Polling YOU for My Next Post…

Hello everyone!

I’m just polling your preferences on blog content here:
Which of the following would you like my next post to cover:

  • Trump’s Spring-Fall astrology in greater depth?
  • The upcoming difficult global/US astrology of 2019-2020?

Please vote by commenting on this post, or emailing

A simple “1” or “2” will suffice for your vote.


Expect the post in 1-2 weeks…!

14 thoughts on “Polling YOU for My Next Post…”

  1. Hi Vish! *hug* I want to see both posts! *big grin* Can you do Trump’s spring/fall astrology next, then alter do the difficult astrology for 2019-2020 (is it time to move to Ecuador??) Love you and hope to see you soooon!!!! Love, T

    1. We’ll see…so far most people are voting for the 2019-2020 US/global astrology (hearing a lot on Facebook).
      It’s not time to move to Ecuador yet, but we all might want to think well ahead about how we want to weather that astrology. Love.

  2. More in-depth on Trump and Trump regime’s actual activities. Not his/their inner life or lives. Much brilliant work has been written already without astrology. Speculation about the feelings and suffering of such sociopathic personalities- people without refined conscience or compassion is pointless. We need to know about the effects/results of his/their actions on the world.

      1. #2

        On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 2:36 AM, Gentle Compass ( wrote:

        > commented: “Thanks, Mary. I’ll cover the Trump astrology > in April or May :)” >

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