Illumination on the Horizon: Breaking Through the Darkness

Sometimes, when things look dark, we simply forget to shine some light on the situation. This article is about some of the light that we can already see breaking through the world’s darkness. My aim in this post is to encourage everyone to increase the amount of light that they project and envision in the world.

In a moment, I’ll cover several areas of likely upcoming breakthroughs in knowledge and technology, but first let’s get our review of the last blog posts out of the way…


A Quick Review

My last two posts addressed the August eclipse cycle, but I didn’t offer much in the way of specific predictions, so we don’t have much to review here. Basically, I said that the astrological effects of the recent solar eclipse would most likely play out through Trump and North Korea. While I do believe that this is what happened, it also seems likely that the eclipse was portending the recent hurricanes in the Gulf (a friend of mine was kind enough to note on my Facebook page that I had emailed him about August 27 being a difficult date for the US, and this is right when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, but I had refrained from mentioning that date in my blog).

I did say that I thought the solar eclipse would destabilize Trump and throw a monkey wrench into his roles and functions, and the hurricanes have certainly upstaged virtually everything else on Trump’s agenda. But, the eclipse’s monkey wrench may also be reflected in Trump’s surprising cooperation with Democrats on DACA, where he seems to have jumped across the political aisle to make a deal with Dems on DACA and border security,  angering and alienating most of the Republican Party in the process. Nevertheless, a bigger monkey wrench still may come soon through Muellers’s probe.

I also said that I expected  Trump to be “suffering” as a result of all his astrology in late August and early September. With the eclipse on his ascendant, Saturn over his moon, and the Mars transits of the last couple weeks, you would expect him to be feeling a lot of internal discord. It’s hard to say if Trump himself has suffered more internally lately (if he has, it’s not outwardly obvious to me), but he clearly has been embroiled in the suffering of a lot of other people lately, in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Perhaps this is how the emotional intensity of Trump’s recent astrology has played out for him. Otherwise, he weathered his astrology better than I expected. (Incidentally, the coincidence of the solar eclipse and the two hurricanes may be evidence that America’s astrological ascendant is Leo, so I’ll experiment with that idea in future predictions.)

Even so, I think the major effects of the eclipse have not yet become fully visible—and may not for quite a while. To my mind, although the hurricanes certainly have been a major trauma for the United States (and thus seem to be an astrological effect of the August eclipses upon the US), the most significant storyline is still with Trump and North Korea. It is very significant that North Korea detonated its largest nuclear test bomb ever on the very day that Mars conjuncted the “sensitive point” at around 5° Leo—which, in my second to last post, I said would be created by last month’s solar eclipse (that Mars conjunction and the nuclear test happened September 3). Immediately afterward, Trump talked very aggressively about North Korea, as Mars transited over his ascendant degree (he even successfully pushed through another round of UN sanctions against North Korea in the last couple days)—a fitting expression of his early-September Mars transits.

As I mentioned in my second to last post, eclipses are like milestones or steppingstones that mark pivotal points in our journey through life (individually and collectively). Since this last eclipse cycle occurred just as Ketu was crossing the cusp of Aquarius into Capricorn—where Ketu will be strongly aspected by Saturn for the next six weeks—I think the events around this eclipse cycle are probably precursors to the events that will be occurring the next time Saturn aspects Ketu (Spring 2019). So, if the next six weeks are extremely tense and fearful with North Korea on the world stage, then Spring of 2019 will likely be also. So, while the super storms in the Gulf are a major story, I think North Korea could be an even bigger story (I’m still unsure about whether Kim was born in 1983 or 1984, but if he is increasingly agitated over the next six weeks, rather than becoming less agitated, then he probably would be exhibiting the troublesome 1983 chart— another reason for us to hope that things settle down a bit with Korea!).

North Korea and super storms are at least two areas where we should probably continue to focus our prayers over the next few years.


Trump’s Eclipse Astrology Has Passed, So Is He in the Clear?

I also posted recently on Facebook that Trump’s early-September Mars transits were now essentially over. This, however, does not mean that he is astrologically out of the woods. Trump still has another six weeks left of  harsh Saturn astrology (with a Mars aspect further intensifying the public heat he’ll be taking, and dishing out, on October 7-11). If special counsel Mueller’s investigation is going to produce anything damning to Trump, then Trump is likely to be most affected by those developments in the next six weeks, and especially that 2nd week of October (Flynn just got caught in another big lie today). As I’ve said in a few prior posts, if Trump is going to leave office, it’ll be by the end of October (or his departure will at least be set by then). Otherwise, he doesn’t have the kind of astrology that could relieve him of his office until the very end of his term.

