What Lies Ahead this Autumn: How Will Trump’s Fall Play Out?

I am turning a corner in this post, in that I’m going to take a firm position on the truth concerning some of the Trump controversies—and will write accordingly. I won’t be doing this for politically partisan reasons, but having settled for myself the truth behind certain controversies surrounding Trump, I now feel ready to make some astrological predictions for the rest of this year and 2019…

I have a lot to cover, as usual, so I will begin by just listing the key predictions in bullet form:

  • Things will continue to be extremely heated for Trump over the next few weeks and especially the next few days (as I discussed earlier on Facebook). This is largely due to Mars’ eighth house aspect to Trump’s ascendant degree, while Mars is tightly aspected by malefic Ketu. Trump will remain highly inflamed until at least Sept. 12-15 (and the Sept. 24-26 Mars-Ketu conjunction is also likely to hit his ascendant hard, too, so September won’t be a great month for Trump).
  • Robert Mueller will be working furiously for the next three months or so, with a major “finale” occurring a week or two either side of Thanksgiving. This window probably represents Mueller’s last chance to deliver his findings on his investigation (i.e. I believe his time will be up at that point). We don’t have Mueller’s birth time, so there is a gray area around the dates of certain astrological events in his chart (like whether his Ketu subperiod begins this late year or earlier next year—a period in which Mueller will be more hindered, marginalized and reclusive), but it is clear that Mars is aspecting Mueller’s chart in about 10 key ways between now and mid-December, while Saturn increasingly opposes Mueller’s Saturn (and opposes his Saturn exactly right around Thanksgiving).
  • As part of his plea deal, Michael Cohen will provide information that will make for reverberating headlines in the few weeks prior to the midterm election. In late September (right around the equinox) he also might receive some significant grace/relief around his case.
  • Paul Manafort will be frightened around the midterm elections, meaning that he will likely be convicted again then and/or feel desperate for a plea deal. The astrological window for Manafort to receive a Trump pardon is closing in one month. We know Manafort’s birthday but not his birth time, and yet even if Manafort was born as late as one minute to midnight, he would be unlikely to receive a pardon after the first week of October—and the earlier he was born, the earlier that window closes/has closed. This has to do with the range of possible placements for Manafort’s natal moon (which even may be his ascendant Lord).
  • Trump will become increasingly angry after the midterm elections and thus will likely make moves to oust Mueller by around Thanksgiving (failing that, Trump still will at least make other aggressive moves towards perceived enemies at that time). I believe this indicates that the Democrats will at least take the House of Representatives (as I already have said in prior posts), although it could also mean that the Democrats take more seats in the Senate than is currently anticipated—all of which would make impeachment proceedings and congressional subpoenas likely to begin against Trump early next year. In any case, from around Thanksgiving until at least next April, Trump’s distortions of the truth will be at an all-time high (with Rahu over his Venus and Saturn during that time).
  • Trump will leave office in 2019, but probably not until next fall—I recently noticed some extremely difficult astrology for Trump next June, which makes me think that Trump will not leave office in March 2019 (although next February and March will certainly be difficult for him). In an earlier post, I had said that March and November of next year were the two likely windows for Trump’s departure, and I had also said that I was leaning slightly more towards March in that regard (based on a review of Nixon’s chart). Now that I have reviewed Trump’s June 2019 astrology in more detail, I expect him still to be fighting for his political survival then—and perhaps even fighting on other fronts then, too (e.g. military, economic). This may mean that the March/Spring 2019 astrology represents the House of Representatives’ successful impeachment of Trump, which would not remove Trump from office unless and until the Senate subsequently voted to confirm that impeachment with a two thirds majority.
  • Something that is broadly quite challenging is coming up next spring, especially from late April to mid-June (and particularly right around May 1st), which could so heavily engage the US that it would serve as a temporary distraction/postponement of the Trump impeachment proceedings. I know that it will challenge the US internally—and probably externally as well—because the only other time our nation has faced the upcoming 2019 astrology was when America struggled to rebuild itself after the Civil War (Ketu and Saturn conjunct in America’s ascendant, Sagittarius, as discussed in in detail in both this article and this article). I am thus encouraging everyone to be out of the stock market by March 2019 (not necessarily out of the bond market though), just in case, although I’m not clear yet on how Trump fits in with this challenging US & global astrology. I’ll update this prediction closer to that time window, but I encourage everyone to approach this time with ample faith and optimism, even if we expect it to bring some challenges.
  • Trump’s children will be a major worry for him starting next spring and continuing for the remainder of 2019. By the spring equinox, Ketu will have joined Saturn in Sagittarius, which is Trump’s fifth house (the house that rules one’s children). After the spring equinox, Mars also will aspect Trump’s fifth house many times before the year’s end, meaning that every malefic planet will be influencing Trump’s children on those occasions. This cannot but spell deep worry for Trump about his offspring in 2019 (and into 2020), and given that Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric all face potential criminal charges in New York’s case against the Trump Foundation (criminal charges for which no presidential pardon can apply), it doesn’t look good for Trump’s children in those proceedings (I will post a detailed review of Trump’s children’s astrology in a future article). I’m not sure if and how this prediction would relate to the previous prediction.
  • Trump and Melania will be divorced in 2020, and I suspect that Trump will already have a replacement for Melania when that happens (I have mentioned this in a prior post as well, and I it’s largely because I believe that Melania is Capricorn rising). I mention this only because I think it further underscores the likelihood that Trump will be out of office by 2020, since it is unheard of for a sitting president to get divorced.


