Defogging the Windshield, and More Astrological Evidence that Trump Is on His Way Out

In this article, I’m going to give further reasons for why it makes sense to believe that Trump is on his way out of the Oval Office. I’ll be drawing on the astrological charts of Mike Pence, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen and Melania Trump to justify that prediction (for my coverage of Trump’s chart and Mueller’s, see this earlier article).


A Foggy Moment in America’s Journey: Try to Tread the Line

In all the chaos of our present day world, it’s very difficult to see anything, or anyone, clearly. We are now living in a social environment where, to an unprecedented extent, political actors are blurring the lines between truth and falsehood, good and bad, giving and taking, and many of the other ethical di-poles that have traditionally been fairly clearly distinguishable. Basic norms, like meaning the words you speak or caring about how your actions affect others, are being flagrantly overstepped and unapologetically overlooked. The result is an increasingly chaotic and bewildering ethical environment for us to navigate, in which it’s difficult to know whom to trust and whom to avoid.

Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, Libertarian or Independent, you probably agree with the assertion I just made; the disagreement is probably only about who is guilty of blurring these lines.

So, I would like to point out that there is one line that should always remain very difficult to blur: the line between selfishness and selflessness. This line may be one of the few useful remaining yardsticks in today’s social environment of moral chaos. Like someone trying to hold their breath after quickly ascending 9 flights of stairs, a selfish person can only fake selflessness for a short while. In choosing whom to associate with in today’s chaotic ethical environment, therefore, take your time in determining which people are on which side of the line of selflessness, and try to be on the right side of this line yourself as much as possible.


Review of My Last Post’s Predictions

In my last post (March 21st), I echoed my earlier predictions that the end of March and the beginning of April would be “the aggravating, fiery and conflict-laden pinnacle of Trump’s latest round of hard astrology,” and I said that this timeframe and “the remainder of this spring, therefore, by extension” would be a “pretty historic” piece of the Trump saga. I also mentioned some “dichotomous astrology” that makes it difficult to predict whether Trump would actually have Mueller removed. But, I did at least claim, “Trump will be scrutinized under the microscope and embattled in the hot seat for the entire month of April and well into May, regardless of what Trump does with Mueller in the next couple weeks.” Finally, I indicated that Mueller was “pretty likely” to make a preemptive move in late March/early April (because Mueller’s astrology was peaking around March 28th and Trump’s was peaking April 4th) that would make it look very suspicious if Trump tried to fire Mueller thereafter.

Let’s briefly reflect on those predictions now…

In a court filing on March 27 (see pdf copy here), Mueller revealed that he had actually uncovered a direct connection linking Russian intelligence to the highest levels of the Trump campaign through contacts in September and October 2016 between Rick Gates and a known Russian spy (see this article from the Washington Post). Mueller’s revelation was included in court documents pertaining to the sentencing of Alex van der Zwaan, who flagrantly lied to the Mueller investigation about Gates’ interactions with the Russian operative. The gist of the revelation was that Gates, who worked with Manafort in the innermost circles of the Trump campaign, actually knew that the Russian was a spy with ties to the Kremlin.

I see this as precisely the sort of preemptive move that Mueller appeared likely to make as his astrology peaked at the end of March. I had said, “The idea here is that Mueller would file charges close to Trump and his inner circle, so that if Trump fires Mueller, it looks like blatant corruption and obstruction of justice.” With no drama or fanfare, Mueller introduced extremely sensitive information about Gates (the 2nd in command on Trump’s campaign and a very close affiliate of Paul Manafort’s) into the criminal case record that would make it seem very suspicious if Trump were to fire him. It’s hard to see how Mueller could have gotten more bang for his buck than by introducing court documents directly into the public record as he did, revealing that the leaders of Trump’s campaign knowingly convened with a Russian spy just before the election, and that someone with intricate knowledge of this contact blatantly lied about it to Mueller’s investigators.

The next day (March 28), news broke that Trump’s lawyer had discussed the possibility of Trump pardons with lawyers for Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn back when Mueller was first building cases against those two. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mueller’s office had leaked this information as another preemptive move, in order to reveal that Trump may have been engaged in obstruction of justice since the early to mid part of last year. That’s just conjecture, but the timing fits Mueller’s astrology exactly.

Then, on April 3, the day before Trump’s astrology peaked, the Washington Post published, “In a footnote, Mueller sends a warning shot to Trump” outlining the way Mueller had publicly revealed his broad authority to investigate Trump in the Russia probe in a footnote of some other court documents. Mueller of course knew that the media would quickly find anything he made part of the public record, so using a footnote to reveal his direct authorization from Rosenstein for the course Mueller’s investigation has taken was a seemingly unprovocative way for Mueller to loudly trumpet the validity of his investigation. Why fire Mueller if he has just been doing precisely what he was specifically authorized to do? To my mind, Mueller’s “warning shot” the day before Trump’s astrology peaked was a perfectly timed (if accidentally synchronistic) preemptive move that made it difficult for Trump to follow his impulse to fire Mueller at that time.

