The Veiled Consequences of the US Midterm Elections

Buckle your seatbelts, everybody, because we’re in for a pretty wild ride over the next month, and even over the next year!

We’ll be zigging and zagging and rising and plunging with Whitaker & Mueller, Cohen & Manafort, Trump and his children, and even Judge Kavanaugh! If you’ve ever ridden Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, then I think you’ve had a pretty good preview of what next year could feel like.

This article is going to be incredibly long, as there are so many consequences of the midterms to cover and I will probably not post an article again until early next year. So, you may want to read this article in segments, or perhaps wait to read it until you have plenty of time (skipping the “Review” section below would save you some time, though).

But, before I dive into the political scene, I would like to reiterate the perhaps overlooked purpose of my often politically-oriented posts…


Reminder! The Purpose of Gentle Compass Is to Be a Gentle Compass

In repeatedly posting about politics, I don’t mean to imply that it is important to focus on politics. On the contrary, I believe it is important to frame politics and world events within the broader context of a Grand Perfect Plan – the kind of plan that the very existence of astrology as a successful predictive science seems to imply (for more on that concept, see my two-part series that began with this post).

My aim is always to reduce my readers’ anxiety about current events and to reduce the readers’ emotional investment in what they see happening around them. The purpose of these posts is to point out the trends before they occur, thus making them seem less shocking or disturbing when they eventually happen. It’s only natural to react to widespread unethical behavior with indignation and dismay, but completely losing your peace of mind will only make matters worse.

So, please try to use this and future posts as an emotional buffer between you and the disharmony of mundane politics. That’s at least what these articles are for.


Review: The US Midterm Elections & Other Past Posts

I’ll start with my customary review of how my prior predictions played out. One reason I do this is to provide a transparent scorecard for readers who wish to keep track.

But, if you don’t care about tracking my predictions, then I highly recommend that you just skip to the “Veiled Consequences” section below, because this review section will be pretty long.

The Midterms

Those of you who have followed my posts and articles will know that the US midterm election results were no surprise. Since as early as November 2016—once we knew that Trump was the new president—there were astrological indicators that Trump would be upset about the 2018 midterm vote (and would be upset in early January 2019, when the newly elected Congress would be taking office).

When I first mentioned this on Facebook in late 2016, however, it didn’t dawn on me that Trump might be upset about losing only one house of Congress. So, back then, I simply suggested that the Democrats would “take Congress” in 2018. To be clear, Congress itself wasn’t showing up as anything in particular in Trump’s astrology, but it was clear that he would flare up right after the midterms and in January 2019, and some good midterm results for the Democrats looked like the most likely cause of Trump’s disturbance.

As the developments of the last two years more clearly framed the midterms, we could see that Trump would face great danger in 2019 if Democrats gained control of either house of Congress. So, I modified my earlier prediction and predicted that Democrats would win at least the House of Representatives (this was no great astrological achievement on my part, though, because many political pundits were predicting the same).

Although I posted on Facebook in October, “I’m expecting that Trump will start coming for Mueller within days of the Midterm results,” and Trump did fire AG Jeff Sessions the day after the midterms, the truth is that I didn’t expect Trump to do so until about Friday or the weekend after the midterms (in another post, I had loosely projected that Sessions would be fired in “mid-November”). In other words, I’m admitting that my actual prediction was “late” by at least 2 days.

Interestingly, however, the Mars transit to Trump’s natal Mars—which is what astrologically prompted Trump’s move against Jeff Sessions on Nov. 7—technically peaked over the November 10-12 weekend. In Paris, Trump did antagonize NATO allies that weekend and took public heat for skipping a memorial honoring fallen World War I veterans. But, Trump’s Mars peak also corresponded to the Wall Street Journal’s Nov. 10 report that Trump knew all about the hush money payoffs to his alleged mistresses. Following that report, Congressman Jerrold Nadler (the likely new chairman of the House Judiciary Committee when Democrats take over in January) said that Trump’s involvement in the payoffs “might very well be an impeachable offense.” So, all of those events were expressions of Trump’s first Mars transit in November.

I had also predicted on Facebook that Trump would make a “second decisively aggressive move” by around Nov. 16-18, but I’m not clear that he did so–unless this just played out as his odd antagonism towards California forestry management during the current historic California fires (or maybe Trump is firing John Kelly, and we just haven’t found out about it yet?). Maybe I just got that prediction wrong (although Trump still did have a Mars transit this weekend).

Supplemental note, added on Monday, November 19: After posting this article last night, I awoke to find this fresh report about Trump’s highly volatile weekend (insulting a revered Navy Admiral, etc.). Admittedly, I thought Trump’s “decisively aggressive move” would most likely be toward Mueller, but this article does describe a Mars-propelled, “decisively aggressive” weekend, as Trump’s chart indicated.

Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort

Looking back at my prior posts regarding Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, I think it could be argued that I got the predictions of both men’s cooperation with authorities essentially right, but may have gotten the timing of these a bit wrong, or late, too. I did predict in March 2018 that both men would cooperate with authorities this “fall,” but it looks like I was actually about 1-3 weeks late on both predictions.

I had posted, “Cohen also has a protection-oriented transit from Jupiter in late September/ early October, offering the potential for an attractive plea bargain for squealing on Trump.” Cohen actually pleaded guilty to criminal charges in a “plea deal” on August 21 of this year, but that initial deal didn’t require him to cooperate with authorities. He reportedly did start cooperating with authorities in early September, however, so early Sept. is when Cohen would have begun engaging the Jupiternian protection that his astrology had forecast. I had predicted “late September,” so I was late by 1-2 weeks on that one.