Okay, enough review. Now on to the fun stuff…!


New Breakthroughs in Technology

In another post, I mentioned several arenas where I expected big breakthroughs due to Saturn’s interaction with Ketu. Those arenas were: medicine, transportation, communications, space, and consciousness. These five are the arenas where all prior Saturn-Ketu cycles have produced breakthroughs over the past 200 years. In this post, I’ll also add a sixth arena: quantum physics (and for some info on graphene, a promising wonder-substance that could play a big role in nearly all of these arenas, click here).

Let’s take each of these areas individually.

Medicine. Most of the prior Saturn-Ketu related breakthroughs in medicine have been in the areas of surgery and imaging, as Ketu deals with hidden, submerged or subtle arenas and Saturn makes things visible, concrete and manifest. Lately, surgically invasive procedures involving transplants of organs and stem cells are looking very promising. For instance, a recent clinical trial with brain implants successfully enabled a quadriplegic with a spinal cord injury to move paralyzed parts of his body at will. Meanwhile, an aggressive new company is pursuing a way to “3D print” human hearts for transplants, through the use of stem cells. As for imaging, some new technologies are poised to help doctors detect cancer while the cancer cells are at the very early stages of their growth. Many more medical technologies are on the rise as well (if you know of any others, feel free to mention them in the comments section below).

Transportation. This area seems to be on track to introduce self-driving cars and trucks into the market very soon. In fact, self-driving semi trucks are a big focus right now, as they could offer huge savings in ground transport costs. Meanwhile, in our skies, a British company seems to have engineered a way to surpass the long-standing limits to supersonic speed, by developing a jet engine that can deal with the extreme heats generated at speeds over Mach 4. This could lead to jet transportation at speeds well above 3000 mph and could easily result in a new kind of “space-plane” that can take off from a typical airport and then go into orbit around the Earth. There may be other areas of transportation that emerge from the coming Saturn-Ketu cycles, too, but I’m not sure what these would be (perhaps “negative emissions” biofuels?).

Space Exploration. Beyond our skies, NASA is currently slated to launch another Mars rover in the summer of 2020, with a goal of sending humans to Mars in the 2030s. So, the Saturn-Ketu cycles in 2019 (and 2028-2032) will be pivotal to that project. Also, when Saturn was most closely aspecting Ketu last April, a space probe made an interesting discovery about Saturn’s moon, Enceladus: this moon could support primitive life. According to one Marine biologist involved, “The abundance of H2, along with previously observed carbonate species, suggests a state of chemical disequilibria in the Enceladus ocean that represents a chemical energy source capable of supporting life.” This is one of many interesting space-observations that recently have brought us closer to knowing if life exists elsewhere in the universe.

On that note, NASA estimates that, in our galaxy alone, there are billions of planets orbiting within the “habitable zone” of their stars (in the narrow band where water is liquid and planets are earthy rather than gaseous). Since it would be bizarre if astrology applied only to life on a single planet, I expect that there is life beyond Earth, and I expect this to become common knowledge in a Saturn-Ketu cycle pretty soon (most likely by the end of the current cycle in 2020, or in the next cycle, from 2028-2032). In fact, I believe that there is much life beyond Earth, although this may not become common knowledge until a later Saturn-Ketu cycle (this also ties into my section on “Consciousness” below). As if to tantalize us with this very thought, the space observation mission that is presently using the Kepler space telescope to locate “exo-planets” (planets beyond our system) is called, “K2.”

Take that coincidence however you wish.

Communications. This is an area that already has been growing by leaps and bounds in the last two decades, with the advent of cell phones, but I expect there to be another exponential leap very soon. For example, just the other day a progressive telecommunications developer announced that they will be marketing a new kind of cell phone with a holographic screen. This means that the touted new phone will display 3-D images.

But, with breakthroughs in our understanding of “quantum entanglement,” some amazing new instantaneous communications— communication that does not travel through any physical medium, and thus, cannot be weakend, obstructed, or garbled—are possible (although not likely in the present Saturn-Ketu cycle, I believe). This would eventually revolutionize everything from telecommunications to satellite telemetry and TV broadcasting.

