Where We Are Now

A lot has happened since I last posted, so this article is going to take stock of where we are now.


Well, Trump has survived the tough four-month run of bad astrology that I have written so much about in past articles. Interestingly, however, at the very end of that rough astrology in late October, Mueller actually did finally leveled charges against key actors in Trump’s political orbit. In one of my last posts on Facebook, I mentioned that Trump would be feeling the “squeeze from authority” at the end of October, so I believe Mueller’s charges represent that squeeze. If so, then this probably demonstrates that the people Mueller charged with crimes are actually linked to Trump in ways that make Trump vulnerable too. If this were not the case, then I wouldn’t see any other reason for why Trump would have felt a squeeze from authority in late October. Still, I don’t know if being vulnerably linked to people charged with crimes will be enough to pry Trump from the presidency. My guess at this point is: probably not.

Since last February or so, I have been saying that if Trump were going to leave office, it would be by the end of October. Since he didn’t leave at the end of last month, at the tail end of some of the worst astrology he has had in years (and the worst condemnation any president has faced since Nixon), I don’t believe he will leave office until the 2020 elections at the earliest.


Those of you who want Trump out of office may be happy to hear that, in my narrow focus on Trump’s recently completed four-month astrological challenge, I admittedly failed to think through the significance of Saturn’s opposition to Trump’s Mercury next year. Saturn will heavily oppose Trump’s Mercury next spring. Mercury is the planet that rules Virgo, where Trump’s planetary period lord, Jupiter, is located in Trump’s chart, so Mercury has become a gauge of Trump’s well-being since Trump’s Jupiter period began a year ago (I simply forgot to take into account this new status of Mercury’s).

Thus, Saturn opposite Trump’s Mercury means that Trump will be feeling “squeezed” again from March to May of next year. In fact, Saturn just happens to slow down and go retrograde directly opposite Trump’s Mercury, which extends the Saturn influence on Trump’s life beyond the length of a typical Saturn transit (so it’s a couple months, instead of a couple weeks). April 1-3 will be especially tricky for Trump, as Mars conjuncts Saturn exactly opposite his Mercury at that time. That’s a particularly frictional moment for Trump, so it is likely to play out as another peak in the saga of the Russia investigation, but it could play out as tension with North Korea too, and/or in other unforeseen ways as well (even as marital tensions).

This technically offers another window of opportunity for Trump to leave office. Mercury doesn’t naturally represent authority as much as the Sun does (Saturn opposed Trump’s sun right as Mueller filed those charges two weeks ago), but Mercury does represent Trump’s well-being and the status of his career during his Jupiter period, so Trump’s image and role as president will certainly be under fire again next spring (especially early April).

The last half of December in 2018 is similar, because Mars will be squaring Trump’s sun just as Saturn opposes his Mercury for the last time. This technically offers another window of opportunity for Trump to leave office, but again, it’s far from certain.

While these are likely to be difficult junctures in Trump’s presidency, they may not be quite difficult enough to force him out of the presidency (although these windows in time do represent potential exits from office). Since Trump has survived beyond October, I would give him a 65% chance of making it to the 2020 elections. Within the 35% chance of Trump leaving office, the only windows remaining for that possibility are April-May of next year and late December of next year, and those periods aren’t as heavy as this last October was for him. Mueller will need to produce something really big by early April, if Trump is to leave office.

In a post many months ago, I did point out that Trump had the kind of astrology in January 2019 that was in keeping with his having to contend with a newly elected Democratic majority in Congress. If Trump is still in office in 2019, then clearly that prediction won’t change. I think he will still be in office then.


North Korea

In the little time I have available to follow the news (and with the little interest I have left for doing so), I am trying to keep tabs of Kim Jong-un’s state of mind, as evidenced by the broadcasts of his media outlet. The question I am trying to answer is whether he was born in 1983 or 1984, and the only way to tell is to see whether his behavior clearly fits one chart better than the other. So far, I think I see reason to believe that he was born in 1983, but, if Kim becomes increasingly problematic (i.e. noticeably more defiant and provocative than usual) between now and December 7 (Pearl Harbor Day), then he would probably be representing the 1984 chart. The problem is that Kim’s “usual” behavior is to be highly provocative and defiant, so I have my work cut out for me.