Regarding Manafort, in early March I wrote, “If I have Manafort’s chart right, then he doesn’t seem to have the kind of astrology that would open him up or compel him to crack and plea bargain until this fall.” Elsewhere, I’d remarked that I thought Manafort would crack in late October or early November. However, the news broke in mid-September that he was negotiating a plea bargain for his cooperation. He officially pleaded guilty in a massive plea bargain on October 11, so I was at least a week late on that prediction as well. Still, Manafort then spent over 50 hours cooperating with Mueller’s team in late October, which is essentially what his chart showed.

Manafort’s plea deal, however, makes it appear that Manafort’s ascendant is about 8-9° of Cancer. If Manafort is 8-9° of Cancer rising, then Rahu transited over his ascendant degree in late September/early October, which would explain his openness at that time (I originally was speculating that Manafort was about 6-7° Cancer rising, which would have pushed that same Rahu transit to late Oct/early Nov.)

Interestingly, I had predicted in my Manafort predictions that Manafort would have a fear of the law immediately after the Nov. 6 midterms, because Ketu would be conjuncting his Jupiter around Nov. 8. On Nov. 9, ABC News reported that Mueller wasn’t happy lately with Manafort’s level of cooperation, and Manafort is therefore in jeopardy of losing all the benefits of his plea bargain. For a man who faces the prospect of remaining behind bars the rest of his life without a plea bargain, losing his existing plea bargain must have been a scary threat.

It appears that Manafort became hesitant to cooperate after Trump placed Matt Whitaker in the acting AG’s position (see the section on Whitaker below), probably because Manafort’s attorneys wanted to see if Whitaker would halt Mueller’s investigation. I think this will turn out to look like a big strategic misstep for Manafort, although he will still surely benefit from his plea bargain if he continues to cooperate. We should know much more about this in the next week, as Mueller’s astrology peaks.


Note: Please bear with my numerous references in this post to remarks I’ve made in the past. This article’s objective is to lay out a broad astrological sketch of next year, partly by tying together key bits of information that are scattered across my prior writings.


The Veiled (and Some Fairly Obvious) Consequences of the Midterms

Now that we’re finally past the midterms and the Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives in 2019, it’s time to talk about the veiled consequences of these elections—along with the more predictable consequences as well.

I think those consequences can be divided into the following categories:

1) Robert Mueller’s fated milestone in his life’s work

2) The fate of Matt Whitaker (the recently appointed acting Attorney General)

3) The fate of Judge Kavanaugh

4) The fate of Trump’s children

5) The fate of Trump himself

6) The dissolving internal cohesion of the United States


That’s a lot to chew on, so let’s dig right in…


1) Mueller:

In a February 23, 2018 Facebook post, I said that the strenuous work Mueller did in February would appear in hindsight to be a highly pivotal moment in his “life’s work.” I also pointed to two other such pivotal moments, one around mid-June and the other in Oct-Nov of this year.

We now know from this Washington Post report that it was in February that Mueller began to investigate Cohen, which led to the FBI’s raid on Cohen’s office in early April (Mueller must have handed off the Cohen case to the state of New York at the end of March, precisely when Mueller’s astrology indicated a strategic move against Trump, although I admitted then that the actual raid occurred about 4 days after I would’ve expected).

But, Mueller’s work in February also led to a huge week in early March, in which:

1) Mueller charged Paul Manafort and Rick Gates with new counts of fraud (and Gates agreed to cooperate with Mueller),

2) Mueller’s actions made it clear that Mueller was taking aim at Trump personally (see this article), and

3)  Mueller flipped George Nader (a convicted pedophile who represented the Trump Organization at an obscure meeting in the Seychelles)


Mueller’s potent Fenruary should give you an idea of how big this month (November) will be for Mueller’s investigation.

Mid-June was when Mueller turned up the heat on Paul Manafort by adding new charges to Manafort’s indictment and uncovering Manafort’s attempt at witness tampering. That witness tampering was what landed Manafort in jail, and Manafort’s time in jail is largely what has worn down his resistance to cooperating with authorities. So, mid-June was indeed a pivotal moment for Mueller’s investigation, assuming Manafort’s cooperation will help that investigation (and I expect that it really will).

Mueller also indicted Manafort’s Russian associate, Konstantin Kilimnik, in mid-June, which suggests that Kilimnik’s part could additional hold veiled significance to the Mueller probe as well (see this article for details).

The fact that Mueller was focusing on Cohen and Manafort during the above two “highly pivotal moments” in Mueller’s life’s work suggests that what Cohen and Manafort bring to the probe will be pivotal in Mueller’s ultimate findings. Again, politically informed people would predict the same, but in this case the prediction is confirmed by astrology.

On March 28 of this year, I posted on Facebook, “This is the week when Mueller’s astrology peaks…so this is also when I think he’ll produce the most pivotal/productive results in the investigation for awhile.” That was the week when Mueller handed the Cohen case to the investigators who raided Cohen’s office on April 9.

In closing my March 21 Gentle Compass article, I even half-joked, ‘the Fourth of July may come a full three months early this year!” (i.e. early April). In that article I had also projected, “if Trump doesn’t fire Mueller [in early April], Mueller will likely make progress against Trump this spring on something that explodes in Trump’s face this fall/winter.”

I believe that this explosion is now quite imminent.

The Cohen case, which erupted with the April 9 raid on Cohen’s home, will probably be a big part of this imminent explosion. As you can see, the astrology has been pointing to this for quite some time now.