Quantum Physics. This area has enormous, but almost entirely untapped, potential for breakthroughs in technology that will affect humanity on huge scales. I’ve just mentioned that quantum physics could bring us instantaneous communication methods, but there are other potential offshoots of quantum physics that are much more likely to be developed quite a bit sooner. For example, quantum computers (which make use of “quantum entanglement”) offer the possibility of multiplying the computational powers of computers by hundreds, if not thousands or millions, of times. These are in the very early stages of development, but functional rudimentary quantum computers have already been developed for use at university research centers. I expect surprising growth in this area in the next 2-3 years.

Quantum physics may also ultimately shed light on the nature of consciousness too. The notorious “double-slit” experiment is widely understood throughout the scientific community as proving that the mere presence of a human observer (not a participant) in an experiment will alter the entire outcome of the experiment on the quantum level. In fact, the Institute of Noetic Sciences is conducting broad experiments that already demonstrate how mass consciousness affects the world on the quantum level. So, over the next few years, science may increasingly accept the view that our conscious awareness can directly affect the physical world.

Consciousness. This is the most obscure, but most exciting, potential area for the imminent new breakthroughs in our understanding of the universe. I think that such a breakthrough will most likely occur initially at the individual level, meaning that many people will start to understand and access the deeper parts of their consciousness that have thus far seemed hidden and inaccessible. However, as I just suggested, science may soon play a key role in expanding our definition and understanding of consciousness too.

I also expect that the more awake segments of the global population will come to understand the powerful roles that positive visualization and prayer have in shaping humanity’s future. It may be that we largely decide to take up these powerful tools only out of desperation, as we feel an urgency to change things for the better in our world. But, either way, I expect that a sizable segment of the population will come to use the power of their visualization and prayer habitually (eventually even automatically) to move human events in a positive direction. Let’s hope I’m right about this!

In addition, I expect that the combination of all the above-mentioned breakthroughs will have the general effect of re-shaping the people’s understanding of their own consciousness, and of human consciousness in general. In short, much of humanity is likely to be raised an “octave” by the breakthroughs (and challenges) of Saturn astrologically combining with Ketu. While much of this will certainly happen by the end of the current Saturn-Ketu cycle in 2020, I also expect that the global population in general will have reached an even higher octave by the end of the following cycle in 2032 as well.


A Final Thought

The current Saturn-Ketu cycle is likely to bring some truths “down to earth” about the environmental state of our planet and what is needed to sustain our world and keep the planet healthy. I don’t doubt that such revelations would be accompanied by fear and a sense of urgency, but I do believe that in the long run we will benefit from a better understanding of Earth’s ecological status. Sometimes people just need the doctor to “tell them straight” about their poor health, so that they can commit wholeheartedly to embracing a healing path. Let us hope that this Saturn-Ketu cycle sets us upon such a path! I believe it will, and I will commit to visualizing this as our future and to working to make it happen. Please do so as well!

In any case, despite the challenges I have forecast in prior articles, we can all look forward to a world largely changed for the better by Saturn and Ketu in 2020! So, buckle your seat belts, and get ready to do your part to get us there… the world needs people to make some room for the light that is beginning to break through the darkness!


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  1. Wow Vishwan! I love this one. Way to draw out the positives of the Ketu cycles connected to this eclipse!

    I could easily spend hours writing detailed responses and questions but will have to pass. Maybe sometime in the future we can talk. Nonetheless, I am inspired to add a comment about another recent related eclipse an astrologer friend of mine named Tres Devas wrote extensively about…the 2012 Venus eclipse of the Sun.

    Tres pointed out that the 100+ year cycles of Venus transits in front of the Sun tended to mark major transformations in modes of transportation. It’s above my pay grade to understand the extent of Venus’ association with Ketu during that transit had but, I think it maps well to your comments on the Saturn aspects of Ketu in regards to advances in transportation.

    Since Ketu indicates the masses, it was likely to effect large populations. My projection of the 2012 Venus eclipse was that the masses moved into the era of electric cars as it became a commodity for transportation. At the time I did not make the connection of driver-less vehicles (even though they were already being tested by Google in my neighborhood). I think your addition of the driver-less vehicle is sooooo right on the mark.

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