How Astrology Could Trigger the Biggest Renaissance Yet (Part 2)

This article covers one of my favorite topics: the amazing insights that humanity could make about ourselves and the universe if we were to accept that astrology was legitimate. That is, I’m attempting to take you on an astounding mental journey, beginning with some basic assumptions about astrology and arriving at some major hidden insights that those assumptions (if true) reveal. These insights concern important information about who we are and about life in the universe.

About a month ago, I posted Part 1 of this article, so this second post will be the article’s conclusion. Last month, I promise that this current post would enumerate a fourth reason why astrology could trigger the biggest Renaissance the world has ever seen, but I have decided to include a fifth reason in this post as well. After completing this article, I will return to posting more political updates about Trump, etc., as many of you have requested.


No Politics, No Review

Ordinarily, I begin each blog post with a review of the predictions from my previous post, but I promised that this article would not be about politics, so I am totally omitting that review in both of this article’s installments (if you really want to know how those predictions played out, you can wait for my next post or simply read my previous article and review the key news publications since I posted it in May).


A Very Quick Review of Part One of This Article

In this article’s first installment, I made some rather audacious claims about how our understanding of the world would change if we accepted astrology as having even the most minute level of legitimacy (and I qualified my claims to rule out anything that did not clearly defy statistical expectations). Here are those audacious claims in bullet form:

  • Discovering the validity of astrology would reveal an as-yet-unknown force of nature—which I dubbed an “astropsychic” force—that would open an incredibly vast new frontier for science to explore (additional dimensions and/or the intricacies of electromagnetism, etc.), regardless of what kind of force it was and how long it took us to understand how the force worked.
  • If astrology is legitimate, then human consciousness is not limited to brain activity, because an astropsychic force would not even exist in nature if consciousness were just a function of brain activity (please review the prior post for an explanation of why this is so).
  • The validation of astrology would revolutionize the scientific conception of evolution, because the legitimization of astrology would immediately reveal that there had been a broad influence on the developing phenotypes and the life-choices of prehistoric evolving humans that was not driven by natural selection and “survival of the fittest” in our ancient evolutionary environment.


Continuing Where the Last Post Left Off

Now it is time to add a fourth audacious claim to the above three, namely, a claim about what astrology’s legitimacy would indicate about the prevalence of life in the universe. In a nutshell, I’m going to use most of the rest of this article to explain why astrology’s validity would imply that the universe must contain life beyond Earth—and is probably teeming with such life. I’ll conclude this post with a quick segue from the fourth claim to the related fifth claim that I mentioned above.

Why would astrology’s validity reveal that life is widespread throughout the universe? As with the question about dualism covered in the previous post, many readers will probably already have the basic intuition that what I’m saying here is true, but they may also lack any developed explanation for why it is so. To help fill in that gap, I’ll provide two reasons for why astrology’s legitimacy would imply the existence of life elsewhere in the cosmos:


Reason #1

The first reason is that the laws behind astrology appear to imply that those laws emanate from a conscious and intelligent source—a source that has at least a basic understanding of what it is to be a human being. Let me remind readers of my point in the previous article that astrology’s validity would reveal a hitherto unknown new force of nature (one that is either an astonishingly elaborate facet of electromagnetism or one that constitutes a new fifth force of nature). This astropsychic force, as I have called it, would have to function very differently than the four known forces of nature, as we currently understand those forces.

Why would an astropsychic force have to function differently than the other forces of nature? To answer that question, we have to consider again how astrology works. The birth chart, which is the blueprint of the person born and the roadmap for their entire life, is nothing more than a snapshot of the cosmos taken from the birth place at the time of birth. This means that the birth chart is a blueprint and roadmap for a human being that has already developed in its mother’s womb over the prior nine months. That is, the very moment of birth describes the life trajectory of a person whose DNA has by then already largely set the course of his or her development in numerous ways (re: physical constitution, personality, expected health issues, etc.). It’s as if the astrological chart is somehow taking into account the prior nine months DNA-driven development in utero of the child just born. But the DNA of the child is determined solely according to which sperm and egg were united at the time of conception, something that a snapshot of the stars nine months later at birth would have nothing to say about if the astropsychic force functioned like the other four forces of nature, which are blindly indifferent to the objects upon which they operate. Another way of thinking about this peculiarity would be to say that there is something about how the astropsychic force functions that takes into account the particular DNA of the person it is functioning upon, because it is accounting for and aligning with that person’s unique course of development over the prior nine months.

