How Astrology Could Trigger the Biggest Renaissance Yet

Most of my readers are already convinced that astrology is valid, and they don’t mind that science generally sees astrology as nothing more than wild superstition. Yet, even astrology’s most ardent advocates rarely, if ever, take the time to consider how deeply it would impact our understanding of the universe if science ever did conclude that astrology had a legitimate basis. So, this article will fill that void, by exploring the revolutionary ways that human knowledge would be impacted if astrology ever were scientifically validated.

Although I am obviously an astrologer, I will write this article so that even those who are skeptical about astrology can agree with me on what the implications would be, if astrology did in fact prove to be legitimate. That is, even if you believe that astrology is total nonsense, you should be able to follow my line of reasoning in this article and concur with me about how our understanding of the universe would change if astrology were ever found to be driven by some kind of natural phenomenon.

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