When It All “Comes Down”: The Road Just Ahead

I initially worried that this article would have an unavoidably negative impact on most readers, as it deals with some pretty difficult astrology ahead. But, my research into similar past astrology recently revealed a very hopeful side of the upcoming astrology as well, so I’m hoping that I can convey the picture in a positive light.

Meanwhile, that research also led me to such a wealth of information that I finally decided to split this article into three parts! (But, don’t worry, I will post the three parts in fairly close succession, so there won’t be as much waiting between articles).

So, if I can leave you with a sense of hope and anticipation at the end of this post (and the next two), I will feel that I have played the messenger role properly.

In this article and its two sequels, I am going to cover three prolonged astrological events that blend into each other. The first article will cover the astrology that begins in the spring of 2019, the second article will cover the US astrology for 2017-2019 (which overlaps the astrology covered in the present article), and the third article will cover the astrology that begins in January of 2020 (right when the 2019 astrology addressed in the first two articles will be coming to a close).


2019: The Road to 2020 Visions

Let’s launch right into 2019. There’s a whole lot to cover…

In the spring of 2019, all the malefics will be teaming up to a very unusual degree of exactness. In fact, there is a particular day on which Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu are all aspecting 26° 21’ of Sagittarius to within 1/30 of a degree (2 minutes of arc). Exact conjunctions with two malefics are not uncommon, but to get such a precise aspect on a single point from all four of the malefics is pretty extraordinary.

The day in question happens to be May Day (May 1st), which traditionally is a day to celebrate the new life that spring brings. Ironically, however, “Mayday!” is also a universal distress call for threatening situations. The double-meaning is uncannily appropriate, because, as it turns out, certain malefic combinations can also have surprisingly beneficial effects.

I should also point out that I chose the title, “When It All Comes Down,” for its own double-meaning: 1) where “comes down” means “gets rough,” and 2) where “comes down” means “descends from above.” As I’ll explain, this article focuses on a period in which we can expect both difficult and blessed results.

When It’s Coming Down

The malefics’ influence won’t be limited just to a single day, though. In fact, it will last for about nine months, with some peaks and troughs within that time span.

I think we will begin to feel an unsettling astrological wave building as soon as Mars enters Taurus and Ketu enters Sagittarius, both of which occur on March 22 (just after the 2019 Spring Equinox). It is at that point that Mars and Ketu (along with its counterpart, Rahu) will join together with Saturn (already in Sagittarius) to cast their aspects upon Sagittarius (Mars has an 8th house aspect in Vedic astrology, so yes, it is aspecting Sagittarius then).

So, Sagittarius—which is America’s rising sign, incidentally—will be hit strongly in Spring 2019 (I’ll explain what that generally means in a moment, and what that specifically means for America in the next article).

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when that astrology will crest, partly because it’s likely to have several crests, and partly because the effects of the astrology may blend into each other, depending on how the astrology plays out in world events.

Since I have a lot to cover in this article, I will postpone an in-depth analysis of those individual crests, but suffice it to say that there are at least five powerful cresting points in 2019 between April and December:

(1) About 10 days either side of May Day 2019 (this easily could be the major crest)

(2) The first and third week of June, especially June 5th and June 18th-19th

(3) The month of October, especially October 4th-5th, 10th-12th, 25th-26th and Halloween Night itself,

(4) Very early November, especially November 1st-2nd

(5) Christmas Eve and Christmas, including the eclipse that happens late Christmas night.


What Is Coming Down

Identifying this difficult astrology is the easy part. The dates I have chosen above mark the times when the Moon is being aspected by all the malefics (which are in turn aspecting each other quite tightly then as well). Since the Moon rules emotions, the periods when all the malefics afflict the Moon are the points at which the general public is likely to feel fearful, unhappy and/or disturbed.

The tricky part is predicting how the difficult astrology will play out in the world. I can think of four possibilities (which are not mutually exclusive) on the “negative” side and at least 5 possibilities on the “positive” side. First the negative ones (I’ll cover the positive ones in a moment):

(1) The difficult astrology may play out as dramatic stock market declines, and/or other large-scale economic strife having to do with financial liquidity, particularly in the May/June periods above. This is because the astrology of those periods involves potent fear-causing combinations of the malefic planets, while the positions of Mercury and Venus are conducive to impulsive financial transactions involving the flow of relatively large sums.