Since then, with the raid on Michael Cohen’s offices in the wake of the Stormy Daniels case, Trump has indeed been “scrutinized under the microscope and embattled in the hot seat” and should continue to be so for the rest of this spring. The raid on Cohen’s office happened 4 or 5 days after I thought Trump’s astrology was indicating something “aggravating, fiery and conflict-laden” like that, but I guess it’s close enough (I think I’m learning to be a bit more liberal in my Mars-related prediction timeframes for Trump’s chart in general, but in this case, Saturn continued to encroach on Trump’s Mercury even after Mars’ opposition to his Mercury peaked on April 4th, so the April 9th date for the raid is not all that surprising). But, to be honest, I was off by a few days there.


What’s Next? Further Astrological Evidence that Trump Is on His Way Out

The main purpose of this post is to quickly cover what I believe the astrology of certain peripheral political actors has to offer for piecing together the political mystery that is now unfolding around the US presidency. I say “quickly” because, frankly, I’m finding that I have less and less of a stomach for US politics at this point (my next post won’t be about politics, for those of you with similar stomachs). True, America’s political scene has provided a great way to showcase astrology in action over these last couple years, but sustaining the detailed political focus that this showcasing requires can sometimes feel like continually running up a descending escalator to escape the cesspool at the bottom. It’s a lot of hard work just to avoid getting submerged in the stench yourself. Still, my hope is to help others make sense of the current political turmoil, so this time I will just try to do so without including as much detail as I otherwise might have included…

Paul Manafort
Paul Manafort’s chart is somewhat unclear because we don’t have a birth time for him. However, we do know that his Jupiter is at almost exactly 5 1/2 degrees of Capricorn (I also suspect that his ascendant is in the early degrees of Cancer, but this is just an educated guess). Jupiter naturally relates to law and authority, and Ketu will be conjunct Manafort’s Jupiter in November, 1 to 3 days after the midterm elections, to be precise. This shows fear of authority arising in Manafort at that time, along with the sort of abandonment or skewing of principles and loyalties that would make it easier for Mueller to flip Manafort as a witness against Trump. Another interesting synchronicity is that because Manafort’s moon has to be between 16° and 28° of Aries, Jupiter will be fairly tightly opposite Manafort’s moon this summer and early fall, offering Manafort potential protection and/or public redemption (i.e. either he’ll be hanging onto hope for a pardon, or entertaining the prospect of a plea bargain deal for informing against Trump). Moreover, if Manafort is early cancer rising, as I suspect, then Rahu will also be transiting over his ascendant right before Ketu is on his Jupiter. This would amplify the likelihood that Manafort would spill the beans and otherwise lose self-restraint at that time.

What makes sense to me is that in the wake of a midterm election in which the Democrats take over Congress and an impeachment effort of Trump looks imminent, Manafort will stop holding out for a pardon from a president who may soon be leaving office, and instead will decide to cooperate, rather than face countless years in prison. If Manafort flips against Trump, then we can assume the whole edifice will be coming down at that point.


Michael Cohen

On that note, Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, also has some revealing astrology. His birth time is unknown (but I suspect that his ascendant is in the final degrees of Aries, within a few degrees of his Rahu). Regardless of his birth time or ascendant, however, we do know a few key things for certain about Cohen’s chart:

1) He definitely has Moon in Sagittarius (between 2 1/2 and 15°), which means that Saturn is almost certainly conjuncting his moon at least once this year (but if he was born just shortly after midnight, then this Saturn conjunction would have happened last November/December and in March/April 2017 as well). Whenever Saturn is near someone’s natal moon, that person generally feels great pressure, heaviness and worry for one reason or another. For Michael Cohen, this heaviness and worry will happen either 1 time or 3 times in 2018, depending on the precise location of his moon. If it happens 3 times, as I suspect it will, this means that 2 of those 3 times have not yet happened. More heaviness and worry for Cohen in 2018 will almost certainly be legal pressure regarding his dealings with Trump.

2) Cohen definitely has Venus in Cancer, within half a degree of 19° Cancer, which means that Rahu was on his Venus precisely during the interval from when Stormy Daniels raised the issue of the validity of the hush agreement (late March) to when Cohen’s office was raided by the FBI (April 9). This also means that Mars was aspecting his Venus too, right when the FBI raided his office. The double-teaming of malefics suggests big karma (i.e. not an easily resolved issue).

