still a high probability that there would be a crash this June (or even October), so it wouldn’t hurt if I primed the pumps a bit early.

While it’s a bit jarring of me to post this “Stock Market Supplement” right after my “Pre-Mueller Supplement” of a couple days ago, I felt a need to both reiterate and supplement what I had said about next week from my February 19th article. So, here I am, posting again…

First, I’ll just repeat the projection I offered two months ago in that post, with some additional notes added:

What I Wrote Concerning Late March:

“In late March, when Ketu joins Saturn in late Sagittarius, I think more and more people will start to sense foreboding environmental rumblings and a building emotional uneasiness in the air.” 

Comment added April 19th:  I cited “late March” in my February 19th article because both Ketu and Mars began to aspect Sagittarius on March 22nd, which turned out to be the very day that Mueller’s report came out. That was also the day when Ketu technically began the Saturn-Ketu conjunction in America’s rising sign (Sagittarius), which is the conjunction that I’ve said many times will severely challenge the US (and the rest of the world too) this year. I actually mentioned March 22nd, 2019 explicitly two years ago (in this article), when I first started writing about the historic astrological time period that we just entered last month, although I omitted any specific mention of that date in my Feb 19th post two months ago. Although I’m not claiming to have predicted any particular event happening on that day, I do wish to point out that as far back as two years ago, March 22nd 2019 was indeed registering as the beginning of big trouble in the US. It’s therefore not a good sign that the Mueller Report dropped on that day, and it indicates that the contents of that report will provide fuel to the ugly and desperate struggle this year that will strain the whole nation. So, while I see much of that struggle as originating in the stock market, the politicized strife around Trump’s presidency should animate much of the nation’s internal struggles this year as well.


What I Wrote Concerning Mid/Late-April to Early-May:

“By mid/late-April, or at least by early May, those foreshadowings will turn into a large-scale stock sell off. This is partly because Mercury and Venus will both be in Pisces starting mid-April. Pisces is the most fluid sign, and Venus is the planet of cash liquidity, while Mercury is the planet of quick financial transactions. Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, but Venus is exalted in Pisces. This creates a slightly destabilizing push-pull imbalance that I believe will be the critical nudge that activates the negative effects of the Saturn-Ketu conjunction on the markets (note: in some stock crashes, Mercury and Venus have been in Virgo, where Venus is debilitated and Mercury is exalted, creating a similarly destabilizing imbalance).

“Saturn and Ketu are exactly conjunct on April 30, within 24 hours of when Saturn goes retrograde (April 29) and within 24 hours of when Mars exactly aspects that Saturn-Ketu conjunction from Taurus (May 1), so it looks like most of the damage to the market will be done by the beginning of May (probably the week of April 22 will be the worst, followed by more of the same as the subsequent week begins). The residual sell-off after that juncture will probably just be driven by desperate people who by then realize that the market won’t be rebounding anytime soon (in contrast to the way the market did rebound at end of last December, when interestingly, Pluto conjuncted the exact degree where Saturn and Ketu will be conjunct in late April of this year–which also happens to be exactly opposite the degree that Pluto occupied in Gemini during the 1929 stock market crash…and, yes, I’m taking that coincidence to be predictively meaningful).

“As I have noted countless times since 2017, the Saturn-Ketu conjunction occurs in Sagittarius, which is America’s ascendant, so this conjunction represents a particularly strong challenge for America. Such conjunctions (even in other signs besides Sagittarius) have caused financial downturns and “panics” many times in world history since at least the year 1800, most likely because one of the biggest astrological effects of Saturn and Ketu is to promote fear—and fear causes people to liquidate things like stocks and speculative real estate. These conjunctions have also been correlated with military conflict and aggression (the most likely times for such aggression this year, even if it’s within a single country like the US, is around April 30/May 1 and mid-June, followed by July 4 and late-Sept/Oct).”

New Details About Next Week and Beyond

Now, I want to supplement my February 19th discussion with some fresh details about next Monday, specifically, and about next week and the week after, more generally.