To my mind, this astrology is a “perfect storm” combination for the kind of fear-based liquidations that cause markets to plummet (see the list below for examples that occurred during other Saturn-Ketu conjunctions as well). When too many people suddenly want liquidity, financial systems falter or fail.

(2) It is also possible that we will see another large-scale terrorist event in the US around the time of the first crest (and of April beginning of May), or a wave of smaller-scale terrorist activity around a series of crests. I think this is a big enough possibility to warrant mentioning. (In the next article, I’ll explain why it could be on US soil.)

(3) War may erupt on a larger scale. If there is ever to be a third world war, this is one potential moment for it to germinate (note prior World Wars on the list below). But plenty of non-global wars have happened during similar astrology as well.

(4) The solar event I am envisioning in 2020 (which I’ll cover in the third article) may actually occur in the spring of 2019 (I have been vacillating for months about how likely I think this is, for reasons I will ultimately explain in the third article).


Why So Much Is Coming Down This Time

Regardless of which of the above four scenarios actually come(s) to pass in the spring of 2019, the biggest problem is that the triggering astrology continues throughout the full remainder of that year, as Saturn and Ketu run retrograde very tightly in tandem in Sagittarius (with Mars also getting involved from time to time). In fact, for the full 6 months between early April and early October, Saturn and Ketu are never more than a degree or two from each other. That’s pretty rare.

Saturn and Ketu are conjunct every 11 years, and when that happens, things tend to go pretty sour in the world (for some really revealing examples, see the list below). But, when those two malefics run very tightly in tandem for awhile (as I just described above), the effects are heavily compounded over the duration.

Saturn and Ketu have been tightly in tandem during the most disturbing and tumultuous historical periods in recent history (with extra sharp peaks whenever Mars was also involved). This is because Saturn and Ketu are plenty disturbing individually, but exponentially so, when together (and even more so with Mars). Thus, when they run tightly together for months, the fearful disturbances (and events) tend to snowball and compound to the point of making the overall social environment fairly frightful or ugly—generally speaking, but not for everyone (plenty of people have still felt love and joy in such times too).

The following is a list (going back 200 years) of every time Saturn and Ketu were in the same sign together—as they will be in 2019. As you review this list, try to imagine the average person’s state of mind in these periods (note that the worst periods tended to involve longer and tighter stretches of Saturn and Ketu running in tandem, and Mars’ involvement as well):

2007-08: The financial crisis of 2007-2008, considered the worst economic period since the Great Depression.

1996-97: Chechnya, Bosnia, Czech Republic, the Iraqi Disarmament Crisis (proof of biological weapons) and the US strike against Iraq. The Taliban retake Bagram Airbase, and Osama bin Laden declares Jihad on Americans. The Summer Olympic bombing. Global warming steps onto the public stage. The OJ trial seizes the media, and the Hollywood Shoot-Out shocks the public with its twisted ruthlessness.

1985: The ozone hole is discovered and publicized. The Iran-Contra affair explodes. Ethiopia starves (“We Are the World” USA for Africa). There are widespread riots and bombings across the globe. (Saturn and Ketu are conjunct in 1985, but don’t run tandem, so it’s perhaps not as rough as in other cycles)

1973-74: Nixon is caught in Watergate. Close of Vietnam War fallout (also worth noting that the movies, Jaws, The Exorcist, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre—among the top-ranked scariest movies of all times—were released then over a few months, mirroring/compounding the disturbance in the public psyche).

1961-63: The Cuban Missile Crisis (and embargo). Beginning of the Vietnam War (first Vietcong victory). Civil rights/desegregation causes intense turmoil in the US (Gov. Wallace infamously defends segregation), Martin Luther King writes the “Letter from the Birmingham Jail.” (Also note: Hitchcock’s The Birds is released—one of the first movies to terrify audiences).