This is very unlike any of the four known forces of nature.  Think about it: when Newton’s apple fell, gravity didn’t demonstrate any discrete response at all to the apple’s DNA itself or mirror any information about how the apple tasted or what color it was; gravity simply pulls on all matter equally according to its mass. Electromagnetic charges likewise don’t attract or repel with other electromagnetic charges in any way that reveals an understanding of the inception or history of whatever they’re attracting or repelling, nor do the strong and weak nuclear forces. Gravity works directly upon mass, and electromagnetism works directly through charge. So, the only time an object’s history would affect how the four known forces operate on an object is when a change in the object’s mass or charge changes how strongly or in which direction those forces apply to the object itself. Yet, in the case of astrology, the astropsychic force responds to the unique information of each individual’s DNA but does not function on the DNA itself; it functions upon the individual’s environment as a whole, so as to result in a birth time and place that generates a suitable birth chart to describe that specific individual. Also the astropsychic force doesn’t get stronger or weaker or have any physical direction like the other four forces of nature; it always just results in birth charts that equally describe how the newborn has already developed in utero (by describing the resulting disposition of that new person). The birth occurs only at a time and place that will generate a chart that can sufficiently reflect the key attributes of the newborn.

No known force of nature works like this, responding to one aspect of an object (DNA) by functioning on something entirely different (the birth environment), and without any variation in strength or directionality. The variation in the astropsychic force occurs only as a reflection of the unique DNA of each individual that this force applies to. That is to say, the astropsychic force is information-driven, not substance-driven. The other forces of nature are like the automated needles and thread that sew together the clothing on a conveyor belt, while the astropsychic force is like a system (or person) at the end of the line that identifies the garment type, style, size, color, etc., and labels each garment accordingly, along with advisements on how, where and for what reason the garment is likely to be worn, be shared, and become compromised or wear out. In other words, the Astro psychic force responds to information about distinct individuals in ways that express the content of that information.

So it seems that if astrology is valid, then the astropsychic force would become the first known force to exhibit a kind of abstract intelligence, by it’s evident response to the coded information contained in the cellular DNA of newborn babies. If the astropsychic force were not intelligent, then how would births occur only at times and places that correctly described the newborn’s DNA in the language of astrology? How could every human birth just accidentally happen to occur when and where an appropriate birth chart would be generated for the particular individual being born? The answer is of course that the time and place of birth would not be an accident, if astrology is valid, and this clearly implies that there would be a conscious force involved in orchestrating the time and place of birth (and would probably even influence the event of conception itself as well).

Now ask yourself, if a force existed in the cosmos that consciously aligned with every human birth through an evident understanding of each unique newborn, would that force only be capable of operating on Planet Earth? Clearly, we have said nothing in this article that would in any way constrain the astropsychic force to our solar system. Yet, if the astropsychic force is not limited to our solar system alone, then we would have no reason to assume that the astropsychic force was restricted in its function to any limited region of the cosmos. That is, if the astropsychic force functions on Planet Earth, or anywhere at all, then there is no apparent reason why it could not also function in virtually all other corners of the universe.

Here is where a skeptic might hastened to interject, “Yeah, but your claim that the astropsychic force shouldn’t be prohibited from functioning anywhere in the universe does not imply that there actually are any living beings elsewhere in the universe for it to function on.” My response to such a skeptic is that we need to think more carefully about the kind of force we are considering.


Let’s reflect again on what we have just said about how the astropsychic force would have to work:

  1. The astropsychic force is conscious
  2. The astropsychic force has at least a basic understanding of what it is to be a human being
  3. The astropsychic force is somehow able to align the time and place of birth so as to produce an appropriate chart to match the attributes and in utero development of each person
  4. The astropsychic force does this universally for every human born on Planet Earth


The astropsychic force is conscious, and it aligns the birth and attributes of human beings in a way that demonstrates some knowledge of what it is to be human. The resulting question that the skeptic would have to answer is, “Would a conscious force with that kind of knowledge of human life only exist to affect life on Earth?” It would be bizarre to claim that this kind of intelligent force existed, without any apparent restrictions against operating in all corners of the cosmos, but only found a single application to the development of life in the entire universe. There are an estimated 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the observable universe (and who knows how many more stars in the part of the universe we have not yet been able to observe), which means there must be millions of trillions of planets in the known universe. If the astropsychic force exists as I have just described above, it would be preposterous to suggest that this conscious force did not apply in some way to living beings on at least one of those millions of trillions of planets (if not on many of those planets). I’m not saying that the universe is overflowing with little green men, but I am quite sure that the validity of astrology would imply that life is not limited to our planet alone.


Reason #2

The second reason for why the validity of astrology would imply life elsewhere in the universe is similar to the first reason. The difference between the two reasons is just that the first reason looks backward to notice that the astropsychic force accounts for the newborns prior development in utero, whereas the second reason looks forward to notice that the astropsychic force must somehow be involved in the orchestration of future events, if the astrological birth chart can indeed make accurate predictions about the future of the newborn.