Mueller’s Conclusion

As for the timing of Mueller’s announcement of his findings, I’ve been saying for months that I think Mueller really ought to release his findings, or at least make a huge conclusive move, by this Thanksgiving. Mueller’s astrology peaks between November 20-22, with transiting Saturn opposing his natal Saturn (transiting Saturn only opposes or conjuncts your natal Saturn once every 14 1/2 years) occurring exactly during Mueller’s nodal return (the nodes, Ketu and Rahu, return to where they were at your birth only once every 18 years). Since Saturn and Ketu are the drivers of large-scale karmic (or destined) life-events, the convergence of these two relatively infrequent Saturn and Ketu transits clearly indicates that Thanksgiving 2018 is a huge milestone in Mueller’s life.

And as if that weren’t enough, Mars will increasingly bring struggle and fire for Mueller in the days before Thanksgiving. Synchronistically, Mars exactly opposes Mueller’s Jupiter (which is probably Mueller’sascendant Lord) on November 21, right when Saturn and Ketu are completing this huge chapter of Mueller’s lifework.

That’s like setting off a firecracker as one crosses the finish line.

For those of you who follow my Facebook posts, we are now in the “horserace” that I referred to a few weeks ago. Trump’s second Mars transit peaked sometime this weekend (depending on the exact minute of his birth, and birth times are rarely exact), which made me wonder if he would try to impede Mueller before Mueller could get his findings out. Apparently, however, Trump’s appointment of Whitaker raised so many alarms over the last 10 days that Trump must have abandoned any ideas of using Whitaker to fire Mueller, at least for now. So, Mueller should at least be able to get something big out in the next week (even if Mueller has to wait until next week to publicize his next big move, because of the Thanksgiving holiday, he should be completing the work for that move in the next few days)


2) Whitaker:

This brings us to Matt Whitaker. Trump appointed Whitaker as the acting Attorney General right after firing Jeff Sessions on Weds Nov. 7. This means that Whitaker is now Mueller’s boss.


Actually, Trump appointed Whitaker without first getting Whitaker confirmed by the Senate, leading many legal experts to declare that Whitaker’s position is illegitimate. If those experts are correct, then anything Whitaker does has acting Deputy AG is invalid (or of no legal effect). I’m not sure exactly what wild twists and turns this issue will generate over the next few months, but I am quite sure about two things:

a) Mueller will be able to share his investigation’s findings soon, and

b) Whitaker will quickly find himself in deep trouble—starting no later than mid/late December and peaking in late January/early February (I’ll get to this in a minute).

So, if Whitaker tries to fire Mueller in December, then one of three things will happen. Either:

i) Mueller will announce the bulk of his results before Whitaker can act (50% chance, I’d guess).

ii) Mueller will be able to stave off his firing, perhaps through a court appeal, long enough to announce the results of his investigation (25% chance). Or,

iii) Mueller will be able to deliver his results (essentially finalized over the next 1-4 weeks anyway) to the new House of Representatives next year, despite Whitaker’s move against Mueller (25% chance, but perhaps greater if Mueller is late Sagittarius rising, as I’ll explain shortly).

Because Mueller has the astrology this month that he also had back in February and June, I believe that he is karmically destined to successfully deliver the results of this key part of his life work. As I said in the article, “Checkmate: Why Trump Can’t Beat Mueller Now,” Mueller is astrologically scheduled to complete a huge part of his life’s work right around Thanksgiving (this week), one way or another. He surely has known that his probe would be in jeopardy immediately following the midterms, so he has no doubt made provisions to protect the results of his investigation (sealed indictments, handed-off criminal cases, public documentation of facts in prior court proceedings, etc.).

The one caveat I should mention here is that we lack Mueller’s birth time, and thus we don’t know his ascendant—which I suspect is late Sagittarius. The precise degree of Mueller’s ascendant in Sagittarius will determine if Mueller has one or more pivotal public acts left after this month.

A late Sagittarius ascendant would more closely fit the scenario in which Mueller finds himself delivering the results of his investigation to Congress in January or February or even March, depending on the exact degree of his ascendant.

Here’s where the veiled consequences of the midterms get really interesting again… If Mueller’s ascendant is closer to about 19° of Sagittarius or later, then Mueller could have as many as three more peaks in his life’s work next year. Such peaks would undoubtedly involve Mueller responding to inquiries from the newly elected Congress, and Mueller would have a lot to say to Congress about Trump.

Unfortunately, though, I have bitten off so much to chew in this article that I will have to leave that subject for another post. In any case, the way Mueller’s investigation plays out over the next four months will flesh out the predictions of that article anyway.

Back to Whitaker

Let’s get back to Whitaker, because this is where more of the midterm’s obscure results start to emerge…

Once the midterms were over, Trump felt free to move against Mueller, so he fired Jeff Sessions and installed Whitaker as acting AG. Whitaker is on the record multiple times as having disparaged the Mueller investigation, so it is quite likely that Whitaker’s mandate was to stymy that investigation. Whitaker has already said he will not recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller probe—and has even gone so far as to publicly outline ways to undermine the probe—so a desire for protection from Mueller’s investigation seems to have motivated Trump’s interest in Whitaker.

What’s really interesting and revealing, astrologically speaking, is that Ketu will be sitting squarely on Whitaker’s Mars for about two full months, starting in mid-December. That is, rather than passing fairly quickly over his Mars as it ordinarily would, Ketu will actually hover directly on top of Whitaker’s Mars for about two solid months!

That represents a kind of “date with destiny” that someone in Whitaker’s shoes really shouldn’t enjoy.

In fact, from the very day that the new Congress takes office in the first week of January, until the second week of February, Ketu is never more than a tiny fraction of a degree from exactly conjuncting Whitaker’s Mars. That should represent some worrisome karma for a guy who may have been chosen to obstruct the most high-profile investigation in the US since Watergate.

