If You Been Burning Lately, It May Be Your Astrology

It’s finally time to make good on my promise to cover how the ongoing astrology is affecting Scorpio and Taurus (I’ll also take this opportunity to follow up on the effects of the recent astrology on Leo as well). This astrology is so broad in its reach, that if it is not affecting you directly, it is certainly at the very least affecting people you know and care about. In short, this article is for everyone.

(Note: this article uses the Vedic Zodiac, which amounts to the traditional Western Zodiac shifted backwards about 23-24°. So if you have significant Sagittarius or Gemini in your Western astrological chart, then what I say about Scorpio and Taurus in this article may in fact apply to you)



First, let me apologize for the extended delay in posting this; it has constantly been on my mind to return to this blog, but circumstances precluded me from doing so until now. Thanks to all of you for your patience.


Leo in Review: A Quick Follow-Up

My last post (May 21st) was primarily about how Leos were being astrologically challenged over the spring and summer. This new post is intended to recognize the similar challenges also being faced by those of you with key planets in Scorpio or Taurus in your charts.

In my last blog, I said Leos were in “boot camp.” I personally have Leo rising, and I certainly have felt myself ensnared lately in a kind of intensive course on life. But, like me, the rest of you Leos out there may have observed that your challenges never seemed to exceed your capacity to cope—which represents the benevolent effects of Jupiter in the mix, as I wrote about in May.

However, you Leos also may have noticed that whenever you did go out of balance in early summer, your imbalance was more extreme than usual. If you got upset about something, you probably felt more disturbed than you ordinarily would feel about the very same stimulus at other times. That was Saturn, Mars, and Rahu, triple-teaming us. Fortunately, though, Mars left the triple-team in mid-June (when it entered Libra retrograde), and Leos have merely been double-teamed since then (and have enjoyed the grace of Jupiter in Leo as well). In short, things lightened up for Leo’s in the second half of June, and our boot camp hasn’t been quite as trying ever since (in fact, at times it has even felt downright constructive too).


Scorpio and Taurus: Fingernails on the Chalkboard

Presently, what our Scorpio and Taurus friends are experiencing is not the triple-teaming we Leos had in early summer, but rather just a double-teaming from Saturn and Mars. In other words, Rahu is not directly affecting Scorpio or Taurus. However, these friends unfortunately aren’t getting any help from Jupiter either (unless they have other key planets in Leo or Aquarius, perhaps). So, even though our buddies aren’t being quite as heavily bombarded by malefics as we Leos experienced, they also don’t have the protective safety rail that Leos have been enjoying from Jupiter this year.

Bottom line: things are still pretty rugged for Scorpio and Taurus right now!

If you are a Scorpio or Taurus (meaning that you have key planets or your ascendant in Scorpio or Taurus), then you probably have been burning (or at least smoldering) lately. More graphically, the combination of Mars and Saturn feels like fingernails on the chalkboard inside your body. It’s grating, frustrating, inflammatory, and taxing—often in ways that become wasteful or destructive.

This is different than what Leos have been experiencing in one key way: the presence of Jupiter in Leo has made the ordeal faced by Leos seem somehow sensible or balanced. That’s why I said that Leo’s were in “planetary boot camp” nowadays. There was a sense of control within the challenges.

By contrast, the ordeal facing Scorpio and Taurus lately is more of a “duck and cover” drill. Mars briefly exited Scorpio on June 17, which gave Scorpio (not Taurus, due to Mars’ 8th house aspect from Libra) some much-needed relief. But since Mars’ return to Scorpio on July 15, both signs have been under fire again, and they will continue to be until Mars reaches Sagittarius on September 18. It’s not boot camp for Scorpio and Taurus; it’s a hornets nest.

So, if you have key planets in Scorpio or Taurus, just duck and cover until the middle of September.

There’s not a lot of technical advice to give to those who are enduring a Mars-Saturn transit. Just duck and cover. You have to watch your temper, pick your battles, and avoid conflict wherever possible. While this is generally good guidance for everyone at all times, it is especially important advice right now for our Scorpio and Taurus friends. Failing to heed this advice over the next six weeks will likely lead to exaggerated and/or protracted struggles that waste inordinate amounts of energy and resources.

At present, conflict is a recipe for frustration, loss, and failure for Scorpio and Taurus right now. Avoid confrontations, if you can!

Think of the period from now until mid-September as something like the off-key national anthem you have to sit through before the game starts. Most won’t enjoy it, and some may even be driven to the verge of pulling their hair out, but everyone still manages to sit through it anyway (without throwing anything at the singer) because we all know it’s going to end soon. So just sit tight.


Scorpio and Taurus: Relief in Sight

For most of our Scorpio and Taurus friends, the feeling of fingernails on the chalkboard will end in the second half of September, and they will be left to deal only with Saturn for a couple months, until Mars enters Aquarius in mid-December. At that point, Taurus, but not Scorpio will have another brief round of double-teaming from Saturn and Mars (about five weeks worth).

Mars enters Pisces in the second half of January, around the same time that Saturn exits Scorpio for Sagittarius, which will officially sound the “all clear!” for Taurus and Scorpio.

At that point, Mars and Saturn will set their sights on a new batch of people (Virgos, but I’ll get to that in a future post).


The Leo Horizon: Even Trump Will Feel the Next Triple-Team

Later this fall (when Mars enters Capricorn), Leo will be temporarily triple-teamed again (because of Mars’ 8th house aspect from Capricorn), this time without the benefit of Jupiter (sorry Leos). This next triple-teaming of Leo will last from November 1st to mid-January.

The upcoming triple-teaming of Leo will certainly have a bearing on the US presidential election, because Donald Trump is Leo rising with Mars in Leo. Not only that, Trump was born on a lunar eclipse in Scorpio (both luminaries and both nodes on the Scorpio-Taurus axis), so he is also being affected by all of the Scorpio-Taurus astrology we’ve discussed so far. Trump, like the rest of us Leos, has been in bootcamp for months, and also enjoying the safety rail that Jupiter has provided. But the next round of triple-teaming from Saturn-Rahu-Mars won’t be quite as favorable for him. However, Trump will be getting help from Jupiter in a different way, right around election day.

But an astrological analysis of the upcoming presidential election is a pretty complex task, one that merits its own blog post… (hint: maybe the next blog post).

So stay tuned…


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