1950: The Korean War. China’s involvement escalates the war. The Arms Race begins. McCarthyism causes widespread paranoia and turmoil.

1939: The invasion of Poland starts World War II. The first Jews are imprisoned in concentration camps (i.e. the beginning of the Holocaust).

1927-28: Mao Zedong’s Autumn Harvest Uprising and other the initial communist uprisings occur in China. Trotsky is expelled and Stalin secures unrivaled power in Russia. Emperor Hirohito is enthroned—he later leads Japan into WWII with Pearl Harbor. (The 1929 Stock Market Crash will feature in the next article, covering the upcoming astrology of the US)

1916-17: WWI at its worst (1 million die at the Battle of the Somme alone), chemical warfare takes the stage, and the US enters the war. The Bolshevik Revolution turns Russia communist and Lenin takes power (worth noting this precursor astrology: shark attacks occur in New Jersey that later inspire the movie, Jaws, which resurfaces in the 1973-74 cycle)

1905: Russo-Japanese War (Russia looses; hundreds of thousands killed), Russian Revolution of 1905 (Lenin leads Bolsheviks, but initially fails)

1893-94: The Panic of 1893 (caused by speculative lending—just as in 2007-08!) causes bank runs that lead to a lasting recession.

1882-83: Great Depression of 1882. Pres. Garfield is assassinated and his assassin is executed. Rockefeller secretly creates the Standard Oil Trust to gain oil monopoly (the “robber baron” era escalates). The British seize Suez Canal (a major object of WWI and WWII).

1870-71: Post-abolition civil rights turmoil erupts in the US, as the 15th Amendment is ratified. The Franco-Prussian War begins. The German Empire emerges with Wilhelm I in charge (Wilhelm II incites WWI). US and Korea do battle. Rockefeller starts the Southern Improvement Co. to control US petroleum (the “robber baron” era begins). An exploding meteor causes the Great Chicago Fires.

1859-60: The US Civil War becomes inevitable, as South Carolina moves first to secede from the Union, Confederate Robert E Lee’s troops overpower abolitionist John Brown at the federal arsenal, and Lincoln is elected President.

1848: Marx’s Communist Manifesto circulates, and the “Revolutions of 1848” spread all over Europe (most widespread revolutionary wave in European history). The Irish Potato Famine leads to mass evictions and homelessness (estimates in the hundreds of thousands)

1837: The Panic of 1837 (again, caused by speculative lending!) wreaks economic chaos. Americans are massacred at the Alamo as Texas fights for independence from Mexico.

1825: The Panic of 1825 (again caused by speculative lending!) causes a stock market crash in England, after which 70 banks quickly fail.

1814: Napoleonic Wars. Last year of the War of 1812 (US vs. Britain for a second time).

Notice that heightened levels of disturbance, unrest, and fear pervade the public psyche during these periods. This is what is returning in the public psyche in 2019, and to a significant degree, due to the precision, extent, and duration of the malefic aspects. My list of the four possible scenarios above are currently my only potential predictions for that year, but I will surely update that list as events unfold to provide context for more predictions.


Heaven Comes Down to Earth: The Earth and Heavens Meet

Fortunately, however, the “negative” side is only half of the story…

The good news is that, as it turns out, Saturn-Ketu conjunctions also bring major breakthroughs in technology and human consciousness. It is as if the groundedness of Saturn brings the transcendent awareness of Ketu literally “down to Earth,” while Ketu simultaneously causes people to transcend the existing Saturnian limits and confines of this world.

The following is a list of breakthroughs that precisely overlap the list of troublesome events above:

Breakthroughs/Transcendence when Saturn and Ketu were conjunct:

 1996: A comprehensive nuclear test ban is reached. The first animal is cloned (a sheep). NASA reveals a meteorite that may contain evidence of primitive life. Comet Hale-Bopp passes earth. Reagan’s role in the Iran-Contra drug deals is outed in a book. Serbian Slobodan Milosevic relinquishes power. The internet is privatized.