I’ll probably have to write a detailed report on Whitaker’s astrology for my next post, but for now I can simply project that either Whitaker will start to do something towards Mueller around mid/late December (when Whitaker starts a series of Mars transits) or Whitaker will find another battlefront by then that will land him in a heap of trouble with Congress as soon as Congress takes session next year.

And it doesn’t look like it will go well for Whitaker at that point. In other words, Whitaker has at most about 3-4 weeks before he finds himself in the pressure cooker.


3) Judge Kavanaugh:

During the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, I took some time to examine Kavanaugh’s chart. Although we don’t have his birth time or ascendant, I became suspicious that his ascendant is in the middle of Sagittarius, at around 19-20°. If I’m right about that, then next August/September will be absolutely awful for Kavanagh.

On Facebook I wrote, “If Kavanaugh is about 19-20° Sagittarius rising, like I now suspect, then this is just the beginning of an incredibly tough year (or two) for him (esp. the next few weeks, January 2019, and an extremely excruciating September 2019).”

However, the timing of Kavanaugh’s confirmation also suggested that he could instead be very early Sagittarius rising. That would place his moon at a point that would’ve been exactly opposed by Saturn leading up to the day of his confirmation, which makes sense. If that’s the case, then next year will be tough for him, but not quite as painful.

With later Sagittarius rising, it appears to me that Kavanaugh almost certainly assaulted Dr. Ford on July 1st, 1982. On that day, both Ketu and Mars (which was then afflicted in late Virgo by a tight conjunction with Saturn) aspected 19-20° of Sagittarius—exactly where I think Kavanaugh’s ascendant may be. This would show very aggressive and aberrant behavior in Kavanaugh at that time.

Even with the alternative ascendant of early Sagittarius rising, the Mars-Ketu combination in early July 1982 would have negatively influenced Kavanaugh. Either way, after watching the Kavanaugh hearings, I feel convinced that Kavanaugh did assault Dr. Ford (whether he remembers doing so or not). This and other problematic elements of Kavanaugh’s past are likely to come out in starker relief through a congressional investigation after the Democrats start leading the House next year.

In other words, another veiled consequence of the midterms is that the new Congress will probably investigate Kavanaugh in 2019. If I am right that Kavanaugh is mid-late Sagittarius rising, then next summer and fall will be devastating for him. With control of the House of Representatives, the Democrats can investigate and subpoena Kavanaugh regarding all the unfinished threads of the brief investigation that the FBI held in September. This would be such a disaster for Kavanaugh that he could become suicidal.

So, if things start to heat up with Kavanagh next summer, expect an ugly crescendo for him in late September.


4) Trump’s Kids:

Most of the focus since the midterms has been around how Congress might investigate Trump’s Russian ties, his obstruction of justice behavior, his taxes and finances, etc. But, a veiled consequence of the midterms that also happens to be an astrologically salient scenario is that Trump will be feeling a lot of distress over his children.

The state of New York is investigating the Trump Foundation, which is run by Trump’s children, and it already looks like there are implications of fraud in that case alone. Other non-federal jurisdictions have pending cases, or are considering filing cases, against one or more of Trump’s children also. Since Trump has no power to pardon anyone in state or non-federal matters, Trump will be unable to save his children from legal jeopardy.

In addition, Donald Trump Jr. is reportedly expecting to be indicted soon by Robert Mueller. Whatever Mueller produces at the end of this year is likely to be pursued by the new Congress next year–including Don Jr’s affairs. This may partly explain Don Sr.’s hurry to fire Jeff Sessions and replace him with Matt Whitaker—someone who has publicly denounced the Mueller investigation. Whitaker’s appointment is sure to fuel a raging battle over the next 2-3 months, especially once the Democrats in Congress can call Whitaker to testify.

In general, though, I expect Trump’s worry for his children to increase in 2019, from around late March / early April to around the end of that year. But during that window, I also believe that Trump’s own political and legal dangers will overlap with his concerns about his children, so it’s hard to predict whether his children’s challenges would peak before Trump’s own challenges do, very late in 2019. Either way, Trump will surely spend much of 2019 worrying about his kids.


5) Trump’s Own Fate:

I’ve written many times already about the especially difficult year that Trump has ahead of him, from Nov 2018 – Dec 2019 (I will leave it to readers to review those articles for supplemental details in the archives listed in the right margin of this website).

On October 17 of 2017, I wrote, “The next week or two should be pivotal for determining if Trump will be held to account for anything that Mueller is investigating.” Exactly two weeks later, Mueller indicted Paul Manafort.

This indictment indicated that Manafort would be pivotal in bringing down Trump—and that’s another reason why I kept saying that Manafort would cooperate in Oct/Nov 2018. As of early November of this year, Manafort had spent over 50 hours talking to Mueller’s team.

This Halloween (Oct. 31), I posted on Facebook that in December, Trump “will go into overdrive, publicly projecting his version of the truth (which, unfortunately, I believe will be largely based in falsehood, due to the strong influences he will be receiving from Rahu and Mars, from early December until at least the second half of February).” I’m still quite sure that Trump will do so.

But, Trump won’t escape Mueller’s findings. The first peak of Trump’s accountability will be in mid-December, building over the upcoming 4 weeks. So, I think Mueller will publicly reveal something huge and damning to Trump over the next 1-4 weeks.

I don’t think that Trump or Whitaker will move to thwart any such effort by Mueller until at least 3 weeks from today (Nov. 18), but by mid-December both Trump and Whitaker will begin a bizarre and heated frenzy that will characterize their behavior well into February (in Trump’s case, the frenzy won’t end after mid-February, but it will seem somewhat less bizarre at that point).

Still, this upcoming week should be enormously pivotal for Mueller, even if Mueller uses the remaining couple weeks of relative calm (before the Trump-Whitaker frenzy) to supplement whatever pivotal move Mueller makes this week.

