Trump’s Tough 2017 Astrology

For those who wonder if Trump’s difficult Inauguration Week marked the end of his bad astrology…

In short, no, it didn’t.

In this post I briefly lay out the challenging astrology just ahead for Trump, and I make some predictions about the 2018 Congressional Elections as well.


Trump’s Emboldened Spring

At the end of next March and beginning of April, some type of boost to Trump’s self-confidence (perhaps reflecting back to events in his post-election jubilation period of last November and December) will embolden him to enact some new projects, initiatives, treaties, and/or communications that will be widely viewed as even more surprising and extravagant than what he has already done in office so far. It is likely that Trump will take this boost of self-confidence as a license to conduct his office (and himself) in ways that seem “wild,” or at least insufficiently restrained (relative to the accepted scope and standards of the Presidency). His emboldened attitude will peak twice, I believe, once in April and once again in late May, although it will not disappear in the interim.

Note: One possible alternative (or addition) to the emboldened actions I’m predicting here is the possibility that some earlier questionable conduct of Trump’s (either in Russia or at other moments prior to his presidency) will surface between mid-April and late May, but given the aforementioned “boost of confidence,” I think this is a less likely scenario (although June-October is another matter).


Trump’s Recent Wounding

On a psychological level, Trump’s boldness may be a backlash from the humiliation and deflation he felt around Inauguration Week. As readers may recall, I said in my last post that the Inauguration protests were likely to “pierce Trump’s psychological armor” and disturb him even throughout the week after the Inauguration. I think this wounding was evident in the way Trump’s official online portrayal of his poorly attended inauguration actually used a photo from Obama’s heavily attended inauguration (I believe that the embarrassing discovery of this photo was the “new event…that ratchets up the heat and pressure on Trump even further” that I referred to in my last post, which I suggested might provide an “additional layer of attack and personal trauma for Trump”), and it was made even more clear by the way Trump himself focused so much that week on countering the public discussion of his inauguration’s low turnout.

Put simply, Trump’s self-esteem was wounded severely in January.


Trump’s Further Wounding

But, Trump is not yet through his deep internal battle with self-esteem. In fact, the humiliating month of January was just the beginning of a long year for him in this regard. Immediately following his above-mentioned “emboldened attitude” of this April and May, Trump will again experience a severe challenge to his self-esteem—this time lasting for several months, rather than just one. In fact, from the beginning of June to the end of October, Saturn will always be within 1° of exactly aspecting either his sun or his moon—just as it did for all of January. This will sustain constant painful pressure on Trump for the full four months.


“The Steamroller”: A Painful New Slow-Dance with Saturn

The following two-part analogy may help to illustrate Trump’s upcoming dance with Saturn…

Part 1:

Imagine that Trump is sitting on a sidewalk curb, with both feet extended out into the street. Then a steamroller comes along and runs over his feet in relatively quick succession (steamrollers aren’t very quick, after all)—first his left foot, and then his right. Imagine also that Trump’s feet are close enough together that when the steamroller finishes running over one foot, it has already begun to roll over the next.

This part of the analogy mirrors how the month of January was for Trump. The left foot is his public image, and the right foot is his self-image, and both mean a lot to him. The intelligence scandal about Russia in early January was his left foot getting squashed, and the Inauguration humiliation in late January was his right foot getting squashed. The pain from the former had not yet subsided when the pain from the latter began, but the whole episode was over relatively quickly; it only lasted one month.

Part 2:

Now imagine that the steamroller shifts into reverse and backs over Trump’s two feet again—squashing the right foot first and then the left. Yet, this time, when the steamroller runs over his second foot (the left), it slows down and stops right on the edge of that foot, in order to shift into forward gear. It thereupon immediately proceeds to run over Trump’s left foot a third time, and likewise for the right foot, before our steamroller “speeds off” out of view. This second part of the analogy mirrors the astrology Trump has slated for June through October.

In June, Saturn (the steamroller in our analogy) will oppose Trump’s sun again (peeking on the summer solstice). This will feel similar to the way the Inauguration felt for Trump. In July, Saturn will conjunct Trump’s moon (peaking on the 19th), which will unfold similarly to the way early January unfolded, when scandalous reports surfaced of his questionable activities in Russia. However, rather than lightening up afterward, Saturn will continue to remain within about 1° from Trump’s moon as it slows to a stop and reverses course (in its apparent path through the zodiac, not in its actual orbit, of course) in late August, and proceeds to conjunct his moon again (still the left foot) in late September.