3) He is definitely in a Rahu Dasha, meaning that he is in a period of overconfidence and risk-taking, with greater highs and deeper lows.

4) He definitely has Mars in Cancer, at around 6 1/2 – 7°


What this tells us is that Michael Cohen is in the peak stage of Sade-Sati (a period in Vedic astrology known to be full of challenges), that his Venus was being severely challenged by malefic planets when the FBI raided his office, and that his Mars, the hosting planet of his planetary period lord (Rahu), will be similarly challenged in late October/early November of this year. As I mentioned in the recent article, “Trump in Nixon’s Footsteps,” the hosting planet of the planetary period lord is like a “barometer of well-being” during that period. So, Rahu over Cohen’s Mars this fall suggests that Cohen is fairly likely to spill the beans on Trump at roughly the same time that Manafort is likely to do so.

Like Manafort, Cohen also has a protection-oriented transit from Jupiter in late September/ early October, offering the potential for an attractive plea bargain for squealing on Trump. This means that two of the people who are best positioned to have damaging information on Trump are likely to be flipped against Trump by Mueller in October/November. This is right on the tail end of when Mueller is going to be making a serious push in the investigation (per his astrology), and it is also right before Trump’s astrology has another difficult peak (November/December).

That can’t be good for Trump.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on a few additional implications, if my hunch is right that Cohen’s ascendant is late Aries…

If Cohen’s ascendant is late Aries, then his natal Rahu is very near his ascendant degree at the extreme end of Aries, indicating that Cohen is an extremely unruly and rebellious character, with a tendency to push too hard, go too far, and be too fiery (that seems to fit what we know about Cohen). This would also mean that Cohen started a fear-inducing Ketu sub-period of his Rahu main period right as his office was raided (that would seem to fit Cohen’s life circumstances as well). It would further mean that Saturn has been directly on his moon since March, and will continue to be so through May, and will again conjunct his moon in November/December, which indicates heaviness, worry, and scrutiny, right when he has been, and probably will be, under intense scrutiny about Trump (so that seems to fit also). I’m only speculating about Cohen’s ascendant here, but the speculation seems to fit pretty well, and even without knowing Cohen’s ascendant, his chart offers corroborating evidence that things will be bad for Trump at the end of this year


Mike Pence
Mike Pence’s chart is another one without a known birth time, but there still are several key things that we do know for sure about his astrology (as I mentioned already in this article). First, his Saturn is at just under 12° of Sagittarius. Second, his moon is definitely in Gemini (opposite Sagittarius), somewhere between 0° and 12 1/2° of that sign. Third, Pence is definitely in a Mercury dasha (the 17-year planetary period ruled by Mercury). I have covered this a little bit already in a prior article, but it seemed worth reiterating that Pence’s Saturn return might offer corroborating evidence that Trump is on his way out in 2019. Interestingly, the November congressional midterm elections will be on November 6 and Pence’s Saturn return peaks for the third time exactly on November 11. Here, again, it looks as if the midterm elections are being reflected in the chart of a key Trump team member—in this case, the person who would become president if the newly elected Democratic Congress would be likely to begin impeachment proceedings when it takes office.


Melania Trump
A final piece of potentially corroboration comes from Melania Trump’s chart. In Melania’s chart, which also lacks a birth time, what we know for sure is:

1) She is also in a Rahu dasha, like Cohen, and Rahu is notorious for its “wild ride” of high ascents and great falls (becoming First Lady of the White House and then being evicted would be just such a wild ride).

2) Her Rahu is at just under 17° of Aquarius, meaning that her planetary period lord (the well-being barometer) is being squeezed by Saturn this entire spring, and will be squeezed again next December. This creates intense worry and heaviness for her each time, further corroborating the notion that things will be difficult for Trump in December.

3) Her moon is in Sagittarius as well (notice how many things we’ve already discussed in Sagittarius, where Saturn presently is, or in Gemini, opposite where Saturn presently is), meaning that she also is in the peak stage of her Sade-Sati, the notoriously challenging period mentioned previously. Because her moon must be somewhere between 6° and 18° of Sagittarius, Saturn will definitely be heavily afflicting her moon within months of when Saturn is afflicting her Rahu the way I described in 2) above. This shows her severely worrying and heavy somewhere between this summer and next January.