Trump + Whitaker

Interestingly, Trump’s Saturn is exactly opposite Whitaker’s Mars. This shows that the two men bring out and amplify negative behaviors in each other, It also means that transiting Rahu and Ketu (which are themselves always opposite each other) will sit on Trump’s Saturn exactly when they sit on Whitaker’s Mars (from early/mid-December to early/mid-February).

That’s astrology-speak for, “They’ll probably be lying and up to no good together for two straight months!”

The Fate of Trump’s Presidency

After mid-December, the next peak of Trump’s accountability will encompass nearly the entire first quarter of 2019, building to another crescendo in March (when Saturn squares Trump’s dasha lord). As I also posted on Halloween, “Mid-late January will be an especially emboldened moment for Trump, to the point of bordering on the patently bizarre.” By this, I meant that Trump will probably take brashness and falsehood to a whole new level this winter, in order to escape the damning report from Mueller.

Trump will face a second additional peak of accountability and heavy strain in June of 2019, when Saturn (tightly conjunct Ketu then) again squares Trump’s Jupiter (his dasha lord) going retrograde, while Mars aspects his Jupiter too. So, June will be extremely tough for Trump. The third and final peak of Trump’s accountability happens in Nov./Dec. of 2019.

I’m going to stick with my prediction the Trump will leave office at the end of 2019, even though two things make this appear less likely at this juncture:

First, both houses of Congress would have to impeach Trump—requiring 67 senators to vote to impeach (meaning that some 18-20 Republican senators would have to vote to impeach Trump). That seems like a stretch right now, but it may look different in a year.

Second, Trump’s chart shows a lot of intense personal astrology around the 2020 Presidential Election. The nodes will conjunct Trump’s ascendant lord (his sun) and bhukti lagna lord (his moon) the month before the election, and Jupiter will oppose his bhukti lord (Saturn) shortly after the election. This could show that he’s running again and making severely negative headlines the month before the vote, but it also could just mean that he’d be campaigning for Pence and/or taking a lot of blame for Pence’s bad pre-election forecast, if Trump left office beforehand (or it could be something else, entirely).

In other words, I’m going to stick with my prediction, despite it looking pretty unlikely right now that I’d be correct.

As soon as Mueller announces his investigation’s results, the political landscape could change drastically for Trump. Unlike Mueller, the public tends to forget tidbits of information like the Russian Feix Sater saying in an email to Paul Manafort, “I will get Putin on this program and we will get Donald elected.”

Mueller will remind us soon; expect the landscape to change dramatically, regardless.


6) US Internal Civil Strife

Now it’s time for the part of this article that I find hardest to write…

In a late September post on Facebook, I wrote, “More than we realize, Senator Jeff Flake’s September 28th remark, ‘this country is being ripped apart,’ is likely to be ominously correct—not merely due to the divisive partisan war that we just witnessed in last week’s Kavanaugh confirmation hearings…but also more broadly due to the near total collapse of integrity in the US government and the public’s desensitized tolerance of immorality and untruthfulness in general.” I think another veiled consequence of the midterms is that Flake’s “rip” will widen in the US next year.

I also followed my Facebook comment above with, “This widespread evasion of integrity and truth is simply unsustainable for the country, with the coming astrology of 2019.”

Next year is a year of challenging karma in general. The planets of karma (the malefic planets: Saturn, Ketu/Rahu, and Mars) all take center stage from April through October (for the US especially, and for the whole world, too).

Karma is based in truth and integrity, love and empathy. Painful karma is the natural universal mechanism that steers us back toward these expressions of our real nature whenever we’ve strayed from them. Pleasant karma is to reinforce our decisions to express that true nature.

So, when we abandon truth and integrity, or love and empathy, we discard our own best shield against difficult karma.

But, my biggest concern is not merely that Americans have discarded our best shield against difficult national karma. My main concern is that the political scene has devolved into one in which two hotly polarized parties are firmly convinced that the opposing party is deceitful, or at least completely unresponsive to the truth. I suspect that the midterms have propelled us toward a political scene like few the US has ever experienced, and I don’t think many Americans see the full extent of where this scene might take us next year.

What kind of mediation, compromise, or political de-escalation could two parties reach if neither side sees the other as capable of embracing the truth?

It seems to me that such a situation is precisely when people decide that drastic measures, or “solutions,” are needed. Such measures might involve either trying to remove the other party from the political bargaining table or trying to beat them into submission regarding the contents of the bargain. Both of these objectives could indeed be achieved politically in due course, but if a party becomes desperate enough, it’s measures might extend beyond the realm of politics. In short, I’m a little worried about radical individuals or militia groups taking matters into their own hands at times next year, out of the kind of dissatisfaction and desperation that next year’s astrology promotes. This would probably occur as a reaction to the danger Trump will face next year from the newly elected Congress–another veiled consequence of the midterms.

Given the fuel that Trump has provided to his base, combined with the inflammatory nature of much of that base, I’m concerned that we will start to see a new kind of “red-on-blue” aggression next year. Some of this aggression will not rise to the level of violence, but I think it’s likely that at least a small percentage of it will (particularly between late April and late July).

Part of America’s 2019 karma might be to face its own conflict of values, just as we did in the Civil War Reconstruction Era. That was a time of much internal tension in the US.

In the article, “When It All Comes Down,” I tracked every Saturn-Ketu conjunction (and Saturn’s sextiles to Ketu) since the year 1800. What I discovered was that each of these Saturn-Ketu combos (occurring in 11-year cycles) was accompanied by significant public upheavals (see the article for a list). However, I also discovered that the combos in which Saturn and Ketu were tightly combined for longer than usual seemed to trigger some of the most difficult moments in our history.