So, Saturn will effectively be squashing Trump’s moon for nearly three months!

It will be as if the shame he experienced in early January were being replayed in slow-motion from July through September (especially late August through late September).

Yet, once Saturn is 1° past Trump’s moon in October, it will already be within 1° of exactly opposing his sun, meaning that he will not be able to feel any sense of having a break until Saturn has finished crushing his sun (his right foot) for the third time at the end of October (the possible exception being Trump’s third Jupiter return, which may provide him with a brief break in early August).

All in all, Trump has an extremely rough Summer and Fall in 2017.

The bookends of Trump’s painful astrology are his two periods of deflated self-image in mid June and late October, which enclose his extended span of public infamy and/or disgrace from early July to early October.


What to Expect: A Full Summer’s Worth of Last January

As for the specifics of how this astrology is likely to unfold, I’ve already provided sufficient tools in the analogy above for all of us to make some reasonable predictions. Each time Saturn opposes Trump’s sun (crushing his right foot), his self-image will suffer greatly. Each time Saturn conjuncts his moon (crushing his left foot), his public image will crash again (and it won’t do well inbetween, either). I think it’s reasonable to expect that his unbridled behavior in April and May will precipitate these assaults on his public and self-image, but it is still possible that these periods are not so directly correlated. In fact, July-September is another window for skeletons in the closet to emerge, just as they seemed to emerge the first time Saturn conjuncted Trump’s moon (early January). The “bookend” periods of wounded self-image are not good times for his heart and physical constitution either, although Jupiter’s transit through Virgo will generally protect his health until at least mid-September.


Taking Trump’s Astrology into the 2018 Congressional Elections

I’d like to close this post with a peek into how Trump’s astrology may shed light on the outcome of the 2018 Congressional Elections:

The 2018 Congressional Election will be held on November 6, and any newly elected congress members will take office on January 3, 2019. Interestingly, precisely on January 3 Rahu (the eclipse point known as, “the north node”) will be exactly conjunct Trump’s Venus. Among other things, Rahu represents shake-ups and disruption. Meanwhile, Venus rules the 10th house from Trump’s ascendant, and the ninth house from his Dasha lord, Jupiter. A disruption to Venus, therefore, represents a shakeup for Trump in his career and with his figures of authority. If you are a US president, dealing with Congress is a big part of your career, and represents one of the few measures of authority over your power. This makes me wonder if the new distribution of congress members taking office on January 3, 2019 will represent a disruption to Trump’s presidential agenda, just as would be the case if the Democrats seized a majority in Congress.

As possible corroboration of my suspicion, Mars enters Aquarius on November 6, the day of the 2018 Congressional Elections, and proceeds to oppose Trump’s Mars for the next week. This suggests that Trump will be angry about something in the week immediately following those elections. Moreover, Saturn will thereafter be approaching a direct opposition of Trump’s Mercury, which is the dispositor or of his Dasha lord, Jupiter. As the dispositor of Trump’s Dasha lord, Mercury becomes like a barometer of Trump’s well-being in this part of his life, so Saturn conjuncting Mercury indicates that Trump will have an increasingly Saturnian feeling of personal limitation and constraint between the Congressional Elections and Christmas. This restrictive feeling is subsequently perpetuated by Saturn squaring Trump’s Jupiter throughout Spring 2019, and is coupled with a lot of anger, as Mars continues to aspect key planets in Trump’s chart from the second half of December 2018 to mid April 2019.

It also won’t hurt the Democrats’ chances in 2018, if Trump’s 2017 astrology brings disgrace and ill-repute to his Republican presidential administration.

Bottom line: Trump’s astrology could indicate that the Democrats will do well in the 2018 Congressional Elections, and that they will immediately set course to limit and frustrate him. But, as that election approaches, I will probably qualify this prediction with an actual look at the astrology of the pivotal congressional candidates themselves.

In any case, Trump’s astrology this year will likely subject him to more painful public scrutiny and attack than any US President has faced since Nixon (possibly even more than Clinton faced over the Lewinsky scandal, although such things are hard to quantify). As the year’s events unfold, I will periodically return to this theme to provide further clarification, but I think we should all hope and pray that the reasons for Trump’s infamy in 2017 are ultimately as harmless as possible.

Time will tell…

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