Trump in Nixon’s Footsteps

I wish I had done my research comparing the astrology of Nixon’s Watergate scandal to Trump’s current astrology a year ago, when I first started writing about Trump’s difficult stars. In finally conducting some of this research just this week, I have learned things that greatly modified my view on the prospects for Trump’s presidency. Those of you who were disappointed that I only gave Trump a 35% chance of leaving office during his current term may be delighted to know that I now believe this figure is more like 70%. However, I believe the most likely window for his departure is more than a year away, as I will explain below.

My Silly Oversight

In an article I posted about a year ago, I said that Trump’s difficult summer 2017 astrology would subject him to the worst public scrutiny and condemnation of any president since Nixon. Then, without looking carefully enough into Trump’s astrology, or looking deeper into the comparison with Nixon, I simply assumed that if Trump were going to leave office, it would be by the end of that difficult astrology in late October 2017.

Trump did endure unceasing condemnation and ridicule last summer, and faced great political pressure leading up to the charges filed against his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort just before Halloween. But, Trump did not leave office, of course, so I reflexively figured that the chances of his doing so had dropped significantly (hence my 35% estimation of his resignation in my last article).

However, I soon realized that, in focusing on Trump’s intense 2017 astrology, I had simply overlooked the ways in which Saturn’s 2018 aspects to Trump’s Mercury would affect Trump’s presidency and overall well-being. I had noticed the upcoming Saturn opposition to Trump’s Mercury, but I simply failed to consider that when Trump began his Jupiter period around the 2016 election, his Mercury immediately took on a special significance as the planetary ruler of the sign in which Trump’s Jupiter is placed. It’s kind of like how an ordinary person’s father may appear relatively insignificant until that person reaches a position of power, at which point the father naturally becomes powerful also. That is, once Jupiter got the spotlight as Trump’s planetary period lord, Jupiter’s hosting planet, Mercury, became a barometer for Trump’s status and well-being.

The Saturn oppositions to Trump’s Mercury this year (and it’s aspects to Trump’s Jupiter in 2019), therefore, have as much to say about Trump’s well-being as the Saturn aspects to Trump’s sun and moon that happened last January and June-October (2017). This is only because Trump is now in a Jupiter major period, which is the caveat I had forgotten to consider when I overlooked Saturn’s upcoming opposition to Trump’s Mercury. I thought of this only after publishing my last article, and my recent research into Nixon’s Watergate astrology has confirmed the notion that a Saturn aspect to the planetary period lord can play a significant role in taking down a president.

Let’s therefore take a look at the parallels between Nixon’s Watergate astrology and the astrology of Trump’s presidency…


Trump in Nixon’s Footsteps

Here are 9 key parallels between the two presidents’ astrology:

1) Nixon had a Jupiter return in mid-October 1972, within a few weeks being reelected president; Trump had a Jupiter return in November/December 2016, within a few weeks of being elected president. This helped both presidents get elected and boosted their self-confidence.

2) Rahu transited over Nixon’s sun (his ascendant lord) in the end of October as he was about to be reelected; Rahu transited over Trump’s ascendant and Mars in April/May 2017. Combined with the Jupiter returns, we might call these moments “a time of grandiose inflation,” due to the overly expansive effect of both Jupiter and Rahu combined.

3) Nixon fired the special prosecutor (in the “Saturday Night Massacre”) during a key Rahu transit—exactly when Rahu conjuncted Nixon’s Mercury (his planetary period Lord); Trump fired FBI director, James Comey, when Rahu exactly conjuncted Trump’s ascendant degree. Rahu is notorious for overconfidence and misguided decisions.

4) In February 1973, the new FBI director (Patrick Gray) said John Dean (White House counsel) probably lied to Watergate investigators, and that Dean asked for daily updates on the FBI’s Watergate investigation; in February 2017, Mike Flynn was fired for lying to Mike Pence about speaking to the Russians, and we later learn that Flynn lied to the FBI about his involvement with Russia (when Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI).

5) Jupiter over Nixon’s sun in early January 1973, as Watergate defendants plead guilty, seems to offer protection against Pres. Nixon being implicated too; Jupiter in Virgo through September 2017 seems to offer protection to Pres. Trump (Jupiter also offers similar protection when Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy were indicted earlier in September 1972).

6) In March/April: Nixon entered his Ketu subperiod, beginning a planetary period ruled by a malefic planet, as Watergate began to unravel badly (Watergate burglar defendant James McCord Jr. revealed in March that the burglary was not a CIA operation, putting the White House and Nixon in the Watergate investigation’s crosshairs); Trump will enter a planetary period ruled by a malefic planet (Saturn) at the end of this year.