Hitler’s invasion of Poland, which began World War II in September of 1939, occurred during one such prolonged combo. Another combo marked the beginning of World War I in late 1914. In both cases, Saturn and Ketu maintained an extremely tight aspect for an unusually long time, meaning that their combined malefic influences were affecting at the world more intensely than usual, and for longer than usual.

Next spring and summer, there will be another such prolonged Saturn-Ketu combo, as these two stay conjunct to within about 2° for roughly six full months (from early April to early October). In fact, from mid-April to early March, and again from mid-June to mid-July, and yet again from mid-September to early October, Saturn-Ketu will stay conjunct to within only 1°. That’s some intense astrology for the world in general, but especially for the US in particular, because this conjunction occurs in Sagittarius, which is probably the rising sign in America’s own birth chart..

I believe that a lot is already being done on spiritual levels to mitigate whatever karma this astrology represents, and I think we all should continue to pray and visualize that 2019 play out with a maximum of grace and a minimum of suffering. At the same time, we should remember that sometimes a little suffering is exactly what we need to bring us closer to the truth, closer to Spirit, and closer to each other. So, let’s also envision that whatever suffering 2019 brings is just this kind of suffering.

That said, I still am recommending that people do not go near the stock market from March of next year until at least the following December. Too many of the Saturn-Ketu combos of the last 200 years have resulted in financial “panics” and over-extensions that have led to economic recessions and depressions (2008 was one of those). With the kind of fire Trump will face next year from Congress (and for other reasons related to next year’s Saturn-Ketu conjunction), the US stock market may react reflexively and fearfully, which would drive stock prices (and real estate prices) down very dramatically (I’m expecting a stock market correction of 40-60% and similar drops in real estate prices across much of the nation).

Meanwhile, I am very aware of the past military manifestations of similar Saturn-Ketu combos, like the combos that began our only two world wars. One possible veiled consequence of the midterms is that Trump could try to divert attention away from his political peril from Congress by picking fights with other nations (figuratively, but also literally). So, I would advise against any international travel after March (or perhaps mid-April at the latest, where absolutely necessary) of next year.

In several posts back in 2017, I noted the fact that North Korea was taking centerstage precisely at a time that was giving us an astrological “taste” of 2019. This seemed to imply that North Korea would probably surface again in 2019, as at least as big of a concern for the US as it had been in 2017. So, if North Korea increasingly occupies the spotlight early next year, then we may not be as lucky in avoiding military conflict as we were in 2017. I will write about this in more detail if circumstances warrant it early next year.


Again, This Article Isn’t Meant to Disturb You; It’s Meant to Shield You!

Of course, I’m aware that I’m covering topics in this article that could be disturbing to many readers. But, again, my aim is just to provide some advance notice before things happen, so that when they do happen, you feel ready for them and thus will remain peaceful. Don’t spend too much time thinking about what I’ve predicted here (although please do avoid the stock market and any unnecessary travel, starting next spring). Instead, please focus on visualizing 2019 as beautiful and harmonious—and pray for this as well, if you’re a praying person. Prayer and visualization are enormously powerful tools, and they are always available to us, if we will just put them to use!

The US midterm elections have now set Americans upon a particular course for next year. But, for the sake of the best 2019 available to us, you can still be noble, be truthful, serve others, and pray for grace! Really, now is your chance to make a difference in how next year unfolds!

Tomorrow’s heroes will be those who were patient and brave enough today to always choose the good! The future is in need of heroes, and by choosing the good when others choose otherwise, we can all be the heroes of tomorrow!

Choose well…!


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21 thoughts on “The Veiled Consequences of the US Midterm Elections”

  1. A marvelously insightful and thorough and balanced snapshot. Thank you for this article! For the many of us who can sense the energies in the country/world, the question is how to deal with the upheavel. Your answer to that unasked question is lovely – I agree that (in my own words and not yours) we can only, if we wish to ameliorate, bring the light into our consciousness and our actions. That is how Spirit seems to work. Not through our increased external effort. That said, I wonder if there will be a time (it ought to be now, but isn’t) when ANY decision made by ANY world leader that affects the fate of the planet is simply not permitted to take hold. Peace and love, my friend!

    (Regarding typos – I just looked up “immanent” and it means ‘existing or operating within; inherent. “the protection of liberties is immanent in constitutional arrangements”
    (of God) permanently pervading and sustaining the universe.’

    Imminent means just about to happen. And thank you for that “error” because I just learned something! 🙂 )

    1. Thank you for those gracious words, my friend 🙂🙂:)
      And, thanks for the typo correction…I used voice recognition software, so I didn’t even notice the transposition error!

      Regarding your question, yes, I believe that we’re ALREADY continually being saved from our leaders’ bad potential decisions by goodness and/or grace (Trump tried to fire Mueller in June 2017, but was thwarted by Don McGahn’s integrity, for example). In other words, things would now be even WORSE if our world leaders’ every decision actually DID take hold.

      But, to your point, it’s sadly true that many of the worst decisions ARE taking hold. Referring back to the article, next year is a year when much of the KARMA of bad choices is finally reaped. So, we will see a mix of: 1) more bad choices made reflexively in response to challenging karmic events, and 2) thwarted bad choices that are overridden by superceding karmic events that take precedence over those attempted bad choices.

      We’ll also be experiencing the revelatory side of Saturn-Ketu combinations, which will catapult many spiritual seekers forward and upward!

      Also, speaking from the loftiest spiritual levels, the great masters have always said that ONLY those decisions that comport with the Grand Perfect Plan ever DO take hold. The mystery is in how a perfect plan can involve suffering (too big a subject for this context, but most answers rely on the notion that our connection to this world is ultimately illusory and results from an unnecessary and misguided CHOICE on our part at the subtlest spiritual levels).