Astrology’s ability to predict future events would imply that the astropsychic force had not only an understanding of human life, but also an ability to influence life events. To a certain degree this is true even if astrology was significantly accurate about predicting nothing more than the sex of the baby, but if astrology also defied statistical expectations about some of the other kinds of predictions it makes, then this would reveal that the astropsychic force exercised a level and extent of control of the physical universe that is mind-bogglingly sophisticated. In other words, if astrology is legitimate and it can do more than predict the sex of a baby, then astrology reveals a force of nature that orchestrates events in human lives according to an understanding of humanity itself.

Again, this is very unlike the four known forces of nature, so again we need to ask the pivotal question, “Would an intelligent force with that kind of influence upon human life only exist to affect life on Earth?”

In our analysis of what an astropsychic force would have to look like, we have begun to describe something that appears to exhibit a conscious involvement in the development of human life, at least to a certain degree. If astrology is valid, then the astropsychic force would not only understand human nature, but would also orchestrate specific events in our lives according to what those events specifically mean to us (marriage, friendships, education, career, residential status, etc.). Only conscious beings like humans can categorize events according to discrete meanings. Without a certain kind of conscious intelligence, all events are simply events, without any distinction to be made between them. Regardless of whether the astropsychic force would constitute a benevolent, malevolent or neutral kind of influence upon us, astrology’s legitimacy would indicate that the astral psychic force was somehow intelligently involved in human life cycles.

Would an intelligent force that involved itself in human lives by influencing the timing and features of our life events through an evident understanding of how to distinguish those events—a force that that in no way appeared to be limited in its jurisdiction to our minute nook in space—only operate on Planet Earth? The universe is estimated to be about 13.8 billion years old, while the Earth is estimated to be less than 4.7 billion years old and human life is believed to have emerged only 0.002 billion years ago. What would that conscious, intelligent, and influential astropsychic force have been doing for the 9 billion years between the beginning of the universe (when all the known forces of nature emerged, even if momentarily combined into one “super force”) and the birth of Planet Earth? Would that extraordinary fifth force finally have been able to operate immediately on microbial life in our world’s primordial past, or would it have needed to wait another 4 and a half billion years for humans to appear?

The skeptic might interject here that it would have been no problem for the “forces” or laws of biology, psychology, etc., to have waited over 9 billion years for their very first application to living beings, if the first life in the universe occurred here on Earth. He might say, “Even if there is an astropsychic force, its existence wouldn’t imply the prevalence of life in the universe any more than the existence of the forces behind biology, psychology and like.” Those forces were simply latent in the universe until they had an opportunity to express under the right chemical conditions.

However, this kind of objection is not based on any solid footing, because the forces behind biology, psychology and the other drivers of life’s development can all be reduced to the four known forces of nature. Biology reduces to chemistry, which reduces to physics, which reduces to applications of the four forces of nature according to the laws of nature. So, those forces that our skeptic claims were in limbo until the development of life on Earth were actually operating in the universe since the moment of the Big Bang. Those forces have been influencing the unfoldment of the entire universe, and thus of every single atom in the cosmos, for nearly 14 billion years.

But once you start talking about forces of nature that are conscious, intelligent, and involved in the life trajectories of other types of consciousness (e.g. humans), then you need to answer a whole new set of questions like those above, and it is difficult to answer those questions in any way that does not suggest that life exists elsewhere in the universe. If a universal force exists that understands DNA—and expresses that understanding through a chart it generates for unique individuals by orchestrating a birth time and place—then this same force is probably instrumental in how DNA arises at all. If that is the case, then there would be no reason why the existence of DNA would be limited to Planet Earth. So, if astrology is valid, then life must exist elsewhere in the cosmos.


The Fifth Reason Why Astrology Offers the Biggest Renaissance Yet

Now it’s time for the segue I initially promised, linking the fourth and fifth reasons for why the scientific validation of astrology would revolutionize human understanding in ways the world has never seen.

The fifth reason is a natural offshoot of the fourth reason, in that it emerges from the in-depth examination of the astropsychic force that the fourth reason required. In that examination, we deduced that the validation of astrology would imply that the astropsychic force is conscious, intelligent, involved in the development of human life, and has the ability to orchestrate key events in our lives according to a roadmap that was set in stone at the moment of our births.

