How Astrology Could Trigger the Biggest Renaissance Yet (Part 2)

This article covers one of my favorite topics: the amazing insights that humanity could make about ourselves and the universe if we were to accept that astrology was legitimate. That is, I’m attempting to take you on an astounding mental journey, beginning with some basic assumptions about astrology and arriving at some major hidden insights that those assumptions (if true) reveal. These insights concern important information about who we are and about life in the universe.

About a month ago, I posted Part 1 of this article, so this second post will be the article’s conclusion. Last month, I promise that this current post would enumerate a fourth reason why astrology could trigger the biggest Renaissance the world has ever seen, but I have decided to include a fifth reason in this post as well. After completing this article, I will return to posting more political updates about Trump, etc., as many of you have requested. Continue reading “How Astrology Could Trigger the Biggest Renaissance Yet (Part 2)”