1985: The DNS system for the Internet is established. Personal computers first begin to sell in volume (Apple and Commodore, with IBM and Compaq following the next year). Again, 1985 was an atypical and minimal Saturn-Ketu conjunction, which may explain why there seem to have been fewer breakthroughs then (they’re still big breakthroughs, though).

1973-74: The first handheld cellular phone call is made. The Skylab space station goes up. FedEx’s launch revolutionizes many industries. The Vietnam War ends.

1961-63: Kennedy commits to a manned lunar mission (i.e. when the Earth meets the Heavens). AT&T launches the first commercial satellite. The first satellite flies by Venus. The “Red Phone” hotline between the White House and Kremlin is established. Women’s suffrage allowed in Iran. The Golden Age of Radio ends with the rise of TV.

1950: Albert Einstein warns that nuclear war could lead to mutual destruction. Color TV reaches the public market (interestingly, Saturn and Ketu were conjunct for an unusually brief period in the 1950 cycle, perhaps explaining the relative lack of breakthroughs then).

1939: Manhattan Project begins (harnessing nuclear energy, the energy underlying all matter). The first oversea passenger flights and airmail delivery begin. Hewlett-Packard is founded.

1927-28: League of Nations abolishes slavery worldwide. The 1st TV license is given and regular programming begins. The 1st trans-Atlantic TV signal is received, and the 1st color TV is demonstrated. The Ford Model A revolutionizes the auto industry. Charles Lindberg and Amelia Earhardt fly across the Atlantic (Lindberg receives the Medal of Honor). There’s a major breakthrough in DNA theory.

1916-17: Labor laws limit the workweek to 40 hours (ending decades of worker exploitation). Boeing incorporates. Innovations emerge in war (although these aren’t necessarily positive breakthroughs).

1905: Einstein’s “miracle year” yields Special Relativity (E=mc2), time-dilation, quantized light theory, and other outlandish breakthroughs. Wright Brothers’ third plane finally reveals that flight can be developed for practical use.

1893: Women are granted the right to vote for the first time by any country (New Zealand). The diesel engine is patented. The first movie studio is built. Edison’s Kinetoscope introduces the standard for all future film projectors. Gandhi commits his first act of civil disobedience. First World Parliament of Religions meets. The first gasoline powered car is driven on a US public road.

1882: Edison switches on the first electric power plant and begins the “Electric Age.” Tesla conceives the basis for the oscillating field (modern) electric motor. Pi is proved a “transcendent” number. The first anti-trust laws are enacted, Marx dies.

1870-71: The 15th Amendment’s ratification gives African-Americans the right to vote (the 14th Amendment gave them citizenship, ratified 18 months earlier). The Civil Rights Act of 1871 (a.k.a. “The Ku Klux Klan Act”) passes, outlawing ethnic violence against African-Americans.

1859-60: Darwin’s Origin of Species is published (introducing the Theory of Evolution). The first trans-Atlantic telegraph cable is laid across the ocean. The Pony Express makes its first run ever (expanding communication). The first steamboat sails. The Suez Canal is started (note its role in other Saturn-Ketu conjunctions). The first US oil well is drilled (starting the Pennsylvania Oil Rush). The Carrington Event (a massive solar flare) bewilders the Western Hemisphere (many later deem it an omen of the impending US Civil War).

1848: The California Gold Rush officially begins with an article in the New York Times. California’s annexation begins. Suffrage movements arise for both women and Blacks.

1837: The electric motor is first patented. Commercial telegraphs are first introduced.

1825-26: The internal combustion engine is first patented. Metallic aluminum is first achieved, eventually revolutionizing manufacturing. The first public bus (horse-drawn) is introduced, further enlarging the scope of transportation.

Now for the 5 “positive” predictions I mentioned earlier. The breakthroughs in technology and consciousness that I suspect will happen by 2019 (and are actually beginning this year, for reasons I will explain in the next article) revolve around the general areas in which there have consistently been breakthroughs during the above cited Saturn-Ketu conjunctions:

(1) Transportation: probably a marked milestone in the presence and regulation of self-driving cars, but there may be other surprises as well.

