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Rethinking the Next Article

Hello, everyone!

I have decided to postpone the third article of my unfinished three-part blog series for a while (blame it on Mercury retrograde), based upon the following two considerations:

  1. The topic turns out to be one that I would prefer to research extensively before making any predictions. I had considered writing about a prediction that I was “60% certain” of, but I think this is only likely to cause confusion. If I can do better than 60%, I will.
  2. I am feeling that the recent articles I’ve posted on Gentle Compass have been weighted more toward the “compass” side of astrology than the “gentle” side. I really want to maintain a proper balance on this website, so the next article I post will have a softer touch.

This means that I will be putting my writings on the prior subject on hold for a number of weeks, and beginning anew on another subject. Hopefully, I will post that new article by the end of next weekend. In any case, the article I am postponing deals with the astrology of events that are some two years off, so this short delay shouldn’t matter much.


Appetizer, Anyone? A Teaser for the Upcoming Trump Article

For those who asked for an article on Trump, I can offer the following teaser for now—as a concession for having waited out the three-part post that I am now putting on hold.


Trump’s astrology can be broken into three phases:

1) The days leading up to the end of May

2) The month of June through the first half of September

3) The second half of September through the end of October


I will probably post the related article in late May or early June, but for a quick teaser on each of these three phases, I can offer the following:

1) Over the next month or so, Trump will again be in a cycle of what we might call “drunken aggression/assertiveness” (the prior such cycle played out as his bombing strikes in Syria and Afghanistan, his moves toward North Korea, his verbal attack on Canada, of all countries, and his obsession with trade deals, etc.). We should see this drunken aggression and assertiveness increasing again through the month of May.

Trump is likely to have difficulty with personal restraint again in the second half of May in particular.

This could build on the events of the last few weeks, and be quite dramatic again. So, as I’ve urged on Facebook recently, we should continually pray for Trump’s peace of mind.

2) June is a sketchy month for Trump, particularly with respect to verbal communication and restraint. His astrology around June 17-19 is textbook for angered nerves and deceptive/misleading speech (although he still may have an itchy military trigger finger then too). That will mark the beginning of a troublesome summer for Trump.

3) In the second half of September, Trump loses the protection from Jupiter that he has enjoyed since 2015 (see my pre-election blog post here). As a result, the intense aspects to his luminaries from Saturn at that time are likely to bring him down publicly by the end of October. So, if the Russia-Trump investigations proceed the way I expect them to, Trump will be at his lowest point in those proceedings this fall (otherwise something else will be the cause of his public stigma).


Recapping My Prior Post

In the last post, I wrote of the difficult global astrology from April 12-17, and Trump’s aggressive stance through April 23. That astrology seems to have played out as the escalated military tension with North Korea, and in the dropping of the “Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB) on Afghanistan on April 14—the biggest non-nuclear bomb ever detonated, outside of military testing. I expect a similarly unbridled stance from Trump late next month, so again, we should be praying for his peace of mind.

Hopefully, that is a sufficient concession to those of you who have been waiting for more information on Trump. Meanwhile, I think it further underscores the need for a gentler post to follow (which will be on the role of grace in our lives).


Stay tuned for that post…


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  1. Thanks Vishwan for keeping us updated. I appreciate hearing about a “softer touch”, something I think our world is in great need of these days, I know I am.

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