When It All “Comes Down”: The Road Just Ahead

I initially worried that this article would have an unavoidably negative impact on most readers, as it deals with some pretty difficult astrology ahead. But, my research into similar past astrology recently revealed a very hopeful side of the upcoming astrology as well, so I’m hoping that I can convey the picture in a positive light. Continue reading “When It All “Comes Down”: The Road Just Ahead”


Polling Results Are In…!

For those of you who didn’t catch my update on Facebook a few days back, the next blog post will be about the difficult US/Global astrology of 2019-2020, as the vast majority of you (about 85%) preferred this topic over a deeper look into Trump’s tumultuous Summer/Fall astrology (I will touch on the Trump content as well, however, in April or May).

Look for the next post early next week…