An additional potential layer of corroboration would emerge if I am correct that Melania is Capricorn rising (the other likely possibility is Leo raising). This is another educated guess, but it seems to fit the conditions of her case (I’m not going to list those conditions here now, but I might do so in a future article). If this guess is right, then what looks clear to me is that she and Trump will be splitting up in 2020, when Saturn goes into her first house and Ketu transits over her moon (the planet of relationship for Capricorn rising). Given that it is unheard of for a president to be divorced while still in office, I think this would be strong corroborating evidence that Trump will already be out of office by 2020. He will probably even have a replacement for Melania by the time they split up. I will continue to monitor Melania’s chart to see if Capricorn rising appears to be supported by her life events (if she’s Capricorn rising, that means her moon is at around 7° of Sagittarius, indicating that she’ll be feeling the severe worry and heaviness I mentioned above in from July-October).


Clarifying the Built-In Assumption of My Last Article

Some of you who read my last post may have noticed that there was a built-in assumption in my assertion that Trump was in a “checkmate” type moment with Mueller. I had said that either Trump would fire Mueller, in which case Mueller would nevertheless still remain central in the investigation of Trump this fall, or Trump would not fire Mueller, in which case Mueller would uncover damaging information about Trump this spring and next fall (and that Trump had effectively forced Mueller to strike preemptively in late March/early April in self-defense). The point of my article was that in either case, Trump could no longer beat Mueller at this point in the game.

The built-in assumption was that Mueller would eventually reveal damaging information about Trump if Mueller were allowed to continue his investigation. I thought this was a pretty safe assumption, given Trump’s astrology and the details of the investigation that have publicly surfaced already. I still feel that this assumption is warranted, and this particular juncture in the story seemed like a good opportunity to pause and explain why the assumption seems so safe.

In short, the assumption revolves around, not just what is reasonable to believe at this stage in the story, but also what is not reasonable to believe at this stage too. Given all the currently available evidence, it not only seems reasonable to believe that Trump is hiding at least one politically damning fact about himself, but it also seems unreasonable to believe the counter story, namely that all of the following are simultaneously true:

a) The FBI has abandoned the pursuit of truth in Trump’s case and instead has decided to engineer a massive false story about Trump as an excuse for why the Democrats lost the 2016 presidential election (Trump’s claim on several occasions);

b) The news media (with the exception of Fox news, and Breitbart, I suppose) have en masse also abandoned their interest in pursuing and reporting facts in Trump’s case, also largely to frame a narrative that explains why the Democrats lost the election (Trump’s own claim on several occasions);

c) All of the criminal cases against Trump allies in which the defendants have pleaded guilty to lying to authorities about their Russian connections are either fabricated cases or will lead to nothing that is significantly incriminating against Trump;

d) All of the suspicious scenarios in which Trump allies have been caught lying about their relationships with Russians (e.g. Donald Jr.’s public distortions of the reason for his June 2016 meeting with a Kremlin attorney, Kushner hiding his Russian connections in his security clearance application) are also inconsequential in resolving the Trump-Russia investigation.

e) Trump’s denials of wrongdoing should be believed over the numerous counter assertions made by a wide variety of unrelated people.

f) Trump is innocent of obstruction of justice.


The suggestion that we should believe that everything from a) through f) is simultaneously true seems like a mighty tall order. Given what I’ve already written about what Trump’s astrology says about his orientation towards truth, I’m pretty sure that at least one of a) through f) is false. But, this is just an assumption at this point.


Will Trump Fire Mueller?

Trump has already missed his best astrological window for firing Mueller (2 weeks ago), and I think this was largely due to Mueller’s preemptive moves mentioned above. The last few days of April and first 3 weeks of May again will be very heated for Trump, but since Saturn already went retrograde 2 days ago, and doesn’t exactly oppose Mueller’s Saturn again until late May / early June, I think Trump will feel a similar inability to act on his impulses to remove Mueller throughout this spring (perhaps because Mueller will release his report on obstruction of justice earlier than expected and “head off Trump at the pass” once again). After that, I expect Mueller to be too deep into Trump and his allies to be a realistic target for firing. It’s an extremely volatile and tenuous situation, but I suspect that Mueller has already squeezed past the danger zone. We should know by May 21st or so…


Now that We Can See the Track We’re on, Let’s Hope We Don’t Come Off the Rails

Now that I’ve covered the additional factors in this article that support the idea that Trump is heading for a difficult November/December, I hope I’ve cleared away some of the fogginess that blurred our view through the windshield of this runaway political train we Americans appear to be on (I’m quite happy, though, for anyone who is detached enough to feel that you’re not actually on this train, but rather just a curious spectator—this is a much healthier vantage point to have, I believe). Let’s all pray that the train doesn’t come completely off the rails and makes it safely back to the station. Let us all try to be as helpful and selfless as possible in the meantime and try not to get derailed ourselves as well!

Don’t wait for the world; be the love and be the service













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