Trump’s Blazing Summer and Bitter Fall


If you read February’s post, “Trump’s Tough 2017 Astrology,” you may remember that I closed that article by saying, “Trump’s astrology this year will likely subject him to more painful public scrutiny and attack than any US President has faced since Nixon.”

I’m now going to outline the astrology behind that prediction…


When Reality Calls: A 3-Part Story

As I mentioned in another recent post, the remainder of Trump’s difficult 2017 astrology will unfold in three phases:

1) The days leading up to the end of May

2) The month of June through the first half of September

3) The second half of September through the end of October

I will cover those three phases in order in the next three sections.


PHASE I: More Unraveling

Right now, Trump is again entering a peak of what I have called, “drunken aggression/assertiveness” (but I might just as easily have called it, “uninhibited brazenness”). The previous such peak played out as his bombing of Syria and Afghanistan, his military posturing with North Korea, etc. We should see this kind of excessive, impulsive, and aggressive behavior increasing in Trump through the month of May, but we should hope that it doesn’t express as military initiatives again.

For Trump, the rest of May will build on the events of the last month, and will become quite dramatic once again (yes, even more dramatic than it already is). So, as I’ve urged on Facebook recently, we should continually pray for Trump’s peace of mind. Even if you think he doesn’t deserve your prayers, he is still the commander-in-chief of the US military, and thus has a huge effect on world peace (or the lack thereof).


Trump Brazen and Emboldened Again: May 21-31

In the February post, I wrote of the difficult global astrology from April 12-17, and Trump’s emboldened aggressive stance through April 23. As I implied above, that astrology seems to have played out partly as the escalated military tension with North Korea and the dropping of the “Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB) on Afghanistan on April 14—the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever detonated, outside of military testing.

But, Trump is about to become similarly emboldened again over the next 12 days to 2 weeks. As with his mid-April astrology, the key astrological players in Trump’s chart for the remainder of this month are the two malefics, Mars and Rahu. The combined effect of these two malefics is to loosen the guiding restraints on personal judgment and aggression, and to heighten mental and emotional imbalance. In other words, the Mars-Rahu combination will push Trump further toward wild, reckless, shady and destructive behavior. What we’ve seen in the last week is just the prelude to the following 2 weeks.

Because similar astrology evoked military aggression from Trump last month, I have noted the strong potential for Trump to initiate further military conflicts this month. But, in light of recent reports (about Trump’s firing of the FBI chief who was investigating the Trump-Russia connection, etc.), it’s also worth noting here that Mars-Rahu combinations are also classically associated with dishonesty and deceit as well. To put it simply, if you were to look for a time in Trump’s life where his astrology would lead him to lie and deceive, you couldn’t do much better than the next 2-5 weeks (and this spring, more generally). I still do expect Trump to communicate dishonestly in mid-June, but I wanted to point out that I wasn’t expecting him to be dishonest only at that time.

Meanwhile, in the weeks since Trump’s April military strikes and standoff with North Korea, retrograde Saturn has crept somewhat closer to an exact opposition to Trump’s sun (to within 2° next week), and an exact conjunction with his moon (to within 4° next week). The resulting building pressure from Saturn is like a growing rain cloud of worry in Trump’s psyche, which will increasingly loom in the background of his mind while Mars and Rahu skew and inflame his judgment over the next two weeks. The Saturn wave doesn’t fully crest until later (as I will discuss shortly), but the Mars-Rahu influence peaks in about a week, and lasts for about another week. Hopefully, this won’t end in further military conflict, but it is at least likely to make Trump more aggressive, erratic, and brazen. So, we can expect him to do more things like firing more staff, issuing threatening ultimatums, changing storylines, venting on Twitter, etc., this month.

To summarize, Trump will be feeling increasingly desperate, angry, and out-of-control as May drags out, and he is likely to exhibit highly unbridled, aggressive and anomalous behavior around May 21-31 in particular (especially May 23-29). Trump will have a hard time stopping himself from making a big mess of whatever he’s doing for the rest of May.

So, again, for the sake of America and the world, we really should be praying for Trump’s balanced judgment and peace of mind.


PHASE II: Trump’s Blazing Summer (June through September)

June is a sketchy and pivotal month for Trump, particularly with respect to verbal communication and restraint, as I just mentioned. His astrology around June 16-20 is textbook for angered nerves and deceptive/misleading speech (although he still may have an itchy military trigger finger then, too). As I said in an earlier post, “That will mark the beginning of a troublesome summer for Trump.” In that post I didn’t elaborate on how unhinged Trump would also be in May, as I just did above, but I did mention the possibility that “some earlier questionable conduct of Trump’s (either in Russia or at other moments prior to his presidency) will surface between mid-April and late May.” If Trump lies about critical matters between now and mid-June, he will be digging his own grave for the rest of the summer, and if he has lied about critical matters already, then those lies will continue to be squeezed into the light of day over the next 2 months also.