So, what kind of force have we just described? It is a conscious force, an intelligent force, a force that understands human nature and involves itself in the unfoldment of human life, and a force with the power not just to influence the DNA-driven development of our bodies, personalities and health complex, but also to orchestrate the interconnectivity of intricate webs of human activity. When Harry chooses to marry Sally, Sally also chooses to marry Harry; when Ivana rents Jamaal’s apartment, Jamaal rents his apartment to Ivana. When Horoki takes a job under Rashid, Rashid chooses to hire Hiroki. Thus, the astropsychic force, if it exists at all, is an astonishingly intelligent, involved, and powerful force.

Does this remind you of any other force that humans are inclined to discuss and contemplate? To my mind, it sounds a lot like the Divinity described by all religions and embraced even by non-religious spiritual people. In other words, if astrology is valid, then something that at least closely approximates what we’re talking about when we say the word, “God,” exists and is clearly active in the universe at this very moment. Since the conception of the Divinity can be a very touchy subject, I will leave it to the reader to contemplate the details of this suggestion further.


Putting it All Together: The Coming Renaissance in a Nutshell

To summarize both installments of this article, then, if astrology is ever validated (or if we currently believe in astrology), then we will have to accept that a Divinity pervades the universe, as does other life to at least  a certain degree, human consciousness is something more than brain activity, the Theory of Evolution needs to be revamped, and science has at least one new and astonishingly exotic force of nature to explore (along with any hitherto unknown dimensions that would connect this force with consciousness and physical matter). That sure looks like a huge potential Renaissance, and it only hinges upon the validation of just a single predictive aspect of astrology!

I pray that both the will and the resources to scientifically validate astrology do converge someday soon, but for most of my readers, the Renaissance this article has described has already begun in your own minds! I thank you all for being pioneers and companions in that Renaissance, and may the astropsychic force be with you!!



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5 thoughts on “How Astrology Could Trigger the Biggest Renaissance Yet (Part 2)”

  1. Hi Vishwan,

    Thanks for another great post.
    There is one more US based Indian astrologer I follow – PVR Narasimha Rao.
    Have you had a chance to test his PushyaPaksha ayanamsha?
    Please do share your thoughts if that is the case.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Thanks, Virendra!
      No, I wasn’t even aware of Mr. Rao’s ayanamsha.
      I’ll check it out when I have time and post any comments I have here…

      All best,

  2. Thank you for your thoughts about scientific research on astrology.

    There might be a much less expensive way scientifically to demonstrate the validity of astrology. Rather than a large study attempting to confirm astrological principles, it would be easier to run studies confirming the far-better-than-chance skills of a number of astrologers.

    The basic experimental design would be as follows: gather a dozen or so experienced astrologers who have decent reputations. For each astrologer, collect six experimental subjects who have no previous knowledge of or exposure to astrology, and who have to-the-minute birth times from birth certificates or hospital records. The astrologers never meet or know the names of the subjects. The subjects should be 30 years of age or older, so that they have some life history. The astrologer gives prediction or interpretation for each chart in 8 areas, for example, finances, profession, health, relationship with mother, relationship with father, relationship with potential spouse or life partner, relationship with children, relationship with siblings, education, etc.

    The six predictions for each area are randomized and presented to each of the six subjects separately. The subjects are instructed to pick from the six predictions (1) the prediction they feel most matches their life experience, (2) the prediction they feel is second best in matching their experience, and (3) the prediction they feel is third best.

    A statistical scientist would hypothesize that if there is no correlation between time and place of birth and life experience, the subjects will pick the Number One prediction matching their charts one out of six times, the Number One or Two prediction one out of three times, and the Number One, Two or Three prediction half the time.

    This experimental design has the advantage of neutralizing the criticism that astrological predictions are too general and apply to too many people. For example, if one of the predictions is “You have a basically happy marriage but sometimes you argue,” this prediction is so common that several of the subjects are likely to select it as matching their experience. However, if the prediction is selected by several subjects, then the astrologer’s overall predictive success will be reduced, because the specific prediction that the astrologer has assigned to match the charts of those subjects will NOT be selected.

    Another advantage is that the astrologers need not agree on basic astrological principles; they could even belong to widely differing traditions of astrology, whether Western, or Chinese, or Indian, etc.

    If the astrologers can demonstrate statistically significant better-than-chance correlations between their predictions and the subjects’ selections, then the astrologers have demonstrated skills that cannot be explained using currently available theories of modern science.

    Thank you for your patience in reading these speculations.

    Blessings in your studies and sharing of astrology.

    Abe Tenley

    1. Thanks, Abe!
      Interesting suggestion, and I think you’re right that there could be multiple ways to verify astrology.
      My main point was just that it wouldn’t require much to show that astrology yields statistical significant results. That alone would change our understanding of the world in the ways I mentioned.

      Thanks for the comment!

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