      The trick is to be OUR part of that plan in the highest way we can, because this is how each of us can best magnetize goodness, beauty and grace to our current and future events. Yes, there may be an unconceivable Master Plan guiding everything, but the MECHANISMS that are built into this plan, one of which is the law of karma, still are what generates the future that we experience. So, the higher we remain, the more likely we are to manifest a better future that thwarts some leaders’ bad decisions.

  2. Really enjoyed taking my time to read and digest this – now like a movie, I wait to see how it all unfolds.Thanks so much for this insight, I really like the way you help this all make sense.
    One thing I have been pondering is Judge Kavanaugh, so much of what I have looked into in his chart makes him come across to me as a Taurus Rising. Has this been a consideration for you at all?

    1. Thanks for those kind words and for your insightful question.

      Yes, I considered Taurus rising for Kavanaugh, but I thought Mars in the 10th and an aspect to the ascendant from the Moon sounded more likely. Sagittarius also means that both Saturn and Mars aspect his lagna lord, which fits someone with the behavior issues we suspect in Kavanaugh (but,yes, Rahu in the first house does too). Admittedly, though, I haven’t looked deeply into his life history to try to match his life with either ascendant–maybe I’ll do that next summer, if things heat up for him then (and please let me know if you ever do that research yourself).

      1. Oops! Sorry, I had originally written “TAURUS also means that both Saturn and Mars aspect his lagna lord…” by mistake, when I meant to say, “Sagittarius,” not “Taurus.” I later corrected that mistake, but I apologize to anyone who read the mistaken version.

        1. No Problem, got it now! 🙂
          I’m waiting to see if Dems get him kicked off when they gain control. If they do, then I’ll connect it to Taurus Rising, particularly because of Venus, it went retrograde on the same day as his confirmation, now that it’s direct, we shall see how that affects all of this. If no change, then I think most likely he is Sag Rising.

  3. Please keep writing.
    It is very enlightening, helpful and inspiring at the same time.
    Useful facts and patterns so well articulated.
    I have special interest in mundane astrology.
    So thanks a lot for being there.

    1. Nice to hear!
      I will definitely keep writing, and hope to post at least once a month in 2019. It will be a very big year, with much to talk about…!

  4. Thank you for your enlightened words and facts. It is so interesting to read all your articles that I am kind of hooked up and looking for more articles from you. BTW, you have really done a lot of research to write such great articles. My heartiest thanks and congratulations to you. A wondrous reading and very informative. Lucky to come across this website to read your posts!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind feedback. It’s always my pleasure to post these articles, and I’m glad that you’re finding them interesting and of value. I wish I could say that I have other astrological articles for you to read, but everything I’ve written on astrology is posted on this blog site. However, I do hope to complete one or more books this year, on astrological topics and more (I’ll post a notice on this site and my Facebook page when any such book is available). All best wishes.

      1. Yes. I am going through each of your blog posts. I also liked the blog post “How Astrology Could Trigger the Biggest Renaissance” and part 2 of the same. I don’t think that I ever got this new perspective on astrology ever from any of my previous read on internet. I was also surprised to see so few comments on your blog posts. I have book marked your website and would be looking forward to your every post.

        1. Thank you.
          Well, maybe my articles are so long that my readers are simply too exhausted to comment after reading them!

        2. Addendum: One thing I failed to make explicit in my last blog post is that June is such a tough month for Trump that I expect the House of Representatives to impeach him then (or at least begin impeachment proceedings then, if they haven’t already). The question would still remain whether or not the Senate would subsequently confirm the impeachment. I had so much on my plate with the article that I just overlooked the point until after publishing. This spring is still a huge challenge for Trump, but June looks even harder for him, and Jupiter isn’t protecting him as much by June, so I don’t think the House will impeach him until after spring.

          I also omitted mentioning in my last article just how significant it is that Trump moved from a Jupiter-Jupiter dasha period to a Jupiter-Saturn dasha period in December 2018 (a subperiod that lasts until mid-2021). This new Saturn subperiod marks a shift away from some of Jupiter’s protection for Trump, not just because Saturn is a natural malefic, but also because Saturn: 1) is in the 12th house (generally associated with loss/misfortune), 2) rules difficult houses in Trump’s chart, and 3) aspects Trump’s dasha lord, Jupiter, which limits Jupiter’s benevolent expression to some degree. This is another key reason why I don’t think Trump will be able to escape his demise in 2019 like he did in 2018. In some recent video footage I saw today of Trump, he seemed to be showing signs of internal weakening and destabilization. Trump’s strenuous and destabilizing challenges over next week or so will reveal more of what’s going on inside him — as will the compounding challenges of the month of March and very late-April/early-May (note the correlation with Jared Kushner’s astrological challenges then too, mentioned in my recent FB post).

          I think Trump is too proud to let himself be formally ejected from office. He’d just resign with some kind of face-saving story, invoke his pardon(s) from Pence, and claim he was set up to look bad. But, for that to happen, things would have to escalate to the point of looking like 67 senators might vote to remove him. That escalation is what I think is in store this spring and summer. The “resignation gauge” will be the level to which Fox News shifts to an anti-Trump tone. Once Fox News goes, the Senate will split, and Trump’s resignation will soon follow. That’s my take, anyway.