(2) Communication: another milestone in wireless communication, perhaps in the “wearables” niche (and needless to say, 5G wireless should be the standard by then)

(3) Space: another big milestone in space exploration, perhaps related to Mars, and perhaps related to observations and discoveries about much more distant phenomena. We are overdue for a significant leap here, in my view.

(4) Medical: more breakthroughs in medicine, perhaps pertaining to stem cells, but surely in other areas as well (in my list above, I omitted several medical breakthroughs, mostly having to do with pioneering surgical procedures).

(5) Consciousness: I believe this is an area that will be peaking with numerous inspiring breakthroughs and revelations, although I will address this in more detail in the next two articles, but in short, I think we can look forward to insightful breakthroughs even at the individual level.

Saturn-Ketu conjunctions make revelations tangible to us. These conjunctions bring the contents of the heavens down to Earth, in precisely measured quantities and at the appropriate time. We are given just what we need (no more, no less) just when we need it (no sooner, no later). Notice how successive cycles build upon the gifts from previous cycles. That is how this astrology ushers humanity into successively better paradigms–even if the transition period between paradigms is a bit bumpy. That bumpiness, incidentally, merely amounts to people acting out what they were no longer able to hide inside. So, those of you who consciously work to reduce the garbage you have inside should be much better off than the average person in these periods (i.e. all of my readers, I’d like to think!). The lighter you are, the easier it is to jump over the hurdles.

So, yes, there is much to look forward to in the potent astrological periods ahead of us!


Don’t Come Down with the Astrology, Go Up with It!

While, admittedly, I am the one focusing your attention on the potential difficulties of these periods, I also encourage everyone to stay committed to focusing on the positive potential of the future. My intention is simply to inform, not to alarm. Remember that plenty of people have laughed and loved during all of the periods I’ve listed above.

Please, just treat my forecasts of upcoming difficult astrology like you would treat a forecast of rain, and plan accordingly without letting it affect your peace of mind. Remember that trying times are often just what we need to bring us back to basics. In future articles, I will lay out some ideas around what it would mean to “plan ahead” for the astrology in question.

Stay positive!

Just for good measure, I will close with three good reasons why we can all stay positive:

(1) There ultimately is no “negative” astrology. Astrology is always for us; it is the way we improve, purify, and ascend. In that light, even difficult astrology is “good,” despite any accompanying discomfort. Remember how even “bad” events have good effects (people tend to bond together and return to what is most meaningful, etc.)

In fact, just seeing all of our astrology as “good” can greatly reduce any discomfort it involves. A positive attitude of acceptance and gratitude towards the celestial orchestration of our lives is our best defense against suffering, because such an attitude continually recasts challenging events as “blessings,” “gifts,” and “lessons” for us to appreciate.

(2) Even very difficult astrology (and the karma it indicates) can be mitigated by what we might call “grace.” Whether through prayer, divine intervention, or just pure “luck,” tough astrology doesn’t always play out as painfully as one would expect. This mitigation of karma is best achieved by radiating positive energy into the world and praying/meditating with a pure, good, and full heart. So, this is a great time to do precisely that!

(3) Negative projections tend to enlarge dramatically in our minds over time, to the extent that they can taint our entire outlook on life, even well before the predicted event. This creates unjustified psychological suffering even before our astrology has arrived, because we tend to imagine the astrology as foretelling worse events than what actually ends up transpiring. There’s no point in getting worked up over something that is likely to be easier to handle than we imagine, especially given reasons (1) & (2) above. Even when very difficult events are destined to happen, the amount of suffering they cause is still determined by the state of mind we decide to maintain.

So, be positive!

And, please, do try to remember that the constant gauge for how you are doing at any given moment is the simple measure of how you feel in that moment. So, if this article makes you feel bad, take a break from the subject until you feel better, and then try to return to incorporate this content in a more positive light. Overall, I think the best orientation towards the content of this article is to “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” Doing so, may even make you feel really good (that’s at least how it makes me feel).

My next post will be about the impact of the upcoming astrology specifically upon the United States (which is technically already starting this spring). I hope to post that article within the next 10 days (and the third article within another 10 days after that).

See you soon…!


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