Checkmate! Why Trump Cannot Beat Mueller Now

As I’ve covered in my last two posts, the end of this month and beginning of April marks the aggravating, fiery and conflict-laden pinnacle of Trump’s latest round of hard astrology, so the next two weeks or so of the Trump saga are going to be pretty historic… (as will the remainder of this spring, therefore, by extension). In this article I’ll explain why I think that, no matter what move Trump makes this spring, he cannot win the conflict with Mueller. Continue reading “Checkmate! Why Trump Cannot Beat Mueller Now”


Mueller & Trump: Showdown on the Horizon

Since my last post, 4 significant things have happened that made me feel some urgency about posting this article right away: (1) news came out that Trump tried to fire Mueller last June; (2) the Nunes Memo was released, rekindling suspicions that Trump aims to fire Mueller; (3) I looked at Mueller’s astrology; and, (4) I noticed an important aspect from Mars that is happening this week. Continue reading “Mueller & Trump: Showdown on the Horizon”


Trump in Nixon’s Footsteps

I wish I had done my research comparing the astrology of Nixon’s Watergate scandal to Trump’s current astrology a year ago, when I first started writing about Trump’s difficult stars. In finally conducting some of this research just this week, I have learned things that greatly modified my view on the prospects for Trump’s presidency. Those of you who were disappointed that I only gave Trump a 35% chance of leaving office during his current term may be delighted to know that I now believe this figure is more like 70%. However, I believe the most likely window for his departure is more than a year away, as I will explain below. Continue reading “Trump in Nixon’s Footsteps”


Trump and the Astrology of “Alternate Realities”

Because this article uses Trump’s astrology to foreground his unusual relationship with truth, I will appear to be taking a political stance in this post. However, my intention here is simply to give an astrologer’s opinion on how to use Trump’s birth chart to understand him in the current political context. Continue reading “Trump and the Astrology of “Alternate Realities””


Grace: The Final Frontier


I think if we’re honest, most of us aren’t very clear about what that word even means.

This article aims to bring the meaning of “grace” down to earth in a way that makes it more tangible, recognizable, and real (while still leaving ample room for the metaphysical mystery of grace). In so doing, I hope to explain how astrology relates to grace as well. Continue reading “Grace: The Final Frontier”