What Lies Ahead: Why Trump Will Try to Take Refuge in Falsehood

In my earlier post, “Trump and the Astrology of Alternative Realities,” I highlighted Trump’s very unusual relationship with the truth. The rest of this current post will build upon what I said there (so feel free to review that article first), namely, that Trump has learned through his own life experience to treat the truth as subjective, and that if he pushes hard enough the truth will appear to “bend” to his will.

In short, I’m going to focus unapologetically now on how Trump lies. This is not a partisan jab (as it says nothing about his ability to lead and serve the country); it is simply an astrological observation.

To put the notion another way, Trump has simply come to see reality itself as less important than what people’s perception of reality is. If enough people believe that something is true, this is as good as, if not better than, that thing actually being true, because people will act as if it were true.

There is some surprising genius in this orientation, although it is obviously problematic in important ethical ways and limited in how it can be used (e.g. it’s useless to try to sell a story that you can jump off a roof and fly and then to jump off the roof once everyone has bought your story). The genius of focusing directly on public opinion is that it cuts out a step in the process of getting people to do what you want. Even if truth is on your side, it is a further step to point to the evidence that will convince people that the truth is on your side. If you can avoid evidence, and instead just point to a conclusion, then you have dispensed with the tedium of justifying your position to your audience with facts. This is what Trump does—a lot—and it works.

To put it plainly, Trump has learned to lie his way to success with impunity, and he has gotten very proficient at it because it has routinely worked for him (see this news article, for illustration). This is how Trump has escaped accountability (i.e. by willfully plugging for an alternative outcome), and this perpetual immunity has shielded him from the typical painful lessons that ordinarily teach us all to respect a reality that is not of our own making. That is to say, Trump’s will has largely gone unchecked throughout his life, which has given him the impression that his will can always dominate and subjugate the environment around him—even to the point of reshaping the truth itself.

Regardless of whether or not you believe this casts an unfavorable light upon his policy decisions and overall conduct as president, it’s hard to argue against the claim that Trump lies a lot. He has clearly revealed this personality trait by going so far as to fabricate stories and repaint the truth even about things that have no importance to his presidency beyond momentarily casting him as less than perfect or having potentially made a mistake (e.g. whether he intentionally or accidentally typed “covfefe” as he fell asleep, whether he attracted a smaller inauguration crowd than Obama, whether he had extramarital affairs, or whether people who publicly differ from him on any given issue really are awful people).

Trump’s life has taught him that one need not be good at knowing or tracking the truth if one is extremely good at painting the truth. Trump discovered this kind of painting decades ago and has since become absolutely masterful at it. He knows he has mastered truth-painting, and he knows that it is astonishingly effective with a surprising portion of the population, and with each knew painting success he becomes even further committed to his technique.

So, as the evidence piles up against Trump over the next 2-3 months, Trump undoubtedly will simply continue to do what has always worked for him: to paint a conclusion that is favorable for him to the public. But, at the end of November, Trump will begin a phase of near-constant straying from the truth for a solid four months or more. In other words, he’ll just keep lying and distorting the truth, no matter what evidence comes out against him (and there will be much evidence; see this expose for example). This will be especially pronounced because Rahu will hover over Trump’s Venus. Venus is Trump’s 3rd (of communication) and 10th lord (of career/occupation), and the 2nd lord from his dasha lord (lord of the mouth and hence oral speech) for almost 3 months and then will immediately conjunct his Saturn through March (Trump’s Saturn will be by then his planetary subperiod lord, making the transit especially significant). Rahu is the planet of lies, deception and exaggeration, so Trump’s habit of bending the truth will be center stage and in full gear from at least Thanksgiving to April fools. On days when Mars influences key parts of his chart as well, Trump will project the deception with particularly great force (in a future post I will list such dates).

I don’t see that Trump has any other tactic at his disposal, or any other choice for that matter (besides just surrendering to the truth and becoming accountable, of course). To be clear, however, I do see Trump’s likely attempt to fire Mueller at the end of this year as part of his deception tactics, and I expect him to fully pursue that option by December, unless Mueller can conclude his probe first (it’ll be close, I think).

However, Trump is no longer merely trying to evade civil lawsuits and disgruntled creditors (as he did before his presidency) through a legal system that largely favors rich and determined players like him who are willing to game the system by dominating, manipulating and exhausting their opponents. Trump is in entirely unfamiliar new territory now, as President of the United States and leader of the free world. The stakes have become too high to allow Trump further immunity from accountability, at least from the perspective of many of the people who operate the mechanisms of accountability that now apply to Trump as President (and from the perspective of countless American voters as well, which should become clear in November). This is going to lead to an unprecedented showdown, which could well strain the nation more than it has endured since the Restoration period that followed the American Civil War (as I suggested in one of my predictions above). I don’t think that showdown will go well for Trump, in the end, although I think the battle will cause a lot of collateral damage to the country regardless.