          But, Trump may be so unhinged from now on that we’d be emotionally better off not following his words and deeds. As he dodges accountability with increasingly brazen sleight-of-hand and disorienting Rahu-propelled smoke screens this spring and summer, it will probably be unsettling for many people to watch the truth be subjected to such abuse. Like “rubber-necking” as you drive past a serious car crash, it’s hard to resist, even though it’s not a good idea to look too much 🙂🙏

  5. Quick question if you could clarify regarding your remarks about “disorienting Rahu-propelled smoke screens this spring and summer”. Rahu (Transit-wise) would be in Gemini in spring and summer and so I am not able to relate astrologically as to how Rahu would be affecting his natal Jupiter or ascendant or any other planet in his natal chart. In general, yes Rahu does create halo of confusion and smoke screen but in Trump’s chart, I am just not able to relate this to any of his action purported by Rahu’s aspect on any of other planet or ascendant. Thank you!

    1. Yes, thank you for the question of clarification. You are right to be confused, because I spoke far too loosely when I said “spring and summer.” I was mostly referring to the time between now and the end of March — and in my part of the US, it feels like spring is beginning at the beginning of March.

      You are correct that Rahu is in Gemini from March 22 of this year onward, so the nodes won’t be deeply affecting Trump’s chart for many months after the spring equinox (March 22 is technically the beginning of spring). But, what I had in mind was simply that Rahu would be strongly affecting Trump as it transits over his Venus and Saturn between now and the spring equinox, and especially right before the equinox (since his Saturn is in the 1st degree of Cancer). That happens in early March, which feels like spring where I live, so I called it “spring.”
      Another factor operating in the back of my mind was that Mars can fuel lying and deception, and since Trump already has a strong Rahu influence in his natal chart (because his lagna lord, Sun, is conjunct his natal Rahu), Trump will probably be exhibiting strongly Rahu-type deceptive behavior this June, when Saturn puts them back in the hot seat of accountability while Mars strongly aspects his chart at the same time.

      But it was good that you caught the disconnect and what I said, and I hope this clarifies what I had in mind, even though I didn’t say it the way I should have.


        1. Sure.
          Another way I could have responded to your request for clarification would have been to say simply that I was trying to emphasize the “disorienting” part of what I was describing, and that disorientation is likely to last even into this summer. My sense is that trying to digest Trump’s false claims between now and this summer will be very disorienting for many people. I wanted to warn people to be careful about focusing too much on Trump’s words and deeds between now and then, because those who care about the truth are likely to be very disturbed by watching Trump blatantly trample it. Hope that helps!

  6. Thanks for the post update. Its a great relief sometimes to just read your words and know that this madness has a timeline after all. I honestly believe Trump was meant to be President for a reason – to wake Americans up from their bloody slumber! However, it’s dangerous if he stays longer as he is creating so much damage, it’s unbelievable.

    I work with Western Astrology and in the US chart we see that America is heading towards its Pluto return and transiting Pluto has been opposing America’s Sun as well as its 3rd house for a few years now. I believe Trump is the instrument to carry out this work for Pluto – the destruction of what no longer works and the regeneration America needs, is what this is all about. We have not yet reached the worse part.

    America as a nation has been stuck, and is stuck in so many ways – nothing works at the top. Systems are corrupt in so many layers. Trump is an instrument to highlight all the things wrong with the country, his extreme capitalistic traits shows us how far out that can take anyone who sells their souls for capitalistic greed. His extreme ignorance shows Americans how they too have been so ignorant about everything and the world around them, until perhaps now.
    His lack of morality show us how immoral and fearful Americans are about their source of income or livelihood. Imagine someone thinking “I will rather put a vulnerable Mexican child in detention camp even though I know it isn’t right because I do not want to lose my job.”

    Another point – I strongly believe the GOP is wrapped up in this Russia scandal. Time will tell and perhaps Mueller will unravel this if they do not shut him down. Mitch McConnell’s determination to do whatever it takes to win at whatever costs, is perhaps what has gotten them mixed up with the bad guys of Russia – do you have anything in your analysis or your charts to check this point out?

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.

      On your first point, the role of a Pluto return is not something I had considered, and as I understand Pluto, you are quite right to suggest that this kind of Pluto transit would be very transformative. As a Vedic astrologer, I would defer to Western astrologers like you to fill in the details, of course. But, I’d also be interested in looking at how the 1900s Pluto opposition went for the country. I bring that up particularly because I’m noting right now that the last time Pluto opposed the point in the zodiac where it is this year (esp. winter and fall), the US stock market crashed (October 24-29, 1929). Since Pluto will be tightly conjunct the Saturn-Ketu conjunction that I’ve been referring to a lot lately–and I’m expecting the Saturn-Ketu conjunction to be highly disruptive to the US economy–the addition of Pluto into the mix would only seem to raise the stakes and escalate the problems. Would you agree?

      Another very interesting and potentially revealing point that your comment brings to light is that when the stock market plummeted in the final week of last year, Pluto was again transiting over the exact same degree of the zodiac (about 26 1/2 degrees of Sagittarius) as it was in October 1929. It is highly synchronistic, and perhaps foreboding, that this is precisely the same degree of the zodiac that is being bombarded by every malefic planet this spring, on April 30th/May 1 (more broadly, around April 22 to about May 10). If Pluto’s transit over that degree is the astrological factor that correlates with the market’s plunge, then a much more serious plunge might indeed be indicated when all the malefics team up on that same degree at the end of April and on May 1st. For this idea to count as a reliable predictive tool, however, one would have to take a historical look at past tragedies with an eye to discern whether any similar Pluto transit beforehand had marked off the key point in the zodiac in advance, by correlating with any event that resembled, mirrored, suggested, or otherwise foretold the tragedy later to come. I hope to get to that research someday soon. Thanks for pointing me in that direction!

      On your second point, about the GOP, I haven’t looked at the charts of any of the key figures yet. But, you’ve given me some good food for thought to chew on for future posts this year…


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