Post-Election Update: Some Mysteries Solved

Post-Election Update: Some Mysteries Solved

Given how the election went, some of the uncertain astrological variables described in my last post have been cleared up, although there are still some lingering puzzles. In this post, I’ll cover one of those puzzles and elaborate a bit on my last article.

(note: I wrote this article about a week ago, but only was able to finish and post it today, hence the future-tense references to yesterday’s December 16th court case, about which I can find no updates today)

Three Pre-Election Variables Cleared Up

First, Jupiter’s influence, which initially prompted my reaction, “Oh my gosh…Trump is going to win!” (see my prior post, “Which Candidate Do the Stars Favor?”) seems to have given Trump the election. In my last post, I stopped short of explicitly making this prediction, pointing out that Trump had very malefic astrology during Election Week and that Clinton’s chart was uncertain (see the section of my last post titled, “Trump’s Lucky Stars” immediately below this article).

Second, the effects of Trump’s malefic Election Week astrology seem clearer now. Trump actually lost the election, when viewed strictly from the popular vote. So, we can read this technical loss as being the result of all the malefics aspecting his ascendant during election week (see the section of my last post titled, “The Other Half of the Story: Trump’s Unlucky Stars in November” immediately below this article).

When I covered Trump’s malefic Election Week astrology in my last post, I also referred to Trump’s adopting of “desperate measures” during Election Week, and to his “greater willingness to operate outside the envelope of accepted ethics and ordinary limits of conduct” at that time. Although I do not have any direct evidence to this effect, I feel strongly that Trump’s Election Week astrology indicates that he had more than passive involvement in the FBI’s decision to reopen the investigation into Clinton’s emails the Friday before Election Day, and more than passive involvement even with the Russian attempts to influence the election. If either were the case, then the nasty fighting tactics I expected Trump to employ that week would be explained accordingly. If neither were the case (and if no third scenario of line-crossing occurred), then he behaved with astonishing (and uncharacteristic) restraint in Election Week.

Third, the cause of the post-election jubilation that was evident in Trump’s chart through mid-December is now no longer in question. He won, it would seem, and he has been celebrating his apparent victory for a month now.

The Key Lingering Astrological Puzzle

However, there still is a key lingering astrological puzzle to sort out in Trump’s chart. The main puzzle revolves around the question of how Trump’s upcoming negative astrology will manifest later this month. As I mentioned in my last post, Saturn will conjunct Trump’s moon in the second half of December and early January, and then oppose Trump’s sun about a week either side of Inauguration Day. I mentioned in that post that Trump will likely be “freaking out” during that time (roughly the entire month before the inauguration).

Saturn conjunct the moon is called Sade Sati in Vedic astrology, and it only happens once every 29 years. Admittedly, this transit is well known for changing a person’s life on a grand scale, but in Trump’s case, Saturn conjuncts his Ketu (and opposes his sun and Rahu) in the peak of his Sade Sati. That makes this period especially unpleasant and unnerving for Trump.

Why, specifically? What would make Trump unhappy in the month before the Inauguration?

I can think of three possible reasons:

#1) Trump starts to freak out about actually being the president a month before actually becoming president.

#2) Trump starts to freak out after the scheduled December 16th court hearing regarding the allegations that he repeatedly raped a 13-year-old girl.

#3) Trump starts to freak out as a result of some abnormal activity around the electoral voting process, slated for December 19.

12/19 morning, added note: a new 4th possibility that I just discovered is that the intelligence investigation into the Trump-Russia connection (ordered by Obama) uncovers information disturbing to Trump in a few weeks, which actually fits more tightly with the timing of Saturn conjunct Trump’s Ketu and moon (12/28-1/9). This is a plausible alternative (and/or addition) to #3 above.

Let’s quickly look at the likelihood or plausibility each of these…

#1) Trump starts to freak out about actually being the president a month before actually becoming president. This would mean essentially that Trump would suffer a dramatic drop to his normal levels of self-confidence and self-assured outlook, among other things. In my view, this is plausible but unlikely for a man who showed very little signs of diminished self-confidence from all the personal attacks and ridicule he experienced over the course of his lengthy campaign. Of course, being president of the United States is a formidable job, so it is conceivable that even the highly confident Trump would find the prospect unnerving.

#2) Trump starts to freak out after the December 16 court hearing regarding the allegations that he repeatedly raped a 13-year-old girl. This seems both implausible and unlikely, mostly because the December 16 court date is for a preliminary hearing very early in the legal process. In other words, I wouldn’t expect Trump to be rattled by a preliminary hearing, even if he were eventually to be rattled by the proceedings later on. In addition, there is always the possibility of the case being settled quietly out of court, which would not rattle Trump the month before the Inauguration.

#3) Trump starts to freak out as a result of some abnormal activity around the electoral voting process, slated for December 19. This would seem fairly implausible, by most people’s view, I imagine. However, absent any other potential explanations for why Trump would be so unsettled the month before the inauguration, I am curiously finding myself thinking this scenario more likely than the other two potential explanations above. In any case, if this is not the reason why Trump would be so disturbed in the month before the Inauguration, then it is hard to foresee any alternative cause (I would welcome your speculation in the comments section of this article, though).

(Also, see above note added 12/19)

Trump will struggle with Mars: December 18th-20th

Mars is opposing Trump’s ascendant Sunday the 18th through Tuesday the 20th, so I’d expect him to at least be angry around the days of the electoral vote. In addition, Saturn is then within 2 degrees of his moon and Ketu (and within 4 degrees of opposing his sun and Rahu). Moreover, for everyone, the moon in the sky (i.e. not the moon in Trump’s chart) is being afflicted by all of the malefics over those 3 days too, which should trigger much anger, fear, and confusion nationwide (and globally) as well. In short, those are 3 days of unusually strong negative emotions almost everywhere.

The remaining days before Inauguration Day ought to be quite an unsettling ride for Trump et al. Hope for the best everyone, and hang on to your seats…!

And as always…

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