June marks the beginning of Trump’s difficult summer, because that’s when the Saturn wave I mentioned above will fully crest. From about the summer solstice to the middle of July, Saturn is intensely aspecting both Trump’s sun and moon. His sun is his ascendant lord (which is always a gauge for how well one is interfacing with the world), and the moon naturally rules one’s public image and social world. Meanwhile, Saturn is a harsh taskmaster, one that typically restricts and withholds what we desire. So, Trump’s public image is certain to wither at that time (much more than it already has), and he will be made to face reality then as well.

To my mind, this means that whatever dishonesty Trump has tried to maintain up to that point will very clearly become unsustainable. If he has been lying, then he will have to publicly face the truth; if he has made big mistakes, then he will have to face those as well. He’ll face much condemnation and harsh scrutiny this summer, regardless.

As I said my earlier post, the astrology for the month following the June solstice closely parallels the public infamy that Trump faced in January (regarding his alleged lewd conduct in Russia, the pre-inauguration protests, and his inauguration’s poor public attendance—a persisting painful source of shame for Trump). However, this time Trump has to endure the spotlight of shame and infamy for much longer. This is because Saturn will remain within only 1° of Trump’s moon clear until mid October.

Retrograde Saturn finally goes direct on August 25, but is only 1° from Trump’s moon then, and less than 2° from exactly opposing his sun, too. This means that Saturn’s pressure on Trump won’t let up after it conjuncts his moon in mid-July. As I just said, the pressure will remain extremely high until he end of October (see my earlier article’s “steamroller over the feet” analogy). That’s an unusually long beating from Saturn.


PHASE III: Trump’s Bitter Fall (September and October)

By the time Saturn goes over Trump’s moon again in late September and opposes his sun in late October, Jupiter will already have transitioned from Virgo (where it protects Trump) to Libra (where it doesn’t protect him). Since this third cycle of Saturn aspecting Trump’s luminaries (the sun and moon) happens without Jupiter’s protection, and since it’s often the case in astrology that “the third time’s a charm,” I expect Trump to have fully crashed and burned by the end of October. It will be a bitter fall for Trump.

The investigations and scrutiny that Trump is about to face will drive him to his lowest point this fall (otherwise something else will be the cause of Trump’s public stigma–perhaps pertaining to events that will be precipitated by this August’s malefic solar eclipse, which I probably will write about in June). Because Trump is so emotionally invested in his public image (as evidenced by his ongoing obsession with his loss of the popular vote and low Inauguration Day turnout), I believe that he at least will be feeling very tempted to resign as a way out in October (if this offers a viable escape route).

As to the question of whether Trump will be impeached and expelled from office as a result of this difficult astrology, I’m reluctant to go that far, due to the rough astrology I see ahead for him again in 2019 (and around the 2020 Presidential Election). In a prior post, I mentioned that Trump’s astrology around the Congressional elections of November 2018—and his astrology around Spring 2019, when whoever is the president would be dealing with the newly elected Congress—potentially indicated that the new Congress would represent a loss of the current Republican majority. But, since I was reading this from Trump’s chart, it suggested that he might still be in office at that point.

On the other hand, were Trump not in office at that point, he still probably would feel blame and consternation if a Democratic Congress resulted from his 2017 actions. So, it’s not clear to me whether we should expect him to be expelled from office (or resign) this year. Also, it would be a surprisingly speedy process to get Trump impeached by both houses of Congress by late October (although he could easily resign by then and seek a pardon from his successor, just as Nixon did). Perhaps Trump will just be heavily attacked and shamed this summer and fall (he could even be impeached by the House, but not by the Senate, and thus stay in office). At the very least, I think Trump has a better chance of leaving office mid-term than any president since Nixon.

Either way, it will be a blazing hot summer for Trump, followed by a bitter fall.

Watch and pray…


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  1. Thanks Vishwan for this update. And yes, praying for Trump and all beings.
    With all this going on about Trump have you been curious and checked out Pence’s astrology? I know I am…. and I don’t know where you would find the time!
    What I have been hearing from investigative reporters who are actually on the conservative side is that Pence, Ryan, McConnell and others are going to be affected by the investigations and they too will be out!

    1. Thanks, Arati!
      I haven’t looked at Pence’s chart yet, although I believe his Saturn return peaks this winter. I also hadn’t heard that those other party leaders could be out too. If I have the time and motivation, that might be an interesting astrology project 🙂

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