Mueller & Trump: Showdown on the Horizon

Since my last post, 4 significant things have happened that made me feel some urgency about posting this article right away: (1) news came out that Trump tried to fire Mueller last June; (2) the Nunes Memo was released, rekindling suspicions that Trump aims to fire Mueller; (3) I looked at Mueller’s astrology; and, (4) I noticed an important aspect from Mars that is happening this week.

Although I discuss Robert Mueller’s astrology a bit in this article, I intend to address his birth chart in greater detail in my next post. This week’s heated events will provide more context for that analysis, too.


Review of Earlier Predictions

Shortly after my last post, the New York Times published an article saying that Trump had decided to fire Mueller last June, right after the Washington Post published a story revealing that Trump was in fact under investigation by Mueller for the Russian interference and/or obstruction of justice. The Washington Post article in question came out on June 14, 2017. According to the recent New York Times article, shortly after June 14, Trump actually ordered White House counsel, Donald F. McGahn II, to instruct the Department of Justice to fire Mueller. However, instead of complying with Trump’s order, McGahn threatened to resign.

The New York Times revelation immediately got my attention because, on June 13  of last year (i.e. the day before the Washington Post article came out), I had posted the following comment on Facebook, “It would be a big mistake for Trump to fire special counsel Mueller, but this week it will be hard for Trump not to make rash and deceptive choices like that.” Then on June 18, I added, “If Trump is going to fire special counsel Mueller, it will probably be by midday tomorrow…Very historic political moment.” (see Facebook: Vishwan Jyotish). As it turns out, this was precisely the week in which Trump ordered that Mueller be fired—my guess is that it was on either the 17th, 18th or 19th (given the direct correspondence with Trump’s June astrology, I do not believe the Trump allies who claim that Trump did not really try to fire Mueller then).

I clearly remember how, when nothing much seemed to happen that particular week in June, I felt somewhat embarrassed for having referred to that week has a “very historic political moment.” But now, more than half a year later, the political significance of that moment has finally become apparent (astrology is truly amazing!).

The fact that Trump actually did order Mueller’s firing reveals that: (1) Trump and his administration lied repeatedly in subsequent months, claiming that Trump never gave the idea of firing Mueller much thought, which significantly undermines Trump’s credibility with regard to the Russia investigation in general (on Trump’s orientation towards truth, see the article I posted on June 14 of last year), and (2) Trump is now known to have acted in yet another way that has great significance with respect to the potential obstruction of justice case against him. This further increases the likelihood that Mueller’s investigation will yield some substantial results.

Relatedly, over a year ago I wrote here and here about how Trump would be “freaking out” in early January 2017 (when Saturn exactly conjuncted Trump’s moon), and I later connected the dots back to the fact that it was in early January that James Comey met with Trump about the infamous “Steele dossier” covering Trump’s potentially scandalous activities in Russia. I don’t think Trump would have been freaking out right when he met with Comey if at least some highly significant elements of that dossier weren’t true. Similarly, I don’t think that Trump would have ordered Mueller’s firing and then lied about it, right when Trump’s difficult astrology was peaking in June (Saturn again conjuncted Trump’s moon and opposed his sun all summer, starting in mid June), if there weren’t some meaty underlying issue that Trump was reacting against at that time. If Mueller’s investigation would inevitably reveal nothing, then why would Trump feel compelled to fire Mueller for investigating him?


Showdown on the (Very Near or Less Near) Horizon

That brings me to this article’s main topic: the imminent showdown with Mueller. In my last blog post, I mentioned the very difficult astrology that Trump has in late March/early April of this year. I also suggested that this would be when Mueller’s investigation produced something substantial against Trump, and that Trump might try to fire Mueller then as well. What I failed to notice in my haste to get that highly-overdue article posted was that some very similar astrology—which I recently referred to on Facebook as a “prelude” to the March/April astrology—is actually happening this week, too. This week’s astrology involves Mars’ lesser-known “8th house aspect,” which can be extremely volatile when combined with Saturn’s malefic influence.

When those two malefic planets team up, especially in a tight aspect to key planets in a person’s chart, they are exponentially more malevolent than the mere sum of their separate negative influences combined. The March/April astrology covered in my last post amounts to Mars and Saturn conjuncting in the sky at a point in the zodiac that is very tightly opposite Trump’s Mercury. But what’s almost equally significant is that Mars and Saturn are both aspecting Trump’s Mercury this week too—very tightly, but not quite as tightly as they do in March/April.

In Vedic astrology, Mars’ lesser-known eighth house aspect means that Mars aspects Gemini with full strength from Scorpio in Vedic astrology. So, Mars will aspect Trump’s Mercury when Mars is at 15° of Scorpio, on February 11, and then again when Mars is exactly opposite Trump’s Mercury at 15° of Sagittarius, on April 3. These Mars aspects are highly significant because Saturn will be tightly opposite Trump’s Mercury at those times as well—within 4° of an exact opposition on February 11 and within 1° of an exact opposition on April 3. Again, this is a moment afflicted by the exponentially rougher “double-teaming” effect of two malefic planets combined.

Notice how the above implies that Saturn draws 3° closer to an exact opposition of Trump’s Mercury between February 11 and April 3. The tightening of that Saturn opposition is not unlike the tightening of an energetic/emotional noose, so Trump will feel extremely agitated, frustrated and aggressive as a result. That in itself is enough to suggest that this week Trump will be volatile, and come April, he will be even more so.


Why We Are About to See Some Fireworks

Now here’s the explosive part…

Mueller is about to go through two different rough patches of astrology during the same two windows in which Trump is facing the above-mentioned difficult astrology of his own! Given the current political climate, this is a pretty ominous coincidence.

This is the breakdown. This very week, just before they team up on Trump, Mars and Saturn will also aspect Mueller’s Saturn (which is at slightly under 13° Gemini) when Mars reaches 13° of Scorpio, on February 6 (this is another instance of Mars’ eighth house aspect). Moreover, when Mars reaches 13° of Sagittarius on March 29, it will aspect Mueller’s Saturn a second time, again just a few days ahead of Trump’s difficult stars. Just as with Trump’s astrology, these Mars aspects to Mueller’s Saturn are highly significant, because they are concurrent with a very tight opposition of Saturn to Mueller’s Saturn as well. In fact, on February 6, Saturn will be only about 1 1/2° from an exact opposition to Mueller’s Saturn, and on March 29, transiting Saturn will be less than 2° beyond the exact opposition to Mueller’s Saturn.

This means that Mueller will be feeling intense heat and pressure within days of when Trump is feeling similar heat and pressure. The trick is to make sense of why Mueller will feel it a few days before Trump does. Granted, we are only talking about the difference of a few days in an arena where political outrage and hostilities often boil for weeks, but to predict what’s going to happen, we should at least try to produce an explanation for that small difference in time.

One obvious possibility is that, during one of the windows in question, Trump will fire Mueller, and then take intense heat for it over the following several days. I think this is a real possibility, but since Mueller and Trump both have difficult astrology in late March/early April, it suggests that Mueller will survive this week and that Trump would be more likely to try to fire Mueller this spring, rather than now (we will know in just a few days, though!).

A further likely scenario is that deeper/hidden ramifications of the Nunes Memo and other non-visible parts of Mueller’s investigation (decisions to subpoena/indict, difficult new puzzle pieces, etc.) will weigh heavily on Mueller this week and these may simply come disturbingly to light for Trump a few days later. The Nunes Memo has triggered a heavy attack toward Mueller et al, and this may be enough to explain Mueller’s great strain this week, but all this is likely to have a heavy backlash against Trump, and one that Trump not only feels at the close of this week, but also at the close of March.

One report even said that Mueller’s team was actually considering pursuing Trump’s indictment on obstruction of justice charges (probably as a way of handing Trump over to Congress for impeachment), and could do so as early as this spring. If this speculation is correct, then it offers a possible explanation for why Mueller would be stressed both this week and in early March, since Trump’s destructive and reckless behavior this coming week/weekend would likely give Mueller further impetus for recommending charges in March (for details on how this process would work, read this article), and Mueller knows that recommending charges would surely spark enormous outrage at Mueller himself (he’d face similar outrage if his investigation merely produced something potent against Trump in late March, too).

The exact opposition of Mueller’s Saturn by transiting Saturn occurs on February 24, by the way. But at that point, there aren’t any more Mars aspects to trigger much carnage until at least early March, when Mars hits Trump’s Moon-Ketu/Sun-Rahu axis and then squares Mueller’s moon a week or two later (the exact location of Mueller’s moon depends on his actual birth time). In my opinion, this further suggests that Mueller will be around well into the month of March, and won’t be leaving this week.


The Importance of the Midterm Elections

After posting the last article’s prediction that Trump was likely to leave office in 2019 (either in February/March or November/December), it dawned on me why this would make sense in the political world: the Democrats could win back control of Congress in the November 2018 Midterms, making impeachment actually attainable after the new Congress takes office in early January 2019. This turn of events might soon prompt Trump to resign (with a pardon from Pence in his pocket, no doubt).

So, whether Trump tries to have Mueller fired this week, this spring, or not at all, the Midterm Congressional Elections will probably be the final piece in determining whether Trump stays or goes. My bet continues to be that Trump is leaving office in 2019.

I hope to publish a follow-up article on Mueller’s and Pence’s astrology later this month (for smaller updates in the meantime, find me on Facebook: “Vishwan Jyotish” or “Gentle Compass Vedic Astrology”)

And, while Trump and Mueller probably won’t have a very nice Valentine’s day (or Easter), I hope at least that all of you will!


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