The reason his birth year matters is that, as I have said in past posts, the astrology of last spring and this past October is linked to the astrology of spring 2019. Since the US was in a showdown with North Korea during both of these windows, I think it is likely that we will be in another such showdown in spring 2019. The question, then, is: what will Kim do during the showdown? To answer that, I need Kim’s chart, obviously. I don’t have it now, but I will make it clear in a future article when I do finally become clear on Kim’s birth year (the birthday is clear; it’s just the birth year that is not certain).



At the end of October, Saturn entered Sagittarius (see this article for in depth coverage of the effects of Saturn in Sagittarius on the US). I am still inclined to believe that America’s birth chart is Sagittarius rising, and in that case, the US would be just now beginning a heavy two years of restructuring and reorienting (technically, we had a taste of that process for a few months last spring, when Saturn dipped into Sagittarius from February through May). Saturn is a taskmaster that requires us to reorient in ways that are more down to earth and responsible. Since I believe our economy is neither down-to-earth nor responsible, I think Saturn is likely to slowly prove the point to us over the course of the next couple years. I’m no economist, but if I had to guess the direction of the economy, I would say that the US would likely experience a steady decline over the next 16-18 months, followed by a sharp decline in the spring of 2019.

(But get a second/third opinion before you base any financial decisions on that astrology!)

Regardless of America’s ascendant, the moon in America’s birth chart is probably somewhere in Aquarius, which means that Saturn will at least be aspecting America’s moon for the next two years. This at least shows an element of emotional and social heaviness and/or humbling across the general population. The good news is that, as a result, America (or a significant portion of the country) may start to become more grounded and humble about its overall outlook and its position in the global community. Saturn is good for grounding and humility; the trick is to not achieve those desirable qualities by being karmically beaten into submission! So, let’s pray for America to be more deliberately humble and grounded!

That’s all I can write for now. Please comment below, if you want me to cover any particular topics in the next blog post.

Until then, stay humble, and stay grounded, and stay positive …!


Note added 11/12: those of you who want Trump out of the White House may be glad to know that I’ll be posting an article next month about any parallels I may find between Trump’s current astrology and Nixon’s astrology in the early 1970s (thanks to Karen below for that suggestion!). If that research seems to warrant it, I may revise my above 65% against / 35% for prediction about Trump leaving office. So, stay tuned…


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5 thoughts on “Where We Are Now”

  1. Thank you for your analysis! It would be interesting to me to hear a little bit about what the astrology was like when Richard Nixon was pushed out of office. How dire were the planetary influences at that time on his chart? Would that be a project of interest to you? Again thanks for sharing your thoughts,

  2. Thousands of scientists have recently written a letter to humanity, published in a scientific journal ‘Bioscience,’ warning that “if there is not a groundswell of public pressure to change human behavior, the planet will sustain “substantial and irreversible” harm.” This is the second time scientists have done this … the first was in 1992, signed by 1,700 scientists.

    What is the prognosis for such a groundswell and how likely are we to reform our ways before it’s too late? In your most recent post you mentioned that positive visualization and prayer might make a difference. Amma has encouraged everyone to make the small steps they can. However, it seems that monied interests – which rule our planet – are beyond the pale.

    1. Thanks, for the comment Vimala.
      To the extent that the next two years are critical for the future of the global ecosystem, I think we are likely to see a wide split across humanity between those who are taking responsibility for the planet’s health and those who are acting with pronounced negativity. I believe that the negative astrology indicates that the “monied interests” will continue their harmful behaviors, but Grace is still a greater power than all that money. So, yes, if we visualize positively and pray earnestly, we will have a much greater effect on the future than most people believe is possible. There has no other choice but to just keep praying and visualizing and being responsible human beings. Let’s see where that gets us… 🙂

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