My Stand on the Truth

Here is where I will take the stand on the truth that I mentioned above:

1) Trump compulsively lies (as I have said already)

2) Russia definitely has compromising material on Trump (as evidenced by the fact that Saturn went over Trump’s moon on virtually the exact day when Trump heard from Comey that the Russians might have a videotape of Trump engaging with prostitutes in Moscow—and as evidenced by Trump’s bizarrely obsequious behavior towards Putin in Helsinki recently, to name just two points of evidence). I don’t know if this will come out in the Mueller investigation or not, but I believe it is true either way.

One largely overlooked moment that I believe particularly revealed Trump’s secret entanglement with Russia came when Trump tweeted the following:

I’m very concerned that Russia will be fighting very hard to have an impact on the upcoming Election. Based on the fact that no President has been tougher on Russia than me, they will be pushing very hard for the Democrats. They definitely don’t want Trump!

To me, Trump pushed the fabricating well beyond the limits of believability in this instance. Here, Trump acknowledged that Russia would meddle in the midterm elections, but claimed that Russia would cheat for the Democrats, because The Russians don’t like Trump. Trump actually went so far as to claim that he was “very concerned” the Russians would be tipping the election scales towards the Democrats, because the Russians believed that Trump had tough policies toward Russia. In my opinion, the suggestion that Trump himself actually believed that the Russians “definitely don’t want Trump!” was obviously preposterous. So when the bubble of deception had stretched thin enough for us to see clearly what was being hidden inside its transparent wall, the simple truth became obvious: Trump believed that Russia was indeed supporting him (and other Republicans, by extension), Trump knew this, and Trump didn’t want the public to know it.

Trump’s obviously phony posturing here made it clear that he was not at all concerned that Russia would meddle to help the Republicans. This meant that either: a) Trump did not think it possible that Republicans would benefit from Russian meddling or b) Trump did not mind the possibility that Republicans would benefit from Russian meddling and was trying to hide that fact. Only the latter and not the former is even conceivable, since Putin made it very clear in Helsinki (just one week before Trump’s tweet) that he was happy about Trump’s election, and since Democrats (and not Republicans so much, especially lately) have supported Mueller’s Russia probe, and since the general public has largely expressed concern that the Russians would aid Republicans in the midterms. Why would Trump feel the need to distort the Russia meddling picture, if the true picture did not reveal that Russia was aiding Trump and the Republican Party?

To my mind, this shows that Trump is complicit in hiding the fact that Russia is trying to directly influence US politics. The fact that Trump has been strangely pro-Russia since well before being elected is clear evidence that Trump has been in bed with the Russians (whether literally or just figuratively) since before taking office, which is itself a kind of “dirt” that the Russians would therefore necessarily have on Trump (although I suspect that there is more dirt).

In fact, it is significant to note astrologically that when Trump first began interacting with Russia, Saturn was in the same place in the zodiac as it has been since Trump took office. This means that Trump’s relationship with Russia is having its own Saturn return, which indicates that Trumps Russia connection is undergoing a kind of transformation, redefining and partial completion.


3) I’m also willing to say now that Trump must have engaged in multiple crimes for which he will be called to account by the Mueller probe, regardless of whether he is cited by Mueller for obstruction of justice as one of those crimes. A week or two after Mueller’s challenging Saturn-Mars astrology peaks around Thanksgiving, Trump’s similar astrology peaks too (suggesting that Mueller’s peak causes Trump’s peak in early December). Trump has definitely colluded with the Russians, illegally used campaign funds and funds from the Trump Foundation (his charitable organization).

My main concern is that Trump has misled so many Americans into distrusting the press, Democrats, immigrants, and even our justice system and federal law enforcement authorities, that if Trump is forced to leave office, millions of citizens will rise up against others in potentially violent protest and defiance of that outcome. This could approach a type of “civil war” that we are not expecting and are not prepared for. I’m not going so far as to predict an actual civil war here, to be clear. I’m just noting that by feeding an alternative reality to his followers, Trump is pushing the nation toward a kind of internal strife that we haven’t experienced in 150 years. It’s hard for two parties to reconcile when each party’s view of reality entails that the other party is deceptively overthrowing the existing status quo with the goal of disenfranchising the other party.


I pray that we find a way to divert ourselves from this course, or that divine grace accomplishes this for us, if we can’t accomplish it for ourselves. Please pray similarly in whatever way best suits you, and visualize a peaceful resolution to the current predicament. The peace of our nation, and of the world by extension, depends on good-natured people using their will and prayer to achieve a good-natured result.


May your good nature always guide you…!



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    1. I’m planning to cover Kavanaugh in my next article…I believe this all ties into next year’s challenging astrology.

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