Trump’s Star-Crossed Inauguration Eve

Tomorrow night will be one of the toughest Trump has faced in a long time, astrologically speaking, as I’ll explain in a moment.

This post is just a quick astrological update and review to insert into the rising chaos of Inauguration Week. I simply want to make a few brief notes about Trump’s immediate astrology and clarify how his recent astrology ended up playing out, for those of you who read my last blogs about Trump’s chart.

First, let me just say that, despite Friday’s inauguration, this week will not end well for Trump (those of you who read my pre-election post may recall that I said, “he’ll be having a hernia over his own inauguration!”). Thursday (tomorrow) is a particularly difficult day and night for the President-elect, as both Mars and Saturn simultaneously aspect Trump’s sun (the ruler of his ascendant) to the exact degree (technically, Saturn exactly aspects his sun 3 days later, but Saturn moves so slowly that it will only be a fraction of a degree from an exact aspect tomorrow night). This double-teaming of Saturn and Mars is an extremely painful, disturbing and frustrating combo (and is also often associated with sudden poor health, incidentally). Trump is likely to feel very stressed, frustrated, worn out, and possibly even sick, on the eve of his inauguration (and the days that immediately follow). At the very least, this probably means that the Inauguration protests, which are brewing at this very moment, will pierce Trump’s psychological armor and deeply affect his self-image and physical constitution. However, the same astrology may also represent some new event transpiring tomorrow that ratchets up the heat and pressure on Trump even further.

On that note, let’s look back at Trump’s recent astrology…

In my last blog post, I said that, “Trump will likely be ‘freaking out’ roughly the entire month before the inauguration,” and I initially gave three possible reasons for Trump’s freak out. Those of you who read that post before I updated it a day and a half later will probably be unaware of the fourth reason I then added to the list, namely, “the intelligence investigation into the Trump-Russia connection.”

Of course, what we now know is that, in very early January, British intelligence revealed scandalous and alarming information about Trump’s activities in Russia, and this information was released publicly a few days later (on January 9 or 10th, I believe). In fact, on the day Trump himself learned of the discovery about his Russian activities and connections (which would have been around January 5-7th), Saturn was precisely on the point in his chart (his tight moon-Ketu conjunction) that makes him vulnerable to freaking out. In other words, this astrology played out exactly as we would expect, and now we know which events “triggered” it.

So, my final message for this brief update is that the next few days, and even the rest of January, should be as difficult for Trump as the first half of January was.

The first half of this month and the second half of this month are like two sides of the same coin. This may just mean that Trump will simply be subjected to very deflating influences on his self-image for the next couple days and the rest of this month, but it quite easily could mean that yet another shoe will have dropped by Inauguration Day, and an as-yet-unrevealed additional layer of attack and personal trauma for Trump will surface in the next two days.

We shall soon see…


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  1. I think the other shoe may have just fallen. I heard on Democracy Now this morning that another woman who was on “the Apprentice” has come forward to say she was repeatedly sexually assaulted by Trump when she was on the show.

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