Checkmate! Why Trump Cannot Beat Mueller Now

As I’ve covered in my last two posts, the end of this month and beginning of April marks the aggravating, fiery and conflict-laden pinnacle of Trump’s latest round of hard astrology, so the next two weeks or so of the Trump saga are going to be pretty historic… (as will the remainder of this spring, therefore, by extension). In this article I’ll explain why I think that, no matter what move Trump makes this spring, he cannot win the conflict with Mueller.

There is so much to cover in this article that I’ll have to supplement it with a follow-up article at the end of this week. I ultimately want to cover Mueller’s chart, Pence’s chart, Manafort’s chart, and even Melania Trump’s chart as well, in order to piece together the remainder of Trump’s presidency. But for today, I want at least to spit out the punch line and set up the framework for a follow-up article.

No doubt, the biggest current events question on most readers’ minds is, “Will Trump fire Mueller during the inflammatory astrology of the next couple weeks?” In my last couple posts, I said that I thought this was “a real possibility,” given that Trump and Mueller both face fiery and challenging stars at the end of this month and the beginning of April. In a moment, I will dive deeper into the question, but first let’s take a look at how the last posts’ predictions played out.



I last posted in early February, right after the Nunes Memo was released (when I posted, I didn’t know the Democrats would be producing a rebuttal memo a few days later). The weekend when I suggested Trump would be aggravated (the weekend of February 9-11) just turned out to be the weekend when the Democrats released their rebuttal to the Nunes Memo. Trump blocked that memo temporarily and took some heat for that.

I further suggested in that post that Trump was probably seriously considering firing Mueller right at that very moment, but that Mueller would probably survive Trump’s wrath until at least late March. I also described that week in February as a “prelude” to the events to come at the end of this month and beginning of April (in my January 30 Facebook post). Trump didn’t fire Mueller that week, although Mueller must have felt the sword of Damocles hanging over his head at that time (and even more so now). While it may not be obvious, the events of that week are serving as a major steppingstone toward the developments that are now less than 3 weeks away. At the very least, I believe the Nunes Memo gave Trump a sense of confidence that he could find a way to fire Mueller, and I also believe that this must have given Mueller a greater sense of urgency to make substantial progress in his investigation before Trump could have him fired.

I also mentioned in my last post (and on Facebook) that Trump had a particularly difficult week in early March. That turned out to be the week in which: Mueller charged Paul Manafort and Rick Gates with new counts of fraud (and Gates agreed to cooperate with Mueller), Mueller’s actions made it clear that Mueller was taking aim at Trump personally (see this article), Stormy Daniels resurfaced with a vengeance, Sam Nunberg came unraveled on public TV vowing to defy Mueller’s subpoena, a Russian sex coach jailed in Thailand asked for American asylum in exchange for giving information about the Russian involvement in the 2016 US presidential election, news articles came out about “pure madness” in the White House, Mueller flipped George Nader (a convicted pedophile who represented the Trump Organization at an obscure meeting in the Seychelles), and Trump imposed controversial new tariffs on steel and aluminum, to cap off a dizzying week of shocking headlines. In short, that week was another significant steppingstone in the Trump saga, just as the astrology suggested.


The Fuse Has Burned Much Shorter this Month

Since Trump’s rough week in early March, several significant events have transpired to bring more volatility into the mix: the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee announced that it had found no evidence that Trump colluded with Russia (interestingly, Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee recently protested that the committee had in fact found evidence of Russian involvement), and Trump fired some people who discouraged him from sacking Mueller (apparently intent on replacing them with Fox TV personalities), all seemingly to clear the way for Trump to fire Mueller. Moreover, in the last few days FBI director Andrew McCabe was fired (within two days of his announced retirement date), Trump’s lawyer publicly called for the end of Mueller’s investigation, and Trump himself even said “the Mueller probe should never have been started.” You don’t need to be a political pundit to understand that these moves signal that Mueller’s sacking is probably imminent and were likely coordinated to lay the justificatory foundation upon which Trump could claim to have Mueller fired with due cause.

So, both astrology and political events appear to confirm that Trump certainly has it in mind to fire Mueller very soon.


What the Present Dichotomous Astrology Does Make Clear

Whether Trump intends to fire Mueller and whether he’ll actually fire Mueller are two different questions, and due to dichotomous astrology like we saw around the 2016 Presidential Election, this latter question is tricky to answer. But based on the astrology of Trump and Mueller, here is what I am certain about:
1) Trump is publicly showing signs that he wants to fire Mueller just as Trump’s astrology is about to make Trump extremely frustrated and aggressive. The Mars-Saturn conjunction opposite Trump’s Mercury (peaking over the first 4-5 days of April) will increasingly give Trump an internal feeling like “fingernails on the chalkboard” over the next two weeks. So, Trump will undoubtedly act out and lash out dramatically, no matter how he handles Mueller. In short, this is an unbearable, destructive and dangerous time for Trump in whatever he is doing (and we should pray that Trump limits his focus to just the Mueller probe during this time, so as to minimize the significant damage Trump could do in other arenas of domestic and foreign policy).
2) The last time Trump had this kind of astrology (mid-June 2017), he actually ordered Donald McGahn to fire Mueller (but Mueller was not fired because McGahn threatened to resign instead of firing Mueller). At that time, Trump had Mars conjunct his dasha lagna lord (Mercury) and Saturn opposite his lagna lord (Sun); now Trump has Mars opposite his dasha lagna lord (Mercury) and Saturn opposite his dasha lagna lord as well. Even if you have no idea what that astrological jargon means, you can at least recognize that the two periods mentioned sure sound pretty similar, right?

Last year, Trump also had Rahu near his Mars and ascendant then as well (making him more reckless than normal), but he had Jupiter closely conjunct his Jupiter then, too (providing him with overall protection). This year he has neither of these two additional elements (and between the two, I think the present lack of Jupiter’s protection is more significant).

3) Given 2) above, Trump isn’t likely to restrain himself over the next two weeks, so any restraint regarding Mueller (and other triggers) will need to be externally imposed. The only external restraints strong enough to keep Trump from canning Mueller would seem to be Congress (not likely to move fast enough), a preemptive strike from Mueller (pretty likely), or Trump’s lawyers (especially Ty Cobb) prevailing on Trump to refrain (Cobb’s influence is waning lately, so this is less likely now). Ty Cobb, is one of the last voices of restraint that Trump has kept within earshot, so if Trump fires Cobb, then we can assume that Mueller is next on Trump’s list.
4) Mueller is really smart, and his astrology over the next 10 days suggests that he is very likely to make a preemptive move against Trump just before Trump’s astrology peaks. The idea here is that Mueller would file charges close to Trump and his inner circle, so that if Trump fires Mueller, it looks like blatant corruption and obstruction of justice. This kind of move from Mueller is quite likely, but not certain, although notice how Trump’s increasing hostility towards Mueller is virtually forcing Mueller to make a preemptive move in self-defense. Thus, at this very moment, Mueller is likely to be framing a case that will pierce Trump, right as Trump’s astrology gets so challenging.
5) Trump will be scrutinized under the microscope and embattled in the hot seat for the entire month of April and well into May, regardless of what Trump does with Mueller in the next couple weeks. This is because Saturn is opposite Trump’s Mercury to within 1° of an exact opposition from the end of March through the beginning of May, while Mars aspects Trump’s Mercury, Saturn, Mars and ascendant degree during that time as well.
6) Mueller will still be central in the Russia-Trump investigation this fall, and he’ll even be more strategically active at that time than he has been thus far. This is largely because Mueller has the same astrology then as he’s had since February, but fiery Mars is even more involved in Mueller’s astrology later this year.
7) At the end of that peak in Mueller’s astrology (this December), Trump will have bad astrology again, similar to the astrology of this spring. That will mark another turning point in the Trump epic that is just as significant (or more) as the one we’re about to witness.


Why Trump can’t beat Mueller’s investigation

So, it appears certain that there is an imminent showdown between Trump and Mueller that will peak between March 25-April 5, and that showdown will put Trump further under the microscope and more deeply into the hot seat throughout April and well into May. While I’m not sure if Trump will try to have Mueller fired, the question now seems relatively moot because Trump looks like he’ll lose to Mueller either way. On the one hand, if Trump fires Mueller, then I believe Trump will have virtually guaranteed that he will face impeachment proceedings early next year, with the Democrats taking control of Congress (I think the Democrats will take Congress either way, actually, as I suggested in this earlier article). On the other hand, if Trump does not fire Mueller, then Mueller will almost surely make pivotal headway in the Trump-Russia probe this spring that will serve as a springboard or stepping stone to the probe’s grand finale this coming fall/winter. Trump’s recent behavior is forcing Mueller to attempt to strike fast and hard, right when Trump is most astrologically vulnerable. Mueller appears to be onto something (both from the Trump/Mueller astrology and from public news reports), and Mueller’s astrology seems to indicate that he will continue on the investigation throughout 2018 no matter what happens. Thus, if Trump fires Mueller, Mueller will somehow be resurrected onto the case within 3-5 months, but if Trump doesn’t fire Mueller, Mueller will likely make progress against Trump this spring on something that explodes in Trump’s face this fall/winter (I’ll discuss Manafort’s likely part in this scenario in my next article). Either way, Trump loses, so…

Checkmate! The game is already over.

Will Trump Actually Fire Mueller?

Regarding the question of whether Trump will fire Mueller, the astrology is arguably just as dichotomous as that of the presidential election astrology, where Trump’s chart seemed to indicate that he would both win and lose (it showed very defeating circumstances on Election Day when he actually lost the popular vote, but it showed Trump jubilant after the election and matching the profile of a President-elect nevertheless, as I discussed in this article). Mueller clearly will be involved in the same work next fall as he’s doing now, but Trump has the kind of astrology that should make it nearly impossible for him to restrain himself from firing Mueller. As I mentioned, the last time Trump had astrology like this, he did order Mueller fired, and this time he seems even more prepared to sack Mueller than last time.

If Mueller weren’t so smart and strategic, I’d feel safer about predicting that Trump will have him removed by early April. But if Mueller is as smart as I think he is, he is probably working feverishly right now to find some way to level charges at Trump’s inner circle, so that if Trump fires him, it will look to the public like obstruction of justice. However, if Mueller is an absolute genius, then in Mueller’s provocative late March astrological moment, Mueller may actually bait Trump into firing him, knowing full well that this would spell the beginning of the end of Trump’s presidency (especially if Mueller already has private assurances from key Congress members that he would be restored to his position within a few months of being sacked by Trump). If Mueller wants Trump out, then this baiting strategy would be the smartest move for Mueller to make. In other words, Mueller may actually want Trump to fire him, in which case it seems clear that Mueller would be fired by April 4th. I’m just not sure if Mueller is quite that brilliant of a strategist.
Think about it: Trump would probably not be impeached buy the current republican Congress, but if he fires Mueller, then the Democrats will almost certainly recapture both houses, and Trump’s impeachment proceedings could start next January (when the new Congress takes office). The only remaining question would be whether Trump would leave office when his astrology is bad in March 2019 or when it’s bad in fall/winter 2019. But that is a subject for another article (and was covered a bit in this article too).


The Revised Odds
In January’s blog post, I gave Trump a 70% chance of leaving office mid-term. Given his recent provocation of Mueller and the overall current politic environment, I’d say that chance has risen to around 90%, and as I’ve just explained, I also think Trump’s loss to Mueller with regard to Mueller’s probe is a virtual certainty (losing to Mueller doesn’t necessarily guarantee Trump’s impeachment/resignation, but these obviously are closely intertwined). Trump’s immediate astrology reveals that he is either on the verge of causing harm to himself and others (like Mueller), or on the verge of being harmed by Mueller (or both). Either way, Trump will take (and probably also inflict) heavy damage this spring, and thus will appear to embark more clearly on a path leading out of the Oval Office next year.


I hope you folks like fireworks, because the Fourth of July may come a full three months early this year!

Stay tuned and pray…!


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  1. The House can only impeach (analogous to an accusatory pleading in a court of law). The Senate tries an impeachment, and the approval of 67 Senators is needed to convict (a conviction results in automatic removal from office). Impeachment proceedings tend to be political, so a Republican senator is very unlikely to vote to convict a sitting Republican President. The Republicans now control the Senate (51-49), and only eight Republican Senators are up for election in 2018. Therefore, the Senate is not likely to flip Democrat in 2018. The House might flip Democrat, and it might vote to impeach Trump, but a Republican-dominated Senate trial could backfire on Democrats. The only thing that might cause the Senate Republicans to abandon Trump is fear of losing the White House in 2020 (i.e., if Trump becomes such a huge political liability that the Senate Republicans feel they need to run Pence to keep the W.H.). If that happened, it is possible that 18 Senate Republicans would join Democrats to convict Trump, but that scenario seems very unlikely with Trump approval ratings running at 40 percent (where they are now). His approval ratings would have to tank, and I’m not sure that a finding by Mueller that Trump colluded with Russia or that he laundered Russian oligarch money would cause his approval ratings to tank. Keep in mind, that Trump’s “street-fighter” “tell it like it is” “get the job done” approach to politics is very popular among many people outside California and the North East.

    1. Thanks for the commentary, Jay!
      I’m not saying that Trump will definitely be impeached, but I do think he is extremely likely to leave office during the March 2019 or November 2019 astrology. Again, he might just want to resign with a pardon from Pence in his pocket, once things get bad enough. I also think that Paul Manafort could play a role in turning the tides further against Trump this fall, as I will discuss in a future article…

    1. I’m just making predictions, and part of what makes this interesting is that you’re free to make predictions that differ from mine. I’m not claiming to be sure that I’m right; I’m just trying to discern what is indicated by the astrology. I allowed your comment to post on my site (despite the spicy verbiage) so that your view would get a voice too. Time will be the judge…

  2. WOW! that was from left field! We find your posts very insightful and full of knowledge, Vishwan! It’s easy to mouth off at something one doesn’t understand. If anonymous had a name maybe he/she could tell us what made him/her so angry? Then maybe we would understand a little more?

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