This coming Monday, April 22nd, is an extraordinary day. There is something significant and problematic happening with every single planet on that day. Here’s a list of what’s happening with each individual planet (not necessarily in order of significance):

Saturn: Saturn is at 26 degrees 21 minutes of Sagittarius and almost exactly conjunct Ketu this coming Monday. This is also the degree of the zodiac that Pluto occupied during last December’s unexpected 20% stock market plunge. Moreover, this degree of Sagittarius is exactly opposite the degree that Pluto occupied during the 1929 stock market crash (26 degrees of Gemini). Furthermore, 26 degrees 21 minutes of Sagittarius is also the exact degree and minute of Sagittarius that will be aspected by every single malefic planet to within 1/30th of a degree on April 30th / May 1st. Such tight aspects of all the malefics are extremely rare and very problematic. The tight Saturn-Ketu conjunction from now through early May generates fear and nervousness, which often has triggered market plunges, but the added effects of the other planets listed below could easily start that triggering process as early as this coming Monday.

Jupiter: Jupiter is at 0 degrees 0 minutes of Sagittarius on Monday, exactly straddling the cusp of Sagittarius and Scorpio. This is one of three “gandanta” (literally “end knot”) points in the zodiac, where the lunar zodiac and the solar zodiac converge (i.e. where those two zodiacs blend together and co-anchor their energies). These gandanta points are problematic transitional nodes of the zodiac(s) where planets lose power and manifest in odd ways, as if those planets were momentarily dropped into the Bermuda Triangle. When in gandanta, Jupiter is at one of its weakest points in its ability to improve mundane situations (although Jupiter can help spiritual aspirants dive deep and gain intuitive knowledge then, nevertheless). In short, right when the world will need Jupiter’s mundane/outward grace the most, Jupiter will be oriented in a way that only directs that grace spiritually/inwardly. Jupiter is also retrograde until August 11th, which further internalizes Jupiter’s influence. Thus, Jupiter’s benevolent energy won’t be able to do much to smooth out market hysteria or turbulence on Monday or this coming week.

Sun: The sun is conjunct with Uranus next Monday at 8 degrees of Aries. The sun is at its most powerful degree of the zodiac when it’s between 9-10 degrees of Aries, with 8-9 degrees of Aries being the Sun’s second most powerful degree of all. So, the Sun is extremely powerful this Monday (and Tuesday). But it’s conjunction with Uranus gives that powerful Sun an explosive and volatile energy too. Volatility is dangerous for the stock market.

Moon: The Moon is debilitated (in its weakest sign) in Scorpio on Monday, and it’s being tightly aspected by Mars that day, too. This creates emotional tension, instability and volatility. This should generate some additional dangerous volatility for the stock market to cope with as next week begins.

Mercury: Mercury is deeply debilitated on Monday, almost to its deepest degree (it’s at its deepest debilitation on Tuesday. Mercury has to do with quick transactions and decision-making, so this indicates a lower and more problematic level of decision-making capacity in people as next week begins. Hasty, poorly-thought-out decisions can trigger a stock market landslide.

Venus: Venus is exalted in Pisces on Monday (and more broadly, from April 15th to May 9th). Venus likes liquidity and fluidity, so it likes cash. Thus, people are a little more likely to seek cash whenever Venus is exalted (all other factors being equal). One way to get cash is to sell stock investments in quick stock transactions, of course. Combined with Mercury’s debilitation (or conversely, when Venus is debilitated and Mercury is exalted), this impulse can trip the hair-trigger for stock market sell-offs (see my last article).

Mars: Mars is very tightly aspecting Saturn, Ketu, and the Moon on Monday (Mars will tightly do so again on Weds and Thurs as well). Mars’ aspects usually sharpen, heat up, and heightened the intensity of whatever else is going on at the time. So, if people are propelled to sell off their stocks next week, Mars will only intensify that impulse.

Ketu:  Ketu is with Saturn now, as mentioned above, and as I’ve written about numerous times in the last 2 years. Ketu promotes fear and confusion (but also revelation and spiritual ascension), so Ketu is at the very root of the energy that can tumble the markets next week. Ketu also will continue to exert this kind of influence for most of this year, through its conjunction with Saturn, especially from early-June to early-July and around late-September/early-October.

Rahu: Rahu is always exactly opposite Ketu, so Rahu is part of the cluster of malefics that are tightly aspecting 26 degrees of Sagittarius at this time. Rahu makes things more wild, extreme, and unmanageable. Not a good influence for calming down a market in turmoil.

Uranus: Uranus is an outer planet that the Vedic astrology system doesn’t use. However, Uranus is with the Sun on Monday, as previously mentioned, adding an explosive element to the solar energy just as next week begins (and slightly less so all week, as well).

Neptune:  Neptune also is an outer planet that Vedic astrology doesn’t use, but this coming Monday, Neptune is tightly opposite a “planet” known in Vedic astrology as “Gulik.” Gulik is just a conceptual point in space, and thus behaves somewhat like Rahu (the nodes, Rahu and Ketu, are also just conceptual points in the zodiac, not physical bodies adrift in space like planets). But, Gulik is often considered more malefic than Rahu. Meanwhile, Neptune is dreamy, imaginative, confused, and ungrounded. So, when aspected by Gulik next Monday, Neptune only increases the chances of people acting waywardly or negatively out of confusion.

Pluto: Pluto is another outer planet that Vedic astrology doesn’t use, but it is worth noting that Pluto (at 29 degrees of Sagittarius now) is fairly tightly conjunct with Saturn and Ketu. This is close to the degree that Pluto occupied last December in the stock market’s 20% dive, and it’s also closely opposite the degree of Gemini that Pluto occupied in the 1929 stock market crash. Incidentally, Pluto is exactly at that degree of Sagittarius and exactly opposite that degree of Gemini again in October of 2019, during the 3rd and last of this year’s super-tight Saturn-Ketu conjunctions. This is partly why I wrote two months ago that the markets are even likely to be down throughout autumn 2019, amidst the other trying events of this coming fall. Pluto functions like an acupuncture needle, intensely activating, prodding and stimulating the areas it influences.

Having said all that, I’ll admit that, as this week closes, there aren’t many economic signs that the stock market will crash next week (and, to be clear, I’m also suggesting that next week’s astrology will play out in the subsequent week as well). But, the truth is that I nevertheless believe that a sudden crash is probably coming next week. Regardless, I’d rather be honest about my views and get it wrong, than be disingenuous and appear error-free, so I’m making my beliefs plain. If I’m wrong, then I’ll get a new lesson in astrology, and you all will get a lesson in my limits as an astrologer (but those limits exist even if I’m right about next week’s crash).

Yet, even if I’m wrong that next week and/or early May will trigger a stock market dive, I still do expect such a dive to occur this year. The other two likely windows for that plunge are June/July and Sept/Oct, as noted above. Frankly, I think it’s most likely that all of those three windows will drag down the markets, but I’d be shocked if at least one of them didn’t.

The other point worth noting is that these next two weeks’ astrology should at least have some kind of significantly negative effects, even if not through Wall Street, and those effects should still be pretty historic (I’ll write more about this in my next full article). The release of the redacted Mueller Report has seeded a brewing firestorm, Kim Jong-un just tested another missile, and Americans are feeling desperate for a break from extreme ambient anxiety levels that simply are not going to subside until the year’s end. When tensions rise too high, some people will act out and misbehave out of their desperation for relief. This means that the strain of the current astrology is about to make things start popping, and some of those pops will be big, startling and discordant. So, in short, expect an increase in negative news headlines as April transitions into May.

Yet, if you’re inwardly focused toward the more harmonious and tranquil waters inside you, then you should pass the next few weeks and months with the highest measure of comfort and peace available to us in these times. Any effort you make with that aspiration will also prove to relief tensions to some degree, too, so don’t be discouraged if you feel that you’re not inwardly focused enough. Even mere moments spent deeper inside yourself are like money tucked in the bank.

On that note, my next post, which will be the full article I’ve been wanting to write since February, is about how to use these tough astrological times to actually thrive. It will also cover how to forge a potent karmic shield with truth, love, unity and compassion. For many people, the dissonant rumblings of 2019 will amount to a destructive earthquake, but for those who aim to take flight spiritually this year, those rumblings will just prove to be the fleeting bumpiness of take-off. My next article will be my contribution to a flight plan for such high-minded people.

So, for now, please fasten your seat belts, set your sights high, and let’s prepare ourselves to soar…

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