7) At the end of April/beginning of May 1973, the FBI directorship changed hands and on May 19 a special prosecutor was appointed to investigate the White House involvement in Watergate; Trump fired James Comey on May 9, 2017 and on May 17 a special prosecutor was appointed (who is later confirmed to be investigating Trump and the White House).

8) Saturn entered Gemini on June 10, 1973 (as the Senate’s Watergate hearings are televised), and began opposing Nixon’s Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and sun. Once Saturn was in Gemini, opposing Nixon’s planetary period lord (Mercury) and other planets, the Watergate landslide begins (e.g. tapes of Nixon’s recorded phone calls come to light, and in late July Nixon refuses to surrender them); Saturn just entered Sagittarius (the sign opposite Gemini) in late October 2017 (just as Paul Manafort was charged by Mueller), and from there, Saturn began to oppose Trump’s Mercury (we won’t see the full effects of this Saturn opposition until this March/April and next December, however).

9) Nixon left office when Saturn aspected his lagna degree and lagna lord shortly after Rahu conjuncted Nixon’s planetary period lord. Saturn will aspect Trump’s dasha lagna lord (his Jupiter) shortly after Rahu conjuncts his planetary sub-period lord (in early 2019, and again in late 2019)

A Pivotal Spring

It is hard to imagine that Mueller’s investigation won’t turn up something extremely heavy at the end of March and beginning of April, as Mars and Saturn conjunct in Sagittarius exactly opposite Trump’s Mercury (within 1° of exact). That is a particularly discordant moment for Trump. Trump may even try to fire Mueller at that time.

Nixon had similar astrology following the Saturday Night Massacre during the Watergate scandal; Saturn tightly opposed his Mars, Mercury and Jupiter from November 1973 through May 1974, right when Nixon’s campaign aide and his personal counsel both pled guilty to charges, his White House deputy assistant was convicted of lying to a grand jury, and the “Watergate Seven” along with the governor of California were indicted (the W7 indictment named Nixon as an unindicted co-conspirator). The tail end of that timespan is also when the impeachment proceedings began and the Watergate tapes were subpoenaed.

As an interesting further parallel, Woodward and Bernstein’s book, All the Presidents Men, damning Nixon, was published in June 1974—two months after Saturn opposed Nixon’s Mercury (Nixon’s dasha-lagna lord); the book, Fire and Fury, damning Trump, was just published a few days ago–two months after Saturn opposed Trump’s sun (Trump’s lagna lord).


What All These Parallels Mean

All these parallels mean that October was not the “make it or break it” moment for Trump’s presidency that I blindly assumed it must be. Nixon’s astrology shows us that, as one might expect, a presidency might take more than a few months to sink.

If Trump is significantly implicated by Mueller’s investigation this spring, as I expect he will be, then this will increase the odds of Trump leaving office by spring 2019 to well over 80%, I believe, whereas if Trump survives this coming spring without anything particularly damning from Mueller, then this would decrease the odds to more like 20% at that time. So, the next 3-4 months will be pivotal for Trump’s presidency, although I think it’s highly likely that Trump will be in very hot water by the end of this spring. There are simply too many parallels with Nixon to think that Trump is not in danger of meeting Nixon’s fate.


Factors Against Trump Leaving Office

One possible difference between the astrology and events of the Watergate scandal and astrology and events of the Trump investigation is the fact that there seems to been more legal and political carnage in the Watergate investigation compared to a parallel time in the Trump investigation. But, this is hard to gauge, as Mueller’s investigation has several loose ends out there (Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, Jared Kushner, George Papadopoulos, Richard Gates, etc.) that could provide key information to incriminate Trump. It could turn out that we view the current moment in hindsight as just the precursor to the heavy carnage of the Mueller investigation. But, again, Mueller will have to produce something highly significant from these leads by the spring, if Trump is to leave office. Otherwise, Trump’s presidency is probably safe.


The “Protection” of Jupiter

Up until now, I have often referred to the way that Jupiter has protected Trump and boosted his standing in life (I attributed Trump’s election victory mostly to Jupiter, for example, and said that Trump would be safe from Mueller’s investigation until after mid-September 2017, when Jupiter left Virgo). However, my research into Nixon’s Watergate astrology revealed another side of Jupiter’s protection: protecting an exiting president against criminal prosecution.

Just before Nixon resigned, Jupiter opposed Nixon’s ascendant, affording him some kind of Jupiternian protection. But, note that this didn’t protect Nixon from losing his presidency; rather, this must have been when Nixon made a deal with Ford to resign in exchange for a full presidential pardon (i.e. legal protection). Interestingly, Trump has similar Jupiternian protection in March 2019, just after Saturn squares Trump’s planetary period lord, Jupiter, and in October 2019 just before Saturn squares his Jupiter again in late-November/early-December (and just before Rahu conjuncts his Mercury in late November 2019 also).

Based on Nixon’s astrology, I think this shows the greatest likelihood that Trump would leave office in February or early March 2019, because much of the infamy inflicted on Nixon by Saturn occurred in Saturn transits that came after Nixon resigned. Nevertheless, the end of 2019 is another likely window for Trump’s resignation.


Corroboration from Mike Pence’s Chart

I also took a little time this weekend to study the astrology of Mike Pence, and what I found seem to corroborate the idea that Trump could be leaving the presidency to Pence and seeking a pardon. Although we don’t have any birth time for Pence, we do know several things for sure about his chart. First, his moon is definitely in Gemini and his Saturn is definitely in Sagittarius. Second, his Mercury is definitely in late Taurus, conjunct Trump’s sun, and Pence’s sun is in Taurus as well, at about 23°. Moreover, we also know that, no matter what time of day Pence was born, he is currently in a Mercury period, making his Mercury a well-being barometer (similar to the way that Trump’s Mercury is just such a barometer now also).

While I intend to further investigate Pence’s chart for a later article, I did see enough in his astrology to suggest that he could be rising to a significantly greater role of responsibility (i.e. the presidency) over the next two years. In particular, each time Saturn conjuncts his Saturn (a Saturn return), Pence will feel a sense of responsibility building on his shoulders. These transits occur this February, June, and November. Furthermore, if my guess is right that Pence is Sagittarius rising, then Saturn will aspect his ascendant as well at least once during the next two years, further increasing the sense of burden and responsibility on Pence’s shoulders. It seems that these Saturn transits are occurring in Pence’s chart just a month or so before challenging transits in Trump’s chart (because Pence feels Saturn strongest when it’s at 11-12 degrees, while Trump feels it strongest when Saturn is at 15-16 degrees (a few weeks later), suggesting that Pence will be feeling Trump’s biggest challenges just before they publicly break. This makes it seem like Pence is being primed for Trump’s departure, when it occurs.

A further point of corroboration is the fact that, because Pence’s Mercury (his current well-being barometer) is conjunct Trump’s sun, Pence will experience a kind of boost from Jupiter precisely at those times when I suggested that Trump may be asking for a protective presidential pardon deal. Such a deal, of course, would go hand in hand with Pence gaining the presidency, which would explain the boost to Pence around those potential windows for a deal.

The main caveat with my examination of Pence’s chart hangs on Pence’s ascendant. If Pence is Sagittarius rising, but we don’t know his birth time, then what degree of Sagittarius is his ascendant? If his ascendant is around 20°-26° Sag rising (which I think is likely, for reasons I will explain in a subsequent article), then Pence could well take office when Saturn transits over that segment of Sagittarius in either March 2019 or December 2019 / January 2020. On the one hand, December 2019 / January 2020 looks a bit more likely than March 2019, because Jupiter is just past Trump’s Sun and Moon as Saturn squares his Jupiter and opposes his sub-period lord (Trump enters a Saturn sub-period around the end of 2018), at the end of 2019. But, if Nixon’s astrology is a better guide, then I think Trump would be more likely to resign in early spring 2019, meaning that Saturn’s subsequent transits would manifest as the infamy and scorn that would follow the resignation, just as such transits did with Nixon. Both look equally likely, but I intuitively feel that March 2019 is more likely.

One reason that March 2019 might make more sense is because April/May 2019 is when things start to get quite challenging in the US. So, it is possible that a Trump resignation would precipitate a financial downturn that spirals unexpectedly. Alternatively, I have also mentioned that things might be tricky then with North Korea as well. In any case, spring 2019 through fall 2019 presents ongoing challenges for the US that may or may not be triggered by Trump leaving office.


Updates to This Article May Follow

I was determined to finish this article this evening, so I admittedly could have written more on this topic. Thus, I may return to revise this post in the coming days or weeks. If I do so, I’ll post a notice to that effect on Facebook, so those of you who check my Facebook page (“Vishwan Jyotish”) will be advised whenever this might happen.


Again, thanks for your patience as I have labored to complete this article!

May the Heavens bless you all